What is Reliability in Computer System With Examples in Points

Today we will learn what is reliability in computer system with examples and advantages, applications, features, importance, and characteristics with images.

The computer is an electronic device that can perform mathematical calculations with incredible speed and deadly accuracy.

They can perform any operations given to them more efficiently than we humans.

The characteristics of computers are responsible for their popularity.

Some of the characteristics are
  • Speed
  • Accuracy
  • Memory
  • Diligence
  • Versatility
  • Reliability

What is Reliability in Computer?

A computer is a reliable machine that is responsible for performing all tasks and operations at high speed and with almost 100% accuracy.

The computer’s software and hardware work according to the request or demand was given to them by users without making any excuses like humans.

There are several attributes that we should check while buying, making, and using a computer.

People who sell computers often talk about the product’s reliability, since reliable products contain no technical errors.

Products that evolve through numerous versions over time are usually considered to become increasingly reliable; if a bug is detected in the system.

It is removed in the next versions and this makes the product more advanced as its features are more updated and enhanced according to the needs and demands of the users.

A reliable society promotes a system approach to design as a means to ensure safe and reliable products.

The computer performs all activities for which that are designed and developed with great accuracy which makes them very reliable machines.

This is considered the main reliability of computer systems.

A system must be reliable and if it fails that causes massive amounts of damage.

Everywhere computers can be found, they can handle data quickly, efficiently, and with fewer errors than we could handle manually.

The reliability of a computer network refers to the computer network functioning within a limited period and under specific conditions and to several parts of the computer working together to operate the network under corresponding network management software.

Benefits and Advantages of Reliability in Computer Systems in Points

  • A business’s reputation is over-dependent on the reliability of its computer system.
  • No need for more manpower.
  • Manual working is restricted.
  • We can expect more accurate results compared to humans.
  • All tasks and operations are performed at high speed therefore jobs and tasks are completed at a given time which builds good reputations in the client’s eyes.
  • The modern computer can store an enormous amount of data almost permanently making us free from worries and this is considered the major advantage of reliability in computer system
  • The accountings are done with the help of a computer system due to their reliability.
  • The computer system does not consist of characteristics like humans i.e., tiredness, laziness, boredom, etc.
Due to the vast advantages of computer system they are used in each and every section of human lives.

Examples of Reliability in Computer

This can be learn with an example

Suppose you need to download a movie from the internet.

You can command the computer system to do the following task after a few minutes or hours depending upon the size of the file your movie will be downloaded even if you are not sitting in front of the computer or laptop.

Computer systems are reliable machines that can carry out jobs without fail these make them more reliable.

Due to their excellent features, they are being used more in offices, schools, and businesses, small and large organizations.

Reliability Characteristics of Computer

When computing mathematical calculations, a computer works much faster and more accurately than humans and can perform millions of instructions per second.

Although the computer performs calculations with 100% accuracy, errors may occasionally occur due to data inconsistency or inaccuracy.

This can be called as “GIGO” which stands for Garbage In Garbage Out.

Computers can perform millions of calculations and perform every task given to them without getting tired or losing concentration with the same consistency accuracy, and speed.

Computers have the capability of performing different kinds of work with the same accuracy and great efficiency.

A computer is reliable as it gives consistent results for a similar set of data; when commanded for a similar set of instructions multiple times.

The results of computers entirely depend upon the instructions given to them.

Importance of Network Reliability

In computer networks, data and instructions are transferred from one computer to another with speed. Computer networks are good sources of data communication.

The internet is considered as the best source of data communications which is cheap and fast.

What is Metropolitan Area Network
Metropolitan Area Network

The networks play an important role in data and information sharing around the globe which saves money and time.

These help in a great deal of consistency and reliability.

Voice call or video conferencing is made simple in networking that connects and helps in easy communication.

Why is Computer Reliability Important?

Reliability is how well the computer system performs; they require functions that it has been designed for and do its form without failure.

This is important because if the system is not reliable, then the system may not function as it was supposed to do when the system fails, then they cause a massive amount of damage.

What is Reliability of Software?

The computer software are divided or categorized in three types which are mentioned below
  • System Software
  • Applications Software
  • Utility Software

System software is the most important aspect of a computer system, operating system, and device drivers falls in the category of system software.

The operating system once installed can help in working with other application software like MS-word, MS Excel, etc.

The operating system is reliable software that can be considered as the backbone of any computer system.

Application software is installed and used when OS is installed in the computer.

Application software like Tally is used primarily for accounting and tracking complete records of the business.

Majority of the business owner relies heavily on accounting software for accurate results which helps in increasing the reliability of software.

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