10 Limitations of Computer Systems | Merits & Drawbacks of Computers

In this article, I am going to discuss on 10 limitations of computer systems as well as the advantages and drawbacks of computers explaining in easy-to-understand language with illustrative pictures.

This generation belongs to computers also they are ruling the world without any competition or any sort of opposition.

They are everywhere starting from schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, the military, scientific research, etc.

Computers are used in our daily life also the work or jobs which used to take hours to finish are done with our fingertips and with no time.

Remember the long queues in front of government offices and ticket counters, paying bills used to eat our precious time also sometimes we used to get frustrated.

These offices had a strict limitation of time and you must have to clear all the dues according to their date and time if not done penalties would have been imposed on you.

But today bills can be paid from our smartphones using UPI [Unified Payment Interface] payments this made life more peaceful and joyful.

Without wasting time Let’s explore the topic in detail.

What is Computer?

Now let’s try to understand what is a computer and its limitations with examples.

The computer is nothing but an electronic device that is used to perform some mathematical and logical operations with high speed also with 100% accuracy.

The word computer is derived from the Latin word Computarewhich means to compute or calculate.

In simple words, the computer is an electronic computational device that uses electricity to start, function, and process the instruction given to them.

Charles Babbage is considered to be the father of modern computers and he invented his first computational device /machine and named it “Differential Engine” later he also invented the machine on automatic computing mechanism and called it “Analytical Engine”.

The modern computer has easily replaced other devices because of its multiple advantages.

The Personal computer is capable of performing multiple tasks at a single time therefore they are also called “Multitasking Devices”.

You can say computers are a double-edged sword if not used properly can backfire.

I mean to say no doubt there are merits and advantages of a computer but there are some limitations of computer system too which we are going to discuss further.

10 limitations of Computer System | Drawbacks of Computer with Picture

In this section, we are going to learn 10 limitations of computer system also with the drawbacks of computers. 

The modern computer without any doubt is a powerful machine and its invention is a blessing to mankind, but as there are two sides to coins there are some benefits and some restrictions | and limitations to their use.

Which we are going to learn.

10 limitations of Computer System
10 limitations of Computer Systems | Drawbacks of Computer
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What are the Limitations of Computer Systems?

Modern computers, laptops, and smartphones have reached so deep in our life which cannot be eliminated now, even their limitations, demerits, and drawbacks have not stopped people from using them.

There are a number of significant limitations that have been discussed below
#Computer Limitations
1Lack of Intelligence
2No Feeling
4Lack of Common Sense
5Virus Threat
6Unable to Learn
7Power Dependency
8Can’t Take Decisions on Own
9Network And Hardware Problems
10Needs regular updates and Upgrades

1. Lack of Intelligence

A computer is a man-made machine or device which does not have intelligence like us human beings. They rely heavily on the input given by us and act as programmed.

The computers are programmed in such a manner that we can obtain the desired output.

When a series of task or job is presented to them they analyze the task or job and performs operations as they are instructed.

In simple words, if the input given to them is incorrect or inaccurate rest sure the output will be inaccurate.

This defines that they do not have intelligence and upon that they are unable to take any logical decisions on their own.

Imagine you give the computer a task to accomplish which is not prior programmed in them I bet they will be unable to solve the task or problem because they lack intelligence and thinking abilities like us.

Modern computers are using AI [Artificial Intelligence] which is enabling and powering them with the power of reasoning and intelligence.

Still, I guess it is a long journey to make for these technologies to have intelligence like humans. Therefore it is considered the most important and major limitation of computers in this present scenario.

2. No Feeling

The computer is a piece of electronic that is capable of performing arithmetic and logical calculation with tremendous speed and unbelievable accuracy.

But still, it is a machine.

Have you seen a computer cry or refused your command or instruction the answer is a BIG NO because it does not have any feelings like humans.

They cannot distinguish between good and bad therefore they work according to their prior instructions.

Computers can work 24*7 as they do not feel tiredness, boredom, jealousy, envy, etc. They don’t possess their own IQ they entirely depend upon human beings for input, and also cannot take their own decisions based on logic.

Modern scientists are working on this aspect of technology and one of the example is Sophia a social humanoid robot developed by Hong Kong-based company Hanson Robotics.

Which they claim will have the ability to think and feel.

The computer | machine with thinking and feeling will change the entire course of computer generations.


GIGO stands for Garbage In Garbage Out. 

The computer and machine hugely depend on human beings to present input and after further processing computers generate output that must be in human-readable form.

Now let’s say the input given to them is invalid and incorrect you can imagine the output which is obtained will be invalid and inaccurate.

Therefore it is advised that before giving certain instructions and commands to the machine it is necessary to double-check the inputs rather than blaming the machine | or computer afterward.

Therefore if you get faulty output recheck the input you presented to the computer system.

