What are Advantages and Disadvantages of Computer System

The invention of the computer is considered to be one of the greatest inventions of all time. The modern computer has changed our daily life to some extent.

A computer is an integral part of human beings and we can not imagine our lives without the use of a computer.

As there are two sides of the coin there are advantages and disadvantages of computer system in points which we are going to discuss in detail.

We will focus on each and every topic briefly.

The computer has reached every section of human society, from schools to hospitals business organizations, institutions everywhere we cannot imagine our daily life without the use of computers.

The impact of computers on humans is beyond imagination, people use a computer for selling and purchasing goods, online studies (E-Learning ) for searching virtually anything on the web, playing games, watching movies, downloading software’s, for business promotions, railways, and airplanes tickets, etc.

almost everything can be done with the help of a computer and the output can be obtained with just a few clicks.

Their uses and study of computers are mandatory for students because of their worldwide use and acceptance.

Computers have made a vital impact on education, students can learn online, and get the required skills and knowledge just sitting at home, the computers have made the distance virtually zero.

Students are getting a higher education, certificates, and degrees from the reputed institutes before they just dreamed of it computer has made their dreams into reality.

Some of the famous sayings on computer

“I do not fear computers. I fear lack of them.” — Isaac Asimov

“The computer was born to solve problems that did not exist before.” — Bill Gates

“A computer will do what you tell it to do, but that may be much different from what you had in mind. “

“Computer science really involves the same mindset, particularly artificial intelligence. “

They even had made a significant impact in business, now businessman prefers to use a computer to a huge extent they have made their business life so peaceful that now they can perform multitasking, with almost 100% accuracy, 

The advantages of computer in research have helped the scientist to solve complex to complex problems with ease before would take longs hours or even months to solve.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Computer
Advantages and Disadvantages of Computer

A Brief Discussion on Advantages of Computer Systems

As there are 2 sides of coins there are Advantages and Disadvantages of computers ::
  • Speed
  • Accuracy
  • Stores Huge Amount of Data
  • Online Trading
  • Online Education | Distance Learning
  • Research
  • Forecasting Weather, and Predicting Earthquakes ,Volcano Eruptions
  • Produce Employment
  • Internet
  • In Business
10 Advantages of Computer
10 Advantages of Computer
1. Speed

The speed of computers has made a vital impact on human society before some decades computers were just used for the purpose of some numerical calculations,

but nowadays computers are used in virtually every single part of human life.

The modern computer is not just a calculating device anymore with its speed and accuracy it can perform multiple tasks, operations, and complex numerical problems within fractions of seconds.

They can perform about Trillions of instructions per second.
!!!!! That’s unbelievable Speed!!!!!

“It’s hardware that makes a machine fast. It’s software that makes a fast machine slow.”

People can play songs, perform their documentation work, surf the internet, check emails, search for your requirements on the internet with great speed and accuracy.

The speed is considered as the biggest advantage of computers because they can perform all operations at an incredible speed which can reduce the amount of time spend when working manually.

For Example, It can calculate the salaries of Employees within a fraction of seconds before it would take long hours when done manually by people.

2. Accuracy

Not only speed but a computer can work with almost 100% accuracy.

This is also one of its advantages, as it can perform complex numerical calculations not only with speed but with unbelievable accuracy.

Imagine you have given a task to calculate the gross salary of ten thousand employees with a reduction as per the rules and regulations of the organization.

That’s not a simple task to calculate the given salaries manually, you are bound to make mistakes and even a small mistake can harm you badly economically.

And now here comes the magic of computers it can perform all the hard work of calculating the salaries of the employees and deduction as per the requirements.

You can derive the results at your fingertips within a fraction of seconds when given correct and proper input, with great speed and incredible accuracy.

Hence the big organizations with hundreds of employees working for them use computer-generated bills and pay slips.

Even in the Government sector, all the manual calculations had been shifted to computers.

3. Stores Huge Amount of Data

Data storing capabilities of computers these days are “HUGE” as compared to previous years.

They can save or store any volume of data or instruction given to them permanently.

Users can recall the data or instructions or information given to them anytime & any place.

The Storing capability of the computer is measured in MB (Mega-Bytes), GB (Giga-Bytes), TB (Tera-Bytes).

Railways use a modern computer for storing their passenger details, routes of trains, and even their employee’s details.

India has a population of around 140 cr people, 93% of them have received their aadhaar card issued by the Government of India.

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4. Online Trading

People tend to use computers and the internet while purchasing and selling their goods, according to a recent survey more than 50% of people across the world will use computers for their online trading.

