10 Uses of Computer in Different Fields

If you are searching for uses of computer in different fields I guess you are in the right place below in I have discussed on the topic briefly.

Computer is considered one of the most important inventions of the human generation.

This era is also known as the computer era which has eventually changed the living, behaviour and working style of human beings.

Charles Babbage is considered to be the father of modern computers and he invented his first computational device /machine and named it “differential engine” later he also invented the machine on automatic computing mechanism and called it as “Analytical Engine”.

Uses of Computer
10 Uses of Computer

The computer is an electronic computational device that uses electricity to start.

The Personal computer is capable of performing multiple tasks at a single time henceforth they are also called as “Multitasking Device”.

Uses of Computer in Different Fields
Uses of Computer in Different Fields

The invention of the computer is a great gift to human beings.

Modern computer stores data, process and executes data on users request and demands.

Modern PC [Personal Computer] works with great and amazing speed and with almost 100% accuracy the cost of these devices are cheaper nowadays and hence it has reached to almost every individual.

Because of its affordable cost and low maintenance they have become very popular among people. PC’s are used in the home as well as professional use and change the game upside down.

Modern Computer consists of mainly two parts which are mentioned below.

  1. Software
  2. Hardware

Software:: Computer Software is nothing but a piece of code or set of instructions which is written by a computer programmer or software developer to perform certain tasks or operations with incredible speed and also with 100% accuracy.

There are two types of software ::

  1. Application Software
  2. System Software

Application Software:: These software’s are used to make the complex task simpler earlier to maintain the data was a very tedious and time-consuming job but as soon as computers and its application software evolved the job took less amount of time and was error-free.

Application software is designed and developed by software engineers to perform certain tasks and operations to obtain the desired output.

Application software is used by end-users to perform actions like save, edit, update and remove.

Examples of application software are:: ms word, excel, etc.

System Software:: These software’s are used as a back end-entity and perform tasks and operations in the background they are developed in low-level languages by the software developer or software engineer which can easily communicate with the computer in the form of binary that exactly means 0’s and 1’s.

System Software can communicate with hardware devices to perform certain task and operations

Examples of System Software are::
operating system, device drivers, disk utilities, etc.

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10 Uses of Computer in Different Fields

  1. Uses of Computer in Education
  2. Uses of Computer in Technology
  3. Uses of Computer in Business
  4. Uses of Computer in Medical Fields
  5. Uses of Computer in Home
  6. Uses of Computer in Hospitals
  7. Uses of Computer in Government offices
  8. Uses of Computer in Defense and Environment
  9. Uses of Computer in Banking
  10. Uses of Computer in Sports
Uses of Computer in Different Fields
Uses of Computer in Different Fields

Uses of Computer in Education Field in Points

The modern computer has changed the traditional way of education system now new technology has been evolved and used in abandoned by various educational institutions to educated and teach students in more powerful and creative ways.

Teachers, lecturers, and instructors are keener in absorbing and implementing these modern techniques to educate their students.

Nowadays instructors are using techniques like videos, PDF, images, and other animation software to try and explain complicated subjects in a more animated manner where the student can grasp more tedious and complicated topics easily with minimum efforts

A new tradition has been found where teachers are teaching online using online software just like zoom where one can create classrooms and explain every topic using voice, graphics, and animations online.

Using these techniques students can learn using their own convenience using their free time at their home with the use of a computer and internet connection.

There is so much knowledge on the online platform where one can learn and acquire different skills for personal and professional growth.

I myself learned several programming languages like PHP, MYSQL, Digital Marketing, etc using free websites and video sites like YouTube, daily motion, Newsletter, PDF, PPT, blogs, and websites, etc.

Uses of Computer in Education
Uses of Computer in Education

Apart from free there are paid platforms to where one can learn certain skills and knowledge while paying some money to these instructors which helps us to gain some skills and knowledge.

Udemy is one of the largest and famous online platforms where students can get any desired course which suits their need while paying some amount mentioned by the owner.