4. Lack of Logical Mind | NO IQ

In today’s world of computer systems, we cannot 100% rely on computers for our financial operations. It has been observed that in the last few years online shopping, online banking, and online transaction have increased dramatically.

Now we don’t see huge queues around banks anymore because we have access to pay our bills, purchase goods, and revenue transactions with our fingertips and this is made easy by online banking, credit cards, debit cards, UPI [Unified Payments Interface] payments.

But every other day we come to know on television and in newspapers regarding the misuse of cards, information, and hacking into others’ bank accounts had been performed with computers and internet connections.

I just want to say here that this is a criminal offense and computers are indulged in it but we cannot put computers and machines behind the bar as they are non-living things with NO-IQ and lack of logical minds to distinguish which is GOOD or BAD.

5. Virus Threat

A Computer Virus is a program or set of codes that are composed, designed, and written by computer programmers to infect other computers locally or in a computer network.

They are capable of contaminating and infecting other computers by duplicating or reproducing themselves as a natural biological virus.

Computer viruses can replicate themselves and infect different computers shockingly and without any information to a computer user or client, they can hide and attack aggressively when comes in contact with a “HOST”

Computer Virus is capable of replicating themselves in a loop which can make the computer system freeze or stop and quit reacting to the booting process of a computer.

Numerous such files or codes are composed and written such that they harm the computer system severely by formatting or deleting important operating systems from HARD DISK which is responsible for computer booting.

They are spread when the use of infected media comes in the contact with other media and hence the infection spread.

The Known First computer virus was developed by two Pakistani Brothers from Lahore in 1986 and named ‘BRAIN VIRUS’.

This limitation of computers has stormed the computer world for decades

Computer viruses can be classified into the following types
  • System Virus
  • File Viruses
  • Boot Sector or Boot Record Viruses

It is strongly advised to purchase legal antivirus software and update it regularly also a periodic scan of the hard disk for viruses is a must and never ever use other media prior to the scan.

6. Unable to Learn

As humans, we have the tendency to learn therefore we are the smartest and most intelligent species on earth we are continuously learning and enhancing our abilities and also challenging ourselves to achieve more.

We have reached other planets in the solar system and galaxy.

We have also built one of the smartest machines on the planet but they work according to the instructions and guidance programmed in them.

They are not capable of working beside their set of instructions and even they are not capable to learn something on their own.

7. Power Dependency

The desktop computer needs a power supply to start and function properly to its full potential. The PC heavily relies on power to execute its primary tasks.

No doubt UPS [Uninterruptible Power Supply] is available as a backup source of power but still, this is considered as the major limitation of computers and drawback of computer systems as there is a heavy dependency on electricity.

Similarly, laptops do not need an AC power supply they receive their share of power from the battery that is installed in them and these batteries need to recharge themselves to provide backup sources of power to run the laptops for operations.

8. Can’t Take Decisions on Own

Computers cannot take decisions on their own because they lack knowledge, information, intelligence, and IQ [Intelligent Quotient], and as they are unable to use these characteristics which they don’t possess they are incapable of making decisions on their own.

The computer works and functions on the set of instructions and set of codes present in them elsewhere they cannot differentiate between right or wrong, good or bad.

9. Network And Hardware Problems

As the computer is a machine it is bound to have hardware problems that need to be resolved as an issue arises in some of the cases where troubleshooting needs to be done professional advice is needed which is expensive.

It has been also observed that the availability of hardware devices can be arrived at due to the lack of manufacturing and production of that particular device.

Network problems are very common in computers they often lose their connectivity and all the networks go done suddenly where all the tasks, operations, and jobs undergoing have to be stopped forcefully.

These limitations of computer systems are being bare for the last few decades.

10. Needs Regular Updates and Upgrades

All we know is that the computer industry is the fastest-growing industry new inventions and innovations are happening on the daily basis.

Computer technology is advancing at a rapid pace the quality and capacity of hardware devices are growing day by day and to cope with the expectations the software world needs to be on its toes.

It has been observed lately that a new version of the software is not compatible with old versions of hardware devices and vice versa.

Therefore updating and up-gradation of a computer system is a must to survive in the competitive environment.

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5 Advantages of Computer

  • Speed
  • Accuracy
  • Huge Storage Capacity
  • Online Trading
  • Online Education | Distance Learning

5 Disadvantages of Computer

  • Health Issues.
  • Spread of Pornography
  • Virus and Hacking Attacks
  • Computer Can Not Take Their Own Decision NO IQ
  • Negative Effect on the Environment

What are the 20 Advantages of Internet in Points?

