11 Advantages and Disadvantages of SMPS | Benefits and Drawbacks of SMPS

SMPS stands for Switch Mode Power Supply. 

It is an electronic device used to supply electric power to other electronic devices attached to themselves for further processing and functionality.

The SMPS power supply is used to convert A.C. power to D.C. power.

The SMPS comes in a variety of special purposes.

This SMPS is an important part of any electronic device like a computer, and without its proper functionality, you cannot run your computer system.

Still, there are numerous advantages and disadvantages of SMPS {Switch Mode Power Supply} which we are going to learn in this article.

What is SMPS {Switch Mode Power Supply}

The SMPS {Switch Mode Power Supply} is a type of power supply that is used in devices where unregulated A.C. voltages are regulated to the D.C. power supply.

The SMPS runs with an A.C. power supply also are inexpensive and can be easily repaired.

The SMPS is capable of converting power from one form to another.

Block Diagram of SMPS
Block Diagram of SMPS

The SMPS comprises small electronic components like a diode, capacitor, MOSFETs, and inductors combined or attached to form a proper circuit to obtain the desired result.

The computer SMPS is one of the most important parts of any computer system, which is used to connect other computer devices like the motherboard.

Advantages and Disadvantages of SMPS | Benefits and Drawbacks of SMPS

Advantages and Disadvantages of SMPS
Advantages and Disadvantages of SMPS

Benefits and Advantages of SMPS {Switch Mode Power Supply}

  • SMPS are small, compact also low-weighted.
  • They generate fewer amounts of heat and energy.
  • Output voltages have high ranges.
  • They are inexpensive compared to their counterparts.
  • They are safer devices.
  • They produce adequate power supply to other devices attached to themselves.
  • Low power dissipation.
  • They are capable of stabilizing voltages.
  • They provide safety to other components of the devices.
  • Good temperature behavior.
  • Input voltage derating.
  • They are readily available in the market.
  • They are repairable.
  • The SMPS consists of simple and flexible technology.

Drawbacks and Disadvantages of SMPS {Switch Mode Power Supply}

  • SMPS have a complex design.
  • They produce electromagnetic interference.
  • Only one output voltage.
  • The harmonic distortion is observed.
  • It can work as a step-down regulator.
  • It isn’t easy to know the exact working style of SMPS {Switch Mode Power Supply}.
  • They are expensive compared to LPS
  • They are damaged easily when power fluctuation arises.
  • SMPS is a source of electromagnetic and radio interference due to high-frequency switching.
  • Control of radio frequency noise requires filters on both the input and output of SMPS.

Different Types of SMPS

  • D.C. to D.C. Converter.
  • Forward Converter.
  • Flyback Converter.
  • Self-Oscillating Flyback Converter

Connectors of Computer SMPS 

 There are three types of SMPS which are mentioned below.


AT stands for advanced technology power supply.

AT (Advanced Technology) SMPS are old-style, .which have an AT Form Factor.

These SMPS are 12 pins power supplies used in AT motherboards designed and developed by IBM in the 1980s.


AT –X.T. stands for advanced technology extended Power supply which is 20 pins connectors and can be installed on AT-X motherboards.


AT-XT stands for advanced technology, extended technology, and 24 pins connectors used in modern personal computers.

Functions of SMPS

  • SMPS is used in electronic applications to provide adequate power supply to other devices attached.
  • They convert A.C. power to D.C. Power and stabilize electric current to avoid further inconvenience.
  • They are reliable devices that regulate the input and output voltages.
  • The computer SMPS provides voltage to other attached devices according to their requirement,

Output Voltages of SMPS

  • Yellow = 12 Volt
  • Orange = 3.3 Volt
  • Red = 5 Volt
  • Green = 5 Volt (PS ON)
  • Purple = 5 Volt (SB)
  • Grey = 5 Volt | 3.3 Volt (PWR OK)
  • Blue = -12 Volt
  • White = -5 Volt
  • Black = Ground

Applications of SMPS

  • They are extensively used in computers, power stations, ovens, fridges, etc.
  • They are used in manufacturing batteries.
  • They are also used in security systems, railway systems, servers, power stations, railways, airports, etc.
  • They are used in modern mobile phone manufacturing.
  • They are used in the automobile sector.
  • They are used in electric equipment.
  • The SMPS is used to stable the electric current.
  • The SMPS is also used to balance unregulated DV input voltages.
  • They have Electromagnetic compatibility.

Full Form of SMPS

The full form of SMPS is Switch Mode Power Supply
Full Form of SMPS
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Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Where are SMPS Used?

Railway Station, Security System, Mobile, Battery Chargers.

Who Invented SMPS?

In 1972, Hewlett Packard used a switching power supply in its first pocket calculator.

Which Transformer is Used in SMPS?

Majority of the transformer uses 2-coil transformer.

Can SMPS be Repaired?

Yes, It can be easily repaired.

What is the Efficiency Level of SMPS?

The efficiency level of SMPS is 85% to 90%.

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