What is Accuracy in Computer System With Examples and Diagram

In this article we will learn what is accuracy in computer system with examples and diagram.

A computer is an electronic computational device that is responsible to perform arithmetic and logical calculations with incredible speed and amazing accuracy.

Modern computers are highly popular these days due to their fabulous characteristics of the computer system which has increased their uses across several sectors.

Computers are used in educational institutes, and business organizations; it has become household stuff that is used in daily routine.

The accuracy of computers is considered to be the major characteristic of a computer system which we are going to discuss further.

What is Accuracy in Computer System With Examples

There are several characteristics of a computer, and accuracy is one of such characteristics.

Due to its features and applications; computer accuracy is considered one of the major highlighted points of the computer.

A computer is a machine that can perform several tasks and jobs instantly with accuracy and speed,

Computers can perform several calculations, which are tedious and difficult if performed manually by humans.

Computers are very accurate machines if presented with correct and appropriate input.

The computer works on the principle of GIGO, which stands for “Garbage In Garbage Out”.
Let us try to understand this term with an example.

The computer mainly works on the input presented through input devices of computer systems by humans. If the input given is wrong, incorrect, or inappropriate, the result obtained will be incorrect and wrong.

Therefore, it is highly advised that you recheck the input given to computers as the output depends entirely on the data and instructions you have fed to the system.

Hence it can be said that computer accuracy depends upon the data and information given to them.

The computer does not understand any other language. It operates and understands binary language, which consists of 0s and 1s.

The computer systems translate instruction given to them in readable form and later process this instruction to obtain the desired output that can be easily understood and read,

Imagine you have entered a mathematical or logical problem like 

(-2) - (-2)

The output of this will be 0.

This equation computer system will use the BODMAS rule, a mathematical formula to get the result with great speed and incredible accuracy.

When given to computers, millions of such equations and problems can be done with great accuracy and consistency without human characteristics like boredom or tiredness.

Importance of Computer Accuracy

Mainly the errors which occur in computers are “Human Errors”. 

Computer accuracy plays an important role in using a computer system in an organization where accurate results with speed and consistency matter.

Computers are used in the banking sector, where numerous calculations occur every second. These calculations are done at enormous speed and without making any errors.

Imagine if these banking systems start making mistakes they will lose their trustworthiness and not be extensively used further.

If the banking system starts making mistakes, the customers and bankers will lose millions of dollars and hence it is very important for computer accuracy.

Computer accuracy is also important in data communication.

In this modern generation, data communications play a vital role in communication between two individuals to pass or share information, opinion, or thoughts.

This information and data shared across the internet are 100% accurate, and therefore people rely upon such data, which is presented by computer.

If they don’t stand to their reputation, people will stop using them.

Accuracy in Computer System With Image

What is Accuracy in Computer System
What is Accuracy in Computer Systems

Characteristics of Computer Accuracy

Computer accuracy is very consistent, and the degree of accuracy of any computer depends on the instructions and information presented to them and the types of processor it is using.

The computers can perform any given calculations, like dividing numbers up to 10 decimal places. The modern computer can perform much more complex operations with incredible accuracy.

The computer can operate only when they are instructed or commanded. They do not have their IQ; therefore need some instructor to give them commands.

The computer uses binary languages for understanding; therefore, the result is highly reproducible.

When human accuracy is compared with computers, humans are left far behind, and therefore accuracy in computers is considered the major characteristic of the computer system.

10 Characteristics of Computer

#Computer Characteristics
7Low Cost & Reduced Size
9No Feeling & No IQ

Classifications of Computers

The computers are classified into 4 different types.
  1. Micro Computer.
  2. Mini Computer.
  3. Mainframe Computer.
  4. Super Computer.
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Digital Computers.

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Super Computers are considered to be the fastest computer.

Why is Computer 100 Accurate?

A modern computer is a machine | device that is designed and developed to obtain results with speed and accuracy.

What is Accuracy Used for?

The accuracy is mostly used in numerical calculations.

What Does Accuracy Mean

Accuracy can be defined to acquire results in the form of TRUE and FALSE.

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