  1. Students
  2. Schools
  3. Banking
  4. Education
  5. Government
  6. Advertising
  7. Marketing
  8. Commerce
  9. Banking
  10. Internet Essay in Points
  11. Job Searching
  12. Dating
  13. Social Media
  14. Advantages of the internet for youth
  15. Internet over Newspaper
  16. Online Voting
  17. Communication
  18. Branding
  19. Online Marketing
  20. Internet Security

6 Characteristics of Computer

Characteristics of Computer
Characteristics of Computer
  • Speed
  • Accuracy
  • Memory
  • Diligence
  • Versatility
  • Reliability

Classification of Computers

The Computer are classified into three main types
  • Analog Computers
  • Digital Computers
  • Hybrid Computers (Analog + Digital)
Types of Computers
Types of Computers

What are the Limitations of First Computer?

1They used vacuum tubes, that are slow in operation.
2They consumed more energy and power.
3They were huge in size and hence not portable.
4They are expensive.
5They used machine languages.

What are Two Limitations of Second Generation Computer?

  • The second-generation computer used transistors.
  • They used magnetic core technology for storage.

What are 5 Limitations of Computer System?

  • No IQ.
  • No Feelings.
  • Lack of Decision Making.
  • Lack of Common Sense.
  • Human Dependency.

Top 5 Advantages of Computer System

  • Speed
  • Accuracy
  • Stores Huge Amount of Data
  • Online Trading
  • Online Education | Distance Learning
Advantages of computers
Advantages of computers

6 Disadvantages of Computer System

  • Health Issues.
  • Spread of Pornography
  • Virus and Hacking Attacks
  • Computer Can Not Take Their Own Decision NO IQ
  • Spread of Violence and Hatred
  • Online Cyber Crimes
Disadvantages of Computer
Disadvantages of Computer
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10 Uses of Computer

Uses of Computers
Uses of Computers
4Medical Fields
7Government Offices
8Defense and Environment

Limitations of Using Computers in Education?

  • Dependence on Technology.
  • Cost and Maintenance.
  • Teacher Training.
  • Health Issues.
  • Quality of Online Information.
  • Distraction and Misuse.

10 Application Areas of Computer?

5Health Care.

FAQs [Frequently Asked Questions] on Limitations of Computer

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Computers?

10 Advantages of Computer

1. Speed
2. Accuracy
3. Stores Huge Amount of Data
4. Online Trading
5. Online Education | Distance Learning
6. Research
7. Forecasting Weather, and Predicting Earthquakes, Volcano Eruptions
8. Produce Employment
9. Internet

Disadvantages of Computer

1. Health Issues.
2. Spread of Pornography
3. Virus and Hacking Attacks
4. Computer Can Not Take Their Own Decision NO IQ
5. Negative Effect on the Environment
6. Crashed Networks
7. The computer Can Not Work on Itself
8. Spread of Violence and Hatred
9. Online Cyber Crimes
10. In Business

What are the Uses of Computers?

1. Education
2. Technology
3. Business
4. Medical Fields
5. Home
6. Hospitals
7. Government offices
8. Defense and Environment
9. Banking
10. Sports

What are the 20 Advantages of Internet in Points

Internet Essay in Points
Job Searching
Social Media
Advantages of the internet for youth
Internet over Newspaper
Online Voting
Online Marketing
Internet Security

Advantages and Disadvantages of WiFi

The cost of the WIFI networks is considerably less when compared to previous LAN connections which used wires and cables that were highly expensive and needed lots of maintenance.

The cables and wires used to get damaged easily therefore users have shifted to wifi connections because of their benefits and advantages.

The installation of these wireless networks are quite simple and users do not require any professional guidance as all the steps and method to install these devices are mentioned in the manual as well as the tutorials needed to install them are available on YouTube, blogs, and websites.

The networks are built in the form of access points therefore adding or removing any users is quite simple.

While installing WIFI network devices the installation prompts us to add a strong password for networks so that your networks become highly protected against hackers, malware, and unauthorized users.

This password is needed for other devices to connect to the network.
The connectivity range for modern WIFI routers is around 150 feet indoors and 300 feet outdoors which is quite astonishing.

What are the 5 limitations of a computer?

1. No IQ.
2. No feelings/ EQ.
3. Lack of Decision Making.
4. Lack of Common Sense.
5. Human dependency.

What are the five features of computer

Speed, Accuracy, Reliability, Versatility, and Storage 

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We all know that computer scientists are working heavily to make computers more advance and powerful than ever before.

The limitations we know today will not be tomorrow for example look at the modern machine which is using artificial intelligence [AI] that is going to make this computer more smarter and powerful than your imagination.

Our next generation will surely enjoy and reap the benefits of these technologies but we should be aware as Spiderman said with great powers comes great responsibility.

The points I have made here will be more frequently updated as soon as I come across more news and updates.

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I hope that all the questions and queries related to the 10 limitations of computer systems had been answered here with the drawbacks of Computer.
If you have any questions related to the Merits of computer.

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