  • You can acquire any information while browsing the internet which can help our small kids, students, and professionals.
  • You can also store your study material in the form of PDF, PPT, Doc, and Videos on the computer for further references. Using the modern computer you can use some applications software to write content, articles like ms-word, etc
  • You can use a computer with an internet connection to receive, send, and share information and knowledge with one another.
  • Students or users can also create PPT or Animation for presentation purposes.

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Uses of Computer in Business Sector

Uses of Computer in Business
Uses of Computer in Business

The use of computers has been dramatically increased in the business sector because computers have made the life of a business person easier as it can store valuable information, data and instruction almost permanently without any errors and can the data can be retrieved anytime anywhere when the user demands.

At present time you can manage your business almost from anywhere just using a computer, laptop, or mobile phone with an internet connection while conveying instructions and order over the internet to their fellow members of the organization.

Almost every business on the planet can be conducted and organized with the help of a modern-day computer with an internet connection.

Following are some of the points where I am going to share with you where computers can be used in business.

  • The computer can be a tool to communicate with others who are far away. It can be done with the help of mailing software like Gmail, rediffmail, etc or you can access video calls which will be more comfortable for better and clearer conversation.
  • Modern-day computers are pretty good at handling text documents, PPT presentations, PDF, Images, Graphs, and Videos for presentations.
  • Computers like smartphones can carry out a financial transaction using app and software which helps in the deposition and transfer of funds from one bank to another bank which may be in different cities or for that matter in different countries.
  • Business Person can have an online meeting with more than one person where he can address his employee or employees for future business policies or changes in undergoing terms and conditions, he can also regulate certain new norms and let everybody know latest news and orders in one go.
  • The computer can store sensitive and secret documents into the hard drive almost permanently without damaging and one can be in peace and forget the fear of losing these documents which are very important to one’s business.
  • Modern PC can be very handy in a small office or large organization where several data can be transfer from one location to another whereas before it used to take a whole lot of bunch of papers to carry out small information to transfer.
  • Business owners can use payroll software for gathering information of their employees which can be stored in a computer
  • Use of online platforms to access new market trends and positions of their stocks.
  • Creating and Maintaining Bills for clients and customers.
  • Maintaining a ledger account of every customer.

Uses of Computer in Home and Daily Life

The use of computers and modern devices has been increased dramatically as they are very very simple to use and the benefits of their use are incredible.

Using a computer and modern gadgets like smartphones, iPods, laptops, computers are very common these days.

Let me tell you some stats number of people using the internet over a while has been increased shockingly.

In the year 2017, the number of people using the internet was 437.5 million but in 2020 it has a record jump of approx 564.5 truly amazing.

  • Housewives can make budgets of household expenditures which would be very helpful for further calculations and maintenance.
  • Small Kids or school-going students can prepare their school assignments on the computer using some amazing and attractive free and paid software available. Which will definitely enhance their creative skills to perform better and better in academics.
  • Professionals can prepare business presentations on the computer, laptops, or smartphones using software like Powerpoint, etc.
  • Engineering students or students or professionals can learn some programming language with the help of a computer with an internet connection using free and paid platforms.
  • The modern computer is multitasking which can perform multi-task at a single moment for example in one tab you are browsing the internet while on another hand you are downloading some kinds of stuff with interruptions.
  • These modern devices are capable of playing music, watching movies, and downloading pieces of stuff on your devices.
  • People are addicted to social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tik Tok, etc which can be accessed using a smartphone which is considered to be another form of a small modern-day yet very powerful device.
  • Many MNC has allowed their employees to work from home. Which are new and interactive and promising steps happening in the IT [Information Technology] sector.
  • As the modern technology advanced with great pace online transactions are more common these days where people are paying their bills just like mobile, telephone, electricity, internet, rent, taxes almost every stuffs online where some platforms are offering huge discounts and cash backs like PayTm, Google pay, etc.

Five Uses of Computer in Hospitals

Uses of Computer in Hospital
Uses of Computer in Hospital

For modern hospitals, computers are like a blessing from God almost every hospital these days have computers with internet and networking installed so that it can access all the information very smoothly without any hassles.

Computers in hospitals are as essential as for other businesses these modern gadgets and the application software have made the life of the doctors and staff very easy and hence they can now very relax while the computer is beside them working on their behalf.

