Basic and Different Characteristics of Computer System

The characteristics of computer can be defined as the silent features they possess during a span of time. As the overall development of computer technology changed the basic characteristic has been increased dramatically before they were just used for calculation or for some specific task,but nowadays PC has reached to each and every part of human life and one cannot imagine their lives without their use and the impact computer generations have made in their lives.

From school, Institution to hospitals they are everywhere. PC has taken the human workload on their shoulders and provides us with Great AND Amazing results.

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Characteristics of Computer Characteristics of Computer

Complete List and Explanation on Computer Characteristics ::

The Basic Characteristics of Computer are as following ::

  • Speed
  • Accuracy
  • Memory
  • Diligence
  • Versatility
  • Reliability
  • Low Cost & Reduced Size
  • Automatic
  • No Feeling & No IQ

Speed ::

Hmmm let’s talk about speed, Computers have an incredible speed with accuracy that is beyond human capabilities, Not only they have speed but the speed with accuracy and Pinpoint solutions to every problem arises before them.

The speed of computer is considered as one of the most important characteristics of computer. As per human beings, the smallest unit of time is considered to be second, but not for computers seconds are further divided into milliseconds, microseconds, nanoseconds and picoseconds. The powerful PC can work almost 5 million instruction per seconds. When we discuss the speed of computer milliseconds are hundredth of a second, microseconds are the millionth of a second, nanoseconds are the billionth of a second and picoseconds are trillionth of a second.

Speed is primarily the main characteristic of computer, their speed is measured in terms of GIGAHERTZ and MEGAHERTZ.They can solve complex to complex numerical and logical problems with ease compared to human beings.

Accuracy ::

They have a great speed and are unbelievably deadly accurate.The Errors occurs due to improper or wrong or inaccurate input given to the computer system.PC primarily depends upon the inputs. Say if a user enters wrong or improper or inaccurate information to the computer obviously the output generated by them will be wrong, improper or inaccurate.

The Errors we received while using personal computer are generally called as “Human Errors” or the errors of programmers who writes program for better computer functions.
GIGO (Garbage In Garbage Out)Is a well-known term used for computer accuracy,if the input is wrong the output will also be wrong .

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Memory ::

This is also one of the most essential characteristics of computer these days they can store or save almost any volume of data due to its high storage capabilities. Once the data or instruction saved to the computer memory it remains in the memory, until and unless someone deletes, users can recall or retrieve the data anytime, at any location they require, As the human being tends to forget small information given to them, but these machines stores all the information was given to them permanently.

These Machines can store the data as long as user’s desire. The measurement of memory are MEGABYTES (MB), GIGABYTES (GB) And TERABYTES (TB).Hard disk and pen drives are examples of memory.

Diligence ::

They can work long hours without tiredness or boredom with same speed and accuracy.As the computer is a machine its does not refuse to work and works for hours and hours with the same consistency. But on the other hand human being can get easily tired of same work repeatedly can lose their concentration, speed, and accuracy because human suffer from tiredness, laziness, unlike machines.

Versatility ::

They can perform several tasks at the same time, such as user can play songs, work on documents, search for any documents in the hard disk, surf the net, download software, calculate, a computer can perform several functions at the same time with same speed, accuracy and with consistency. Unlike human computers are far more versatile.Ther efore computers have reached to all essentials part of the human society.

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Reliability ::

They are reliable machines, because of their reliability many organizations, institutions, companies rely on them hugely. They can store huge amount of data and can be recalled or retrieve quickly any time or any place as the user demands. The errors occur in the computer are all human errors.Once given a huge task or operation they complete the work without any excuses and people or users can rely on them.

Low Cost & Reduced Size ::

The advancement in the development of computer hardware and software technology the cost of PC has been decreased drastically and has reached to the majority of the humans.Due to its low-cost hospitals, institutions, government sectors, companies, and end users have welcomed them with open hands.

Due to low cost and reduced size, they have reached to every person on the planet.We use our PC daily imagine the cost of a computer in the 1960s you definitely not have dreamed of buying a computer in that age this is the major factor that PC has reached to billions of people around the world.

Automatic ::

They can perform Automatically when assigned a task or operation say you have started a download of movies the computer will download the entire movie in spite the user is present or not without any interruption unless there are network errors or connectivity issues.

They can perform huge numerical and logical calculation when given proper instruction automatically. Even pilots can handover the controls to a computer as they can fly huge aircrafts which are called as AUTO-PILOT Mode.

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No Feeling & No IQ ::

They do not have feeling and self IQ. They do not feel anything unlike humans i.e. tiredness, boredom, laziness, envy or jealousy. As they do not have their own IQ they entirely depend upon humans for inputs, the computer cannot take their own decisions based on logic.

PC has errors only when an input is wrong or incorrect, the Computer scientists are working on AI (Artifical Intelligence)which will make them so powerful and accurate that they will make their own decision, and logic when giving some instruction.This type of computer will have unbelievable characteristics which will change the entire Generations of computer systems.

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