Online trading is very simple and time-saving, you have a variety of products to choose from with the best prices, many websites offer their users a heavy discount.

People are more inclined toward online shopping and trading these days due to their simplicity in use.

5. Online Education | Distance Learning

This is one of the biggest merit or Advantage of computers as students, professionals can get quality education at their fingertips. It is a box full of knowledge and skills.

People use many video-sharing websites for learning, go to any video-sharing website such as YouTube and search for your favorite topic you will find tons and tons of videos made by users for educational purposes with your desired language.

The students can learn and acquire skills online at their own convenience and pace these platforms provide students digital notes in the form of PDF, PPT, Infographics, and video formats.

By the end of 2025, computer education will be a compulsory subject for every student despite his stream and interest.

Many universities, education organizations provide online courses. People are learning new skills, programming languages, cooking, Yoga, meditation, etc

on the internet these days. The invention of the Internet is the biggest invention of all time.

6. Research

In research, computers are used as they can solve tedious mathematical and logical calculations with high speed and amazing accuracy.

The scientist prefers the use of computer in their experiments because of their usefulness.

The results of experiments can be stored in a computer hard disk permanently and can be recalled at any time required.

With the use of a computer the speed of research increases, therefore, computers are made an integral part of research and development

7. Forecasting Weather, and Predicting Earthquakes

The Super Computers are used in weather forecasting, predicting earthquakes, volcano eruptions, the scientist predicts the time and hence they can save people from these natural disasters. 

Supercomputers are also used in defense, space exploration, nuclear energy, etc.

8. Produce Employment

The computer produces a great number of jobs per year, people don’t want to work manually anymore as this is tedious, time-consuming, and inaccurate whereas the computer works with unbelievably accuracy and speed and it is very reliable.

In the last few years, the need for computer professionals has reached a different level, every organization, every business needs computer experts, professionals in their unit.

The workload of humans has been drastically removed from them thanks to modern-day computers.

9. Internet

The internet has been the most valuable invention of all time.

The evolution of the internet has changed the entire human civilization.

The internet with its connectivity can help you to connect friends, family members, colleagues living abroad.

You can get a quality education, you can buy or purchase goods, surf the net, play songs, download software, movies, etc.

This has been considered as the greatest Computer advantage

10. Business

People use a computer in business because of its features of storing volumes of data, multitasking, performing complex calculations, working more efficiently than humans, it doesn’t have human traits such as envy, jealousy, tiredness, etc.

The computer has become a huge contributor to the business.

Also, there are some business and work that can only be done in a computer or a laptop like Photo editing, Video Editing, Website development, Graphics designing etc.

So, computers and laptops nowadays come very handy to do all of necessary and important stuff at very affordable prices.

Like one can get a good computer or a laptop under $700 and can do any of these things and much more.

There are several options one can choose from, like you can check some good laptops for video editing under $700 on reportsofconsumer.com

As we discussed before there are two sides of coins so there are advantages and disadvantages of computers.

We have gone through with advantages of computer and now we will discuss disadvantages of computers.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Computer
Advantages and Disadvantages of Computer

Demerits | Disadvantages of Computer Systems

The Following are the Computer disadvantages::
  • Health Issues.
  • Spread of Pornography
  • Virus and Hacking Attacks
  • Computer Can Not Take Their Own Decision NO IQ
  • Negative Effect on Environment
  • Crashed Networks
  • Computer Can Not Work on Itself
  • Spread of Violence and Hatred
  • Online Cyber Crimes
  • Data and Information violation
10 Disadvantages of Computer
10 Disadvantages of Computer
1. Health Issues

The eyes get dry resulting in blurry visions, the stress in the eye muscles results in weak eyesight.

Computer, when prolonged used, has negative effects on eyes due to radiation emitted by monitors.

One should take some precautionary measures while using a computer for longs hours, taking small breaks while using, washing eyes with water making them wet, relaxing eyes can do a great help.

When computers are used continuously back muscles get harder due to improper sitting positions, neck muscles lose their elasticity, pain in the hands and joints are the primary adverse symptoms seen.

Taking rest in between works can overcome the negative consequences of overworking with computers.

Improper digestion is also found in people who work on computers for long and continuous periods.

2. Spread of Pornography

As the computer range has covered every single individual in the society, children and even grown-up are prone and get involved in pornographic content which many websites offer this day.

This type of content, videos, and images are easily available on the internet, people can easily get access,

it is very hard to have control over it, huge numbers of children are addicted to porn videos, porn images, and once they are addicted it is very hard to overcome.

Many social organizations and even the Government find it very difficult to overcome it. and also to stop the spread of pornographic content this is the major & significant disadvantage of computers use.

