What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile Phone

In this article, we are going to learn about 20 advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones in points in essay but before reading the article there are some questions you need to ask yourself with 100% honestly.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile PhonesAdvantages and Disadvantages of Mobile Phones

Do you use a mobile phone for more than 6 hours just for entertainment purposes?

  • Do you spend more time on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or video-sharing websites like YouTube or DailyMotion?
  • Can you leave your mobile phone just for a day?
  • Do you feel restless if your cell phone is misplaced?
  • Do your young ones are on mobile phones for playing games and addicted to it?

If the answer is yes keep reading the article where I am going to cover every point related to the advantages and disadvantages of using cell phones for long hours.

Introduction: What is Mobile Phone and its History?

The mobile phone or Cell phones are small electronic devices which are capable of communicating with each other. They have made a revolution in the field of communication. They have also change the entire telecom industry with their huge popularity they are part and parcel of our lives and irreplaceable.

In this, today’s world mobile phones and computer with an internet connection has become an integral part of human society. Today you cannot imagine your lives without mobile phones | cell phones we even feel very uncomfortable if our cell phone gets misplaced somewhere just for a few moments.

In this modern generation these devices like mobile phones, cell phones have made communication very easy and using these devices we can easily contact and communicate are friends, family, and colleagues at our fingertips who are very far from our country.

In today’s generation, the mode of communication has been changed rapidly because of the advancement in technology especially mobile phone technology. Using this technology you can send text messages, send a voice message, emails, WhatsApp, etc and also can directly talk to others on cell phones.

I think the inventions of mobile phones and its technology is the greatest invention of human beings but as we all there are two sides of coins therefore if there are advantages of the mobiles phone there are disadvantages of mobile phones too.

Nowadays, mobile phones are an essential part of our living we are almost addicted to this technology unknowingly. This technology is used by almost every person in society.

AT&T Bell Laboratories developed a mobile phone base station in the year 1947 and later further developed in the year 1960.

World’s First Mobile Phone?

Martin Kuper an American engineer developed the first mobile phone in the year 1973

Martin Kuper built this mobile phone with the help of Motorola Company which was the leading telecom company at that time later martin went and was appointed as the CEO of this company.

Some silent features of cell phones | mobile phones

  1. Used for communication
  2. Setting alarm
  3. View Calendar
  4. Dictaphone
  5. Playing games
  6. Watching movies
  7. Listening songs
  8. Social media
  9. Internet access
  10. Used for Business
  11. Used for education purposes

In this section, we are going to discuss 20 advantages of mobile phones in points. We will not waste any time and let’s go and dig into the topic briefly.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile PhonesAdvantages and Disadvantages of Mobile Phones

20 Advantages of Mobile Phones in Points

  1. Communication
  2. Education
  3. Social Media
  4. Business
  5. Security
  6. Emergency
  7. Applications
  8. Entertainment
  9. Fashion
  10. Data Transfer
  11. Photos and Video
  12. Online Banking and Finance
  13. Live Events
  14. Crime Prevention Learning and Research
  15. Technology
  16. Online Shopping
  17. Sports
  18. Advertising
  19. Newspaper
  20. Marketing

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The main benefit of using a mobile phone is that they are used as the mode of communication between individuals which is cheap and very easy to use. Mobile phones can be purchase from the market which comes in a variety of models and price ranges which is affordable for all individuals of the society.

Because of its cost range, it’s very affordable therefore it has been a revolution in the Telecom industry where almost 95% of the people are using cell phones for a mode of communications.

We can contact our friends, family members, or colleagues at any time just by pressing some keys on mobile. The people can contact their fellow person with voice calls, text messages, recorded calls, WhatsApp, etc it gives various methods of communicating with each other. Some of the famous manufacturers of cell phones. Apple, Blackberry, Nokia, Samsung, OPPO, VIVO, etc.


The other major advantage of using mobile phones is they can be used in acquiring information, knowledge and can be used in benefiting our self in education.

Nowadays many schools, colleges, and education institutions are offering online education which can be taken place at your convenience with proper study materials which is n the format of the text, images, and video. You can also download the study material on mobile devices and learn again and again until and unless the whole topic is not understood properly.

If any query or doubt, you can contact the instructor online using a mobile phone so that the query can be resolved until your satisfaction. These education institutions also provide their student's certificates, degrees, diplomas after successful completion of course. Taking education online is the newest trend which many students are following.

Social Media

Today’s generation cell phones are not just for calling each other or texting (SMS) each other they have evolved much more than that.

The new up-gradation in mobile technology has dramatically changed the entire mobile industry upside down. The upgraded mobile consists of new peripherals and ultra-modern components used in these devices which make mobile phones more appealing and beneficial for other activities like watching movies, listening to songs, playing games, etc.

