Computer Hardware & Networking Tutorials

The use of Computer and laptops has increased dramatically over a decade and the use of modern technology has reached to every corner of human society.They are used in almost everywhere as their use is increased the need of professional also increased and demand of such professional which are capable of rectifying and solving tedious computer problem is in high demand. has created tutorials on computer hardware and networking course with complete training in simple and understandable language for beginners to advance users which is in the form of textual content as well as in video format.You can also find a section on PC repairs where each and every computer problem is described and explained with use of appropriated images wherever found necessary so that it would be helpful for you to understand the given topic properly and it would be helpful in problem-solving and getting an appropriate solution to your PC and laptop issues.

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We have also created a topic on computer tips and tricks where we have provided best and latest tricks and tips used in advance PC technology which may be unaware to you.Such advance techniques will be really helpful for you to solve some of the tedious issues which arise in front of you while using or repairing computer and laptops.

We have also designed and created a section named computer troubleshooting and PC repair so that every aspiring student or professional can get benefit from there and also use our computer repair tutorials and course materials in their day to day life or in their professional career or in their academic life.These Complete computer hardware tutorials and training will definitely be more beneficial to students who are in the field of IT or want to make computers as their career. Here in we have mainly focused on content which is delivered in easy to understand and well explainable language and also is really easy to read and apply in academic as well as professional career.

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Computer Hardware Tutorials and Training

In this section we have mainly focused on Learning Complete Computer hardware tutorials which cover all topics which are necessary to learn this subject from scratch. Here you will be learning in depth how to repair PC and laptops using our easy to use tips tricks and tweaks from basic to real advance.

The main aim of these tutorials and training is to allow you to learn PC problems and help yourself in identifying and solving most common errors which usually occurs in modern day computers also you will be handling common to difficult to very difficult issues which are usually solved only by professionals or advanced users.

To solve computer problems is not an easy task as some of the PC errors which occur are very difficult to identify or recognized but you don’t have to worry as we are going to start from very fundamentals of computers to really advance. You will be learning basic computer fundamentals to install operating system creating bootable pen drives using BIOS | CMOS and changing their setting as per your requirement assembling and disassembling desktops and laptops which is made very easy using are video tutorials and content which are created using high class images and our step by step guide.

After going through these tutorials with complete course and training you will be able to crack bypass or remove BIOS passwords or user passwords from your PC which are extremely easy to handle and reset using free software and some basic dos commands. As Eliminating passwords from desktops and laptops are frustrating but as you will learn basic and advance tricks you feel extremely comfortable when facing such issues.

Installing Operating System such as Windows XP 7 8 or 10 from CD or DVD or even creating your own bootable USB pen drives has been made easy with free bootable creating software or using simple and very basic dos commands. You will learn to make your own bootable pen drive or flash drives and install operating systems using them which are very easy to handle and maintain even you can create your own multi boot flash drives which contain's more than 1 operating system and install dual boot operating system

Our Data recovery section will allow and help users to recover their deleted & corrupted data from computer internal and external hard disk drive also you will be trained to recover all files and folders from external mediums such as pen drives and flash drives. Even data can be recovered from accidental or intentional formatted hard disk and USB drives. Third party software’s are very essential in solving major computer problems we are going to study some of the famous and highly used software for our issues with step by step guide.

But I strongly believe precaution is better than cure. To avoid some issues which generally occur while using PC we will find and explore some computer inbuilt functions and some extremely important tools which allows and help in avoiding PC problems. Computer maintenance is a must for every computer user which is applied periodically for avoiding serious PC problems and headache free digital life.

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Basic Computer Networking Tutorials

In simple words computer networking can be defined as connecting all your computers to one another using cables modems and connectors. Which are generally called as terminals and host. This is used in faster transfer of data from one PC to another without using any other or external source.

Let say you have 5 computers and their job is to print some documents individually now imagine you will have to purchase five printers to accomplish your task here comes the magic of networking where you can connect your single printer to each and every computer present in a location using computer networking. Which in fact will save your hard earned money and precious time.These types of printers are called as "Network Printers".

We are going to provide an intense and up to date study material and networking notes with pdf on basic computer networking where our users will find extremely easy to learn and explore the most important and advanced features of computer networking. There are huge benefits of using such types of network in small and huge setups which we will be discussing briefly in our networking section.

You will be learning basic of computer networking like their topologies, networking essentials, creating your own patch cables, sharing files and folders and troubleshooting network errors in very simple steps with images to help you in better understanding. you can also download our pdf which contains networking study materials with complete notes which are absolutely free to use.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is System Restore?

The purpose of the System Restore feature is to create a snapshot of the systems configuration so that the Administrator can easily return your system back to a known good configuration. Using the system restore feature will not cause a system to lose any personal data.

System Restore is designed to automatically create a restore point each time the system recognizes a significant change in the file or application Structure. System Restore also has the flexibility to allow users to create their own restore points at any time.

My Computer is working slowly?

  • Disable Startup Program
  • Scandisk And Defrag
  • Insufficient Drive Space
  • Clean Registry
  • Check For Viruses on your Hard Drive using any legal Antivirus software
  • Reinstalling and Updating all drivers of computer system may help
  • Try formatting and Reinstalling Windows
  • Check your PC configuration (for example Ram, Motherboard, Processor and check it's compatibility with your operating system)

Can I Install Win7 using USB Pen drive?

Yes. Firstly you have to create a bootable USB pen drive or flash drive using any free software or using simple and basic dos commands. I personally use Novicorp Win To Flash Software as its free extremely powerful and very easy to use.