All Commodore Computer Model Crossword Clue

Introduction to Commodore Computer

The commodore computer was designed and developed by a company called “Commodore International.

The company was established in 1954 by a group of engineers.

The first commodore computer model was released in the market in 1977 and gained popularity as the first personal computer of its era.

What is a Commodore Computer?

The computer was named VIC-20. This computer was powerful and used and utilized for educational and gaming purposes.

The IT industry accepted the commodore computer model as the most trusted brand. The company was established by Jack Tramiel, who was a businessman.

He used and utilized his complete skill and knowledge to improve the business of his organization.

The commodore computer was efficient, fast, and reliable compared to other electronic devices.

After the first computer company’s success, the second model was named Commodore 64, which was introduced in 1982. It was one of the most popular computers of its time.

It was a 64-bit machine that was inexpensive and rich with features and characteristics.

The second variation was a huge success and sold a record unit globally.

Silent Features of the Commodore 64

  1. Improved and Enhanced Performance.
  2. Speed was considerably increased.
  3. Graphics were more advanced compared to their time.
  4. Low Price.
  5. Better multimedia features.
  6. Powerful Processor.
  7. Advanced Storage Capacity.
  8. Inbuilt-in Graphics Display Card, commonly called VIC- II.

What are The Commodore Computer Models

Commodore computer models types
  1. The first commodore computer was named VIC-20 in 1977 with a processor of 6502.
  2. The second variation was released in 1982 with Commodore- 64 as the “Home Computer.” It had a similar hardware structure and was embedded with a processor, i.e., 65C000. They had more advanced storage capacity and better graphics with animations.
  3. The third variation was introduced in 1980 and named “Commodore-16”. It has a Memory capacity of 8K RAM [Random Accessible Memory].
  4. Commodore Educator was released in 1983 with more advanced features and characteristics than previous versions.
  5. Commodore 128 was one of the product releases by Commodore International with unique features and performance, like enhanced processing power, advanced data and information storage, graphics, etc.

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Different Commodore Models

Commodore Computers List
  1. KIM-1 – single-board computer (1976);
  2. Commodore PET/CBM range (1977)
  3. VIC-20 – a.k.a. VIC-1001 (1980 [VIC-1001] – 1984) (CBM);
  4. Commodore CBM-II range – (1982–1984)
  5. Commodore MAX Machine – (1982)
  6. Commodore 64 – (1982–1994)
  7. Commodore Educator 64 – (1983)
  8. Commodore SX-64 – (1984–1986)
  9. Commodore 16 – (1984)
  10. Commodore Plus/4 – (1984–1985)
  11. Commodore 128 – including 128D and 128DCR (1985–1989)

Old Commodore Computer Model Crossword Clue

AMIGAOld Commodore Computer Model
NOVAOld Chevy Model

What is the Cost of a Commodore in 2023

The commodore computer are obsolete now on some online platform it is sold in 100$ to 300$.
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Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs] on Commodore Computer Models

What was the first Commodore computer?

Commodore PET (Personal Electronic Transactor).

Do Commodore computers still exist?

Commodore was bankrupt on 29th April 1994 and closed their business forever.

What was the Best Commodore computer?

Commodore 64 (1982)

What was the Name of Commodore’s First Color Home Computer?

The SX-64 is considered the first full-color portable computer.

Who Invented the Commodore Computer?

Jack Tramiel, the founder of Commodore Business Machines

What is the Oldest PC in the World?

The Kenbak-1 was released in early 1971.

Who Invented the Commodore 64?

Jack Tramiel.

Who is the Godfather of the Computer?

Charles Benjamin Babbage is referred to as the “father of Computing.”

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