What are The Different Types of Computer System

A Computer is an electronic computational device which can perform Arithmetic ,mathematical and logical operation with incredible speed, and can store gigantic amount of information and data .The information or data can be recall at whatever point the client demands or requests. As the days are passing by different types of computer system are being utilized or used for particular reason.

As the need of clients these days are changing the advancement of modern computer innovation are heading off to a distinctive level envision the old PC which involved an entire building, gigantic weight, and created enormous heat, the heat or warmth utilize by this computers was fantastically high and the current modern day computer can fit to your palm simply like your cell phone, imagine how smaller your tablet is ? your PC ..and so on

According to their size and capabilities they are basically classified into four different types of computers

  • Super Computer
  • Mainframe
  • Mini
  • Micro

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Different Types of ComputerDifferent Types of Computer

Super Computer

These are the speediest computers compared with all other computers, which have fast, amazing capacity or storage limit, expensive and require gigantic space they are called as "Super Computer". They are accommodated in large Air Conditioned room, some of them can take an entire building for its installation.

A Desktop Microcomputer process information and guideline in a millionth of second and at times in microseconds, though the Supercomputer can play out a speed of nanoseconds or even in picoseconds, the speed of the super computer is million times quicker and faster than desktop PC. There a speed is measured or counted in "FLOPS" (Floating Point Operation per Second) it can perform a speed of over 1 billion per second.

Super Computer -Different Types of computer

They are generally used as a part of complex Scientific application, climate determining, Monitoring tremor or earthquakes, they are expertized in particular undertaking, for example, space investigation, space examine, atomic weapons, and genetic engineering .
Seymour Cray planned and designed the first Supercomputer "CDC 6600" in 1964. CDC 6600 is known as the first ever Super computer. Today, China's "Tianhe – 2" is the world's quickest and fastest Super computer.

The Tianhe – 2 can perform 100 Petaflops, i.e quadrillions of floating point operations every second China has built up the quickest super computer of all time .It has around 37 while USA has 233.
Examples ::

  • PARAM 10000 which was developed in India by C-DAC ,Pune
  • IBM Deep Blue which was specially designed for playing chess
  • Tianhe-2 which was developed in china

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Mainframe Computer

They are gigantic in size, quick, extremely costly and expensive they are not as quick as the supercomputer but still, they are exceptionally costly.They are planned and created to process incredible amount of information and data they can execute million of guidelines or instruction per second and can store billions of information or data .

Mainframe Computer-Different Types of computer

They can store and process tremendous amount of information accordingly it is generally utilized and used as a part of educational organizations, railway reservations, in a portion of the administration segment where bulk information has to be saved, it is additionally used as a part of Insurance Sector.

They support more than 1000 remote computers and can work as a “HOST” for different and multiple operating systems.
Examples ::

  • IBM Z890
  • Hitachi’s Z800

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Mini Computer

They are called as "Midrange Computers" and were produced in 1960's using transistor, center memory technology and innovation. They are quite smaller in size, less expensive and speedier yet not as quick as a mainframe or supercomputer, they are utilized or used as a part of private company organizations, and in the production, department to monitor or screen manufacturing process.

Mini Computer-Different Types of computer

They help multi-client Operations and have a very difficult operating system to deal with and can function as a "HOST" in a system where 100 terminals can be supported. The effective and powerful minicomputer is called as "Super-Minis".
Examples ::

  • VAX
  • Texas Instrument TI-990

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Micro Computer

They are commonly called as “Personal Computer” [PC].They are the smallest and the cheapest as compared with minicomputers, mainframe, and super computers. Despite this they are widely used among people or end-user client, due to their low in cost they are so small that they can be kept on a table (PC) or even carry out in a bag (Laptop) or even in a Palm (Mobile Devices ).Their users are fastest growing users compared to other different types of computers. They are designed primarily for single operation but still they can be used as a “workstation” in computer networking.

Micro computer-Different Types of computer

The microcomputer are digital computer which consists of single or more CPU’s (Microprocessor) they have input and output units as well as primary and secondary storage units, Their processing speed is less as compared to different types of computers their speed is measured in MHZ (Mega-Hertz) and GHZ (Gega-Hertz) .

They have a input unit which encourages the users to give instruction or data to the control unit ,and a output unit which performs display information in desired or wanted form.
Examples of Micro-Computers ::

  • Desktop Computers [PC]
  • Laptop
  • PDA | Palmtop
  • Tablet PC

Desktop computers :: These are the single user computer which can be fit on a table .They are small in size usually with single or only 1 “microprocessor” (CPU) they are designed for a single location ,desktop computer s can be used for entertainment , graphics ,and user can perform high level language .with a single user operating system but it can also be used a host in computer networking.

Desktop computer are also called as “Personal Computer”. They can work faster and can store a considerably amount of data or information ,they are cheaper and smaller in size ,but compared to other different types of computer they are found wondering.

Famous manufacturer of desktop computer are ::

  • DELL
  • IBM

Laptop:: They can perform with AC or with Battery, these computers are usually used by the persons who have to work from one location to other not as PC which sticks to one place as they need AC power to operate. There are wide range of people who use these type of computers daily may be engineer who has to give a presentation, student who needs to demonstrate his project, a lawyer, a businessman, a teacher, a graphic designer, a salesperson etc The biggest acid of laptops is their mobility.

Examples of Famous Laptop manufacturer are ::

  • Dell
  • Compaq
  • Toshiba
  • Lenova

Palmtop :: Palmtops are very small in size devices Which includes input and output function. Users can attach mouse or keyboard They can perform each and every task or oepration as Personal Computer or Laptop. They have a graphical screen where a client can do all the functions, for example, sending emails ,office works ,and communication inside in a little package.These are the Different computer types which are utilized or used as a part of gigantic numbers around the world

Palmtops are essentially utilized by Business man ,Marketing Executes and so on
Cases ::

  • Apple
  • Dell
  • Toshiba

Tablet PC:: Tablet computers is additionally called as notebook.Which enables clients to communicate utilizing computerized pen or a fingertip without utilizing a mouse or keyboard. They can't satisfy the functionality of Personal Computer or Laptops.

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