This has been a universal issue for several years.

3. Virus and Hacking Attacks

Viruses are just computer programs that are designed and developed to harm the computer, steal important information like passwords, pins, and other sensitive information.

Hackers use this program to crack your system down and get unauthorized access to your computer systems, which can damage people economically as well as socially.

One should use legal software, antivirus program, and anti-hacking software while surfing on the net or while online trading which minimizes the hacking and virus attacks.

Data security has been a major concern due to computer viruses and hacking attacks many companies offer services for data security.

4. Computer Cannot Take Their Own Decision NO IQ

As personal computer [PC] does not have their own IQ they cannot take decisions on their own, which sometimes make our work tedious.

They simply operate when given proper and correct instruction, if computers get wrong or improper instruction the result will be wrong as they do not have logical brains determining true or false.

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5. Negative Effect on Environment

The computer waste and the manufacturing process produce lots of waste .which is harmful to the environment and our society.

The used computer or the computer which is in no more use should be donated.

Their waste produces harmful chemicals which pollute our environment and nature, therefore the use of green computer should be applied as it has no adverse effect on the environment and can be recycled.

6. Crashed Networks

The computer can be easily connected to each other via “NETWORKING”, It can connect to the internet.

Imagine you have an office of 25 computers, all of the computers are connected with each other with shared internet.

while all of your employees do different tasks and operations on their respective computers and one day your network goes down or the whole network is crashed.

You will come to know that all the computers.

which are connected to each other stop working and hence less production or no work is done.

This is one of the significant Disadvantage of computer occurs frequently when used in a network.

7. Spread of Violence and Hatred

The spread of violence and hate-related articles can be found easily while surfing the internet.

People get in touch with these articles which destroys the thinking process of individuals and we find consequences that are not for the betterment of human society.

8. Cyber Crimes

Some people who are commonly called “HACKERS OR CRACKER” break down our computer system and get unauthorized access and steals our credit card numbers our passwords and our sensitive information.

With this information, they violate all laws and misuse our information for their benefit.

“Modern computer and software will revolutionize the way we learn”.

9. Data and Information violation

Irrespective of many securities our data can be lost due to damaged memory or using spam websites while they inject malicious program Trojan, worm to your computer system which corrupts or even destroys the data available on your systems.

And sometimes this program which is developed by hackers or crackers retrieves your bank details with passwords, credit card information’s and misuse them.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Computer In Tabular Form

#Advantages of ComputersDisadvantages of Computers
1SpeedHealth Issues
2AccuracySpread of Pornography
3Stores Huge Amount of DataVirus and Hacking Attacks
4Online TradingComputer Can Not Take Their Own Decision, NO IQ
5Online Education | Distance LearningData and Information violation
6ResearchNegative Effect on Environment
7Forecasting Weather,Predicting Earthquakes , and Volcano EruptionsCrashed Networks
8In BusinessComputer Can Not Work on Itself
9Produce EmploymentSpread of Violence and Hatred
10InternetOnline Cyber Crimes
Advantages and Disadvantages of Computer

6 Advantages and Disadvantages of Computers for Students

The computer is an incredible electronic device for the student. They are used and utilized to update and upgrade students’ skills and knowledge at rapid speed and convenience.

In this modern era, computer education is mandatory for students and professionals. The world is moving rapidly to cope with expectations, and students must be aware of modern technology.

1Updating knowledge in a limited time at your own pace.Students can kill their precious time surfing and accessing social media websites.
2The online examination can be successfully done with the help and assistance of a computer with an internet connection.Overuse can damage eyesight as well as digestion.
3Student can improve their maths and science knowledge freely using the internet.Students can be addicted to online games, pornography, hatred and violent content.
4The software programs and applications are readily available online for education and learning.Students can get lazy.
5The computer can be used with ease and convenience.Overuse of computers can damage the overall posture of students.
6It can save time for homework and assignments.Less physical activities.
Advantages and Disadvantages of Computers for Students

4 Merits and Drawbacks of Computers in Education

1Students can learn faster and better than with conventional education.Lack one of our traditional education system.
2Online Education | Distance learning is one of the merits of computers in education.Students need to improve their imagination and visualization.
3The online educational platform saves time and effort.The computer system increases the productivity of students.
4Students can explore Google for their problems.Students are relying more on online platforms for solutions.
4 Merits and Drawbacks of Computers in Education

Different Types of Computer Systems

  • Supercomputer.
  • Mainframe.
  • Server Computer.
  • Workstation Computer.
  • Personal Computer or PC.
  • Microcontroller.
  • Smartphone.