This era is also called a computer era where the computer plays an important role in the medical industry which helps in regulating the administrative as well as extra functionality of hospitals.

The following are some common places in hospitals where computers are used more frequently.

  • Inventory
  • Patience Billing
  • Settling health insurance
  • Internet is helping many doctors with up-to-date information WHO [World Health Organization] provides.
  • Maintaining stock records which are very important to have a clearer picture of necessary equipment.
  • Helps in maintaining the record of external doctors and physicians.
  • Reception
  • Doctors Chamber
  • Medical Stores | Pharmacy
  • Investigation Room.

In modern hospitals, computer are used with help of management software which allows users (administrator) to track the patient history, and complete records.

This software tracks every visit of a patient which is taking some kind of treatment from the hospitals. This kind of application software track the following::

  1. Complete inventory
  2. Time Table chart of employee | staff
  3. Doctors time table
  4. Guest doctors who are called upon personal request.
  5. Payroll
  6. Operations routine
  7. A complete record of every patient
  8. Complete and customized report.
  9. Patient medical history
  10. Next appointment date
  11. Prescription
  12. Research

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Uses of Computer in Government Offices

From the last few decades majority of the countries has implemented the uses of modern computer into their government sectors oh huge scale.

After the computer’s involvement in the public sector the work speed, efficiency, and works accuracy and been increased dramatically.

As computers can store huge amounts of data the storage problem in the government sector has been resolved significantly as before every organized used to depend hugely on papers and it was very tedious work to maintain such papers which can be damaged easily or can be misplaced.

Thanks to this modern machine that has reduced the huge burden of government servants .

Now, these workers can work freely without the headache of maintaining and storing the data effectively.

Each government office uses a computer for different purposes as traffic police uses the computer for their own requirement and insurance company uses computers for storing huge amount of data into their systems.

Imagine India has a population of over 1.3Billion people who have almost 80% has received their Aadhaar card which is stored in a centralized system quite staggering.

Almost every government sector uses these machines in their office to reduce human load.

  • Computers are used in a government office to send and receive mails for faster communications and to track the record of communications.
  • A computer with an internet connection can be used to send text, documents, images, and graphics.
  • The computer is used in networking frame in a small and large office where one computer is connected to another and is used to send data within the network which allows the work to flow faster as compare to before.
  • In government office mainly work are done on spreadsheets, documents and text which this machine works in great speed. Print out can be obtained while using this machine as it is connected with modern printers.
  • These Personal computers are also available for mathematical and financial calculations to avoid human errors.
  • Government officers now are held responsible if a mentioned work| Job is not submitted on time as hard drive stores every information of the status of work provided to the official and hence the overall system has changed due to these incredible devices.
  • Even in some office memos, leave applications and termination of services are done via emails.

Uses of Computer in Banking Sectors

These computers can perform billions and billions of instruction per second .

The main advantages of these computers are they can be easily connected to another computer in the form of a network. 

Examples of Some mainframe computer are::

  1. IBM Z890
  2. Hitachi’s Z800
  • Every bank you see these days are computerized.
  • Computers are used in banks for almost every task performed in the banking sector.
  • Passbooks are updated using printers that are connected to a personal computer in a network that is centralized .for example you can update your passbook from any part of your country this happens just because the computer is connected to the server. Which holds the data and instructions of every account holder.
  • ATM (Automatic Teller Machine) is another form of computer where you can withdraw as well as deposit cash. In the majority of ATMs, you can update passbooks as well as get mini statements.
  • Biometric Scanners are used to detect the thumb impressions of the employees working in the specific organization and can save the presentation of the employees with the exact time of arrivals and departure. This helps the owner of the organization to detect and find out the complete report so that he or she can deduct the salary or give a raise in salary after looking at the reports.
  • The computer has made the life of transaction very easy now for each deposit or withdrawal the account holder does not have to visit a bank. They can access the bank online portal to purchase goods or hire services online. Many online portals are available so that the account holder can access this application for their needs.
  • Paytm, GooglePay, BHIM UPI, etc.
  • Online Transaction (digital transactions) has made possible because of these highly powerful and secured machines.

