What is Computer Coding System With Examples, Types, Uses and Applications

In Computer system the alphabets, special characters, symbols, audio, video, text, spreadsheets and numbers are called “Data”.
In this article we will learn What is Computer Coding System With Examples, Types, Uses and Applications

The coding can be done with the help of computer programming language which is used in creating and developing apps, software, and websites.

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are such popular application which is developed using computer programming languages.

Computer codes are nothing but a piece of instructions given to a computer system to perform several operations to obtain specific results.

Various computer programming languages are built and developed to achieve desired results.

These codes are translated and converted into machine languages so that they can perform according to the needs of the software developer.

Every software is embedded with numerous codes which are developed to perform given tasks and jobs in the step-by-step method for easy working.

The codes are written in online as well as offline software.

What is Computer Coding System?

Developing apps, websites, and the software uses code, a language that tells what a computer should do; since computers do not understand languages, they understand only binary, which is 0 and 1, and it is that combination of binary numbers that are used by our computers. 

Computer Coding System
Computer Coding System

Programming languages are discovered in order to make binary language useful.

These languages have different purposes, but all programmers are permitted to use binary code for translation.

Computer software applications can be developed through good knowledge of languages; there are a lot of codes that are transliterated, and almost the same numbers of codes are there for the computer to work; there is step-by-step guidance. 

The tools needed to execute a computer online or offline include devices that can read code.

In today’s digital world, everything from the laptop to the smart TV and the car is made by coding.

We need to create a recovery code to recover from any damage due to the 404 error and debug the software.

The computer code includes alphanumeric, special characters, and numeric, known as Alphanumeric Data. 

Every word, symbol, or special character in data code carries great significance. Coders and programmers create software or code for apps using programming languages.

Those codes will be compiled into machine code, where computers can understand and execute them. 

Code is just an instruction for a computer designed by a programmer to perform a particular task that becomes a document, also referred to as a script, based on this code.

Whichever software or program we use, we only see the front end with eye-catching graphics and design – we only see this when there is coding for web pages for that particular software.

Different Types of Coding Systems in Computer

The computer operates on the binary number system, while the decimal system is used in international systems.

When we want to communicate with the computer, we must convert the information into a binary number system.

Different Types of Coding System in Computer
Different Types of Coding System in Computer

We must convert numeric and non-numerical information into machine-level language that the computer can comprehend. 

Binary Coded Decimal (BCD)

BCD {Binary Coded Decimal} scheme divided a decimal number into four bits for every decimal digit within the number

Each decimal digit is represented by its weighted binary value performing a direct number translation. 

The 4-bit group represents each displayed decimal digit from 0000 for a zero to 1001 for a nine. 

American Standard Code for Information Interchange (ASCII)

ASCII is the coding system which starts by (ANSI) AMERICAN NATIONAL STANDARD INSTITUTE begins in 1963 in this for each character 8 bit required to use a hexadecimal number system, for computer keyboard for every character on it there is a unique ASCII code.

In this, each character 8 bit was used. 

UNICODE-Universal Code 

Unicode is a Universal Encoding System (UES) that provides a comprehensive character set developed by a consortium of multilingual software manufacturers.

Using Unicode makes software localization easier and multilingual text processing better.

Its flexibility overcomes the problems inherent in ASCII and extended ASCII due to its flexibility.

In order to allow any combination of characters drawn from any combination of scripts and languages to coexist in a single document, Unicode has standardized script behavior. 

Increasing the business of the computer gives birth to the public code in which every character of the universe has a unique code; for this, there is an arrangement of Unicode with a capacity of one lakh characters.

  • UTF-8-Unicode Transformation Format-8. In the UTF-8 format, characters are converted into one, two, three, and four-byte code.
  • UTF-16 Unicode code converts into one or two codes; this is also called word-oriented format.
  • UTF-32 In these codes, whole words converted into two words mean 32-bit Unicode.

What is the Most Common Coding System?

Because the need for different languages is growing, the computer must be used publicly, so it creates a code in which every character from the universe has a language.

Every program has a single code, and every software has that code. This explains why Unicode was discovered, which can store one lakh characters.

Unicode is similar to every language combination of 256 characters, is the same as ASCII code in which every character is 32-bit.

What is an Example of Coding System in Computer?

The coding system includes some number systems like BCD Binary Coded Decimal which gives 4- bit group representing each display decimal digit 0000 for zero etc., 

ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) has a definition of 128 characters- ox7, which is represented by 7 bits, Unicode- it is used all over the universe language to use this Unicode.

Categories of Coding Systems and Examples 

The computer-only machine language that’s why their invention of coding with the help of this language makes it easy to convert numbers, and letters in binary if we type zero, it takes 0000.

In ASCII, it defines 128 characters, and like this, Unicode has its unique code, which is used by every software in the world.

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