Top 5 Operating Systems Used in Computers

#Operating SystemOwnerLaunched Year
1Windows 10.Microsoft2015
2Windows 11.Microsoft2021
3Mac OS.Apple Inc1984
4Linux.Linus Torvalds.1991
5Unix.Open Group1971
6Ubuntu.British company Canonical,2004
7Chrome OS.Google Inc2008

5 Characteristics of Computers

A computer is a versatile machine that can perform tasks and operations with minimum time and at our convenience.

  1. Speed.
  2. Accuracy.
  3. Diligence.
  4. Versatility.
  5. Memory.
computer characteristics
Computer Characteristics

Main Components of Computer System

The main components of a computer system are mentioned below.
  1. Central Processing Unit.
  2. Motherboard.
  3. Switching Mode Power Supply [SMPS].
  4. Cabinet.
  5. Random Access Memory [RAM].
  6. Hard Disk Drives.
  7. DVD-RW.
  8. Keyboard.
  9. Mouse
  10. Solid State Drives [SSD].

Classification of Computers

The computer system can be classified into various types, such as.
  1. By Type.
  2. By Purpose.
  3. By Generations.
  4. According To Use.
  5. By Size.
By Type

The computer can be classified according to type in three ways, which are mentioned below.

  1. Analog Computer.
  2. Digital Computer.
  3. Hybrid Computer.
 By Purpose.
  1. General Purpose Computers.
  2. Special Purpose Computers.
Classifications of Computer according to purpose
Classifications of Computer according to purpose
By Generations.
#Computer GenerationsTimelineHardware
1First Generation of Computer1940-1956Vaccum Tubes
2Second Generation of Computer1956-1963Transistor
3Third Generation of Computer1964-1971Integrated Circuit (I.C.)
4Fourth Generation of Computer1971-1980Microprocessor
5Fifth Generation of Computer1980- Till NowArtificial Intelligence
Classification of Computer According to Generation of Computer
According To Use.
Classifications of Computer According to Their Use
Classifications of Computer According to Their Use
By Size.
  1. Micro Computer.
  2. Mini Computer.
  3. Mainframe Computer.
  4. Super Computer.

Who is Called Father Of Computer?

Charles Benjamin Babbage is known as “The Father of Computer”.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs] On Merits and Drawbacks of Computers

What is Importance of Computer Nowadays?

The modern computer is one of the most important parts of human civilization even our day-to-day routine revolves around its use and implementations.

The computer can help students in their education, research, and solving simple to complex problems within no time.

Even in small and big organization computer helps in maintaining the records of the employee and their salary structure with almost 100% accuracy.

They are so incorporated into our daily lives that the day starts with social media updates surfing on the internet.

They are very essential in the fields of education, military, defense, research, agriculture, etc.

And if you ask me I consider the computer as a blessing to human civilization.

The major advantage of using computers and mobile is that they help us make hassle-free online payments for online shopping  anywhere anytime according to our convenience

How is Computer Useful for Students?

The advantages of computers are endless in student’s life
Online Education (Distance Learning) has made education easy for students who want to study from a specific college/university within their comfort zone irrespective of their time.

These online education platforms offer education 24*7 so the student can take advantage according to his /her schedule.

The computer helps students in their assignments and research it also helps in getting ideas and opinions rather than scratching your head.

What is the Role of Computer Nowadays in Business?

The computer serves individual in a small and large business in many ways starting from maintaining complete records of the sales and purchase of the goods which lower down the overall headache of business.

As the records are saved in the database we can obtain desired results within a few clicks like stock availability and it also takes care of our financial aspects.

What are the 10 Advantages of Computers

The 10 advantages of computers are as follows.

Stores Huge Amount of Data
Online Trading
Online Education | Distance Learning
Forecasting Weather, and Predicting Earthquakes, Volcano Eruptions
In Business

What are the 10 Disadvantages of Computer

Health Issues.
Spread of Pornography
Virus and Hacking Attacks
Computer Can Not Take Their Own Decision NO IQ
Negative Effect on Environment
Crashed Networks
Computer Can Not Work on Itself
Spread of Violence and Hatred
Online Cyber Crimes
Data and Information violation

What is the Major Disadvantages of Computer

The computer offers us a lot but there are some disadvantages of using computers, laptops, and mobile phones for long hours.

They can affect our eyes as these devices emit harmful radiation which makes our eyes dry which in the future may promote loss of vision and irritations in the eyes.

Sitting in front of a computer can make our digestion process slow because of minimum movement of the body also back pain is seen more frequently in the users who are consuming their major chunk of time working on computers.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Computer
Advantages and Disadvantages of Computer

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