Uses of Computer in Sports and Games

Uses of Computer in Sports and Games
Uses of Computer in Sports and Games

As soon as computer use was involved in sports and games the performance and the output of the result has been incredibly great.

The chance of getting improper or inaccurate decision are getting lesser day by day.

The use of computers in cricket helped immensely for the players and umpires as everyone knows that even a slight mistake or wrong decision in any sport can change the entire course of the game and a certain wrong decision can get you on the losing side.

This becomes really frustrating for players or for those matter spectators who consider sports as their religion.

The introduction of computers and impacted sports to an extensive following are some of the benefits and uses.

  1. The Player’s record can be store permanently and can be retrieved any time anywhere.
  2. With the help of modern-day computers the decision is pinpoint and almost 100% accurate.
  3. The modern computer helps to record a complete match and can be re telecast any time.
  4. These clips help players to overcome their mistakes even with umpires and support staff.
  5. Using broadcasting software the complete game goes live on the television
  6. Even watching live games viewers can view every camera angle with crystal clear quality and even with slow motions

Uses of Computer in Defense and Various Environmental Studies

Uses of Computer in Defence
Uses of Computer in Defence

The computer is considered to be one of the greatest inventions of the human being.

The computer has made the life human being considerably smoother.

  1. PARAM 10000 which was developed in India by C-DAC , Pune
  2. IBM Deep Blue which was specially designed for playing chess
  3. Tianhe-2 which was developed in china
  • The computer can store data and analyze the history of games and specific players.
  • Most of the information related to games and sports is available on the internet.
  • Training of players is done with the help of players which in fact enhances their performance while playing competitive games.
  • The computer also helps in developing sports equipment and blueprints of forthcoming products which will be really helpful in the future.
  • Computers are also used in analyzing games in a different manner where one can access their positive and negative points and later can work on them to derive more profitable results.
  • The computer can also play an important role in maintaining the diet and nutrition of players where all customized diet charts can be allocated to a specific player on specific demands.

Uses of Computer in Technology

Computer technology has gone to a different level. Every section of society uses this modern machine to enhance the productivity and quality of the products.

When these highly improved machines are used in farming it makes a hell of lot of difference in the quality and product range. Computer technology has changed the way of farming.

  • Improves cost efficiency.
  • Improves the style of farming and hence these new modern techniques improve the quality of crops they produce in their farms.
  • Using computer technology farmers can predict the atmosphere and weather to exactly decide what should be next move.
  • Using Computers they can purchase fertilizers and pesticides for the crop at a cheaper price.
  • Using a Computer with the internet farmers can sell and purchase their goods online.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Five Advantages of Computer?

The five advantages of computers are mentioned below

  • Speed
  • Accuracy
  • Online Trading
  • Online Education | Distance Learning
  • Forecasting Weather, and Predicting Earthquakes, Volcano Eruptions

What are the Five Disadvantages of Computer?

The Following are the Computer disadvantages

  • Health Issues
  • Spread of Pornography
  • Virus and Hacking Attacks
  • Negative Effect on Environment
  • Spread of Violence and Hatred
  • Online Cyber Crimes
  • Data and Information violation

What are the Features of Computer?

The main reason behind computer success is its most amazing and reliable features

  • Speed
  • Accuracy
  • Diligence
  • Versatility
  • Memory
  • Reliability

What are the Benefits of Computer?

The modern-day computers are used in below mentioned sector successfully

  1. Schools
  2. Education
  3. Banking
  4. Government
  5. Advertising
  6. Marketing
  7. Commerce
  8. Banking
  9. Internet Essay in Points
  10. Job Searching
  11. Dating
  12. Social Media
  13. Advantages of internet for youth
  14. Internet over Newspaper
  15. Online Voting
  16. Communication

Final Words | Conclusion

In the above article, I have tried to explain 10 uses of computers in various fields.

As the use of the computer is increasing day by day we cannot be almost sure that only these sectors will use a computer.

According to a survey in 2030, almost 95% of the business will use computers to help them in growing business and helping the service sector for improving their services.

I believe that you may have liked the article please feel free to contact me for feedback and don’t forget to like, comment and share.

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