They are maximum time used for social media where one can share their thoughts, opinions, pictures, and images. Social media is on our fingertips when these small and compact instruments are used. Many people devote their plenty of time on a social network just to pass their precious time Some famous social networking sites are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.


Almost every businessman is connected to the internet via mobile phone they are promoting their products and services online using platforms which enables to promote their business for better visibility and promoting the brand name. Businessmen are connected to social sharing websites, job sites where they can post their requirements and hire people for their business.

Many businessmen have developed online applications from software developers which enables them to take control of the business and track their stock as well as daily and monthly reports of sales and services.

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One of the other main advantages of the mobile phone is that they are used in security purpose. Nowadays people install a camera in their house and offices and can be tracked and viewed live on mobile phones.

In some critical situations phone automatically calls the number assigned in the application which helps women and older persons to feel safe in uncomfortable times also these applications send messages to the known person and also transfer the exact location of the mobile phone through GPS.


The mobile Applications (APP) are used in mobile phones for a better facility, better functionality, and facility provided in the application. The mobile application can be installed from Google Play there is the various app which tends to make our work in less time as compared to manual work. Like they can pay bills online, book tickets, etc within a fraction of seconds, therefore, these kinds of apps are used and highly rated.


These cell phones are multitasking as well as good in almost every stuff which other electronic devices are capable of they can play songs, movies, download software, and chat online. They can record videos, capture pictures also can store in the memory almost permanently and the user can retrieve the data whenever user demands.


These new generation kids and youngsters even older ones go online visiting websites’ like a mantra, Amazon, Flipkart, etc for the latest trends in fashion. Some of the film stars, actresses, and actors are promoting these websites where they are displaying every latest design in the market.

Data Transfer

Cell phones are capable of transferring data from one device to another free of cost using third party software like Xender, Shareit, etc. These devices are capable of transferring data from mobile to mobile or mobile to laptop and also to cloud where data or information is saved almost permanently without damaging.

Photos and Videos

These Devices consists of high definition front and back camera which is commonly used to take pictures, videos, and selfies which can be saved in mobile phone.

Online Banking

According to me, this is the most important advantage of a mobile phone as it enables us to purchase goods online with just a few clicks. Using online banking we can access our complete reports with statements online without visiting the bank and standing in the queue for long hours.

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20 Disadvantages of Mobile Phones in Points

In this section, we are going to discuss the other side that is disadvantages of mobile phones as it is well known saying with great power great responsibility comes there are some demerits of using cell phones of long hours which we are going to learn here.

  1. Distraction
  2. Expensive
  3. Ears Problems
  4. Eyes Sight Issues
  5. Sexual Content
  6. Brain Cancer
  7. Stress
  8. Back Pain
  9. Constipation
  10. less Social
  11. Waste of Time
  12. Sleep Disorders
  13. Addiction
  14. Privacy
  15. Gaming
  16. Social Media
  17. Cyber Crimes
  18. Virus and Hacking Attacks
  19. Less Physical Exercise
  20. Heavy Rely on Mobile Phones


The extensive use of the mobile phone can distract you from your work. Students can be easily distracted from their studies if they use their mobile phones in between their study time as the mobile devices contain application which attracts users to enjoy using this application software. Mobile games are one such application once played for a couple of days people get easily addicted and hence they are distracted from their primary objectives and goals.


The advanced cell phones are highly expensive as they are bombarded with high-quality peripherals and devices such as Processor, RAM, and Camera, etc. The mobile devices are also one of the status symbols for individual’s therefore many of them purchase hugely expensive devices just to show off. Which in result put a lot of pressure on the wallets?

Ear Problems

Using headphones and headset for long hours while listening to songs and watching movies can damage your listening potential as research clearly stated that louder hearing sounds then ear potential can seriously damage ears and its capability to hear voices properly. Therefore can you put headphones and increase sound there is an important warning mentioned that.

“High Volume Can Cause Hearing Loss”.

The human ears are designed by the almighty to hear sound less than 85 decibels (DB) any sound louder than this range is considered dangerous. As earphones are directly connected to ears therefore it can seriously damage your hearing potential. The sound louder than 120 decibels and cause serious pain.

Eyes Sight Issues

Working on mobile phones for long hours can seriously damage your eyesight due to the harmful rays emitted by the screen which keeps our eyes dry and restrict the motion of the eyes which in some time becomes rigid.

The muscles of the eyes need exercise to function properly but while watching movies, and playing games we are so focused that we do not blink our eyes more often which results in dryness and later causes redness and itching. Therefore it is highly recommended to take a break often while working and keep eyes moist while working.

Pornography | Sexual Content

This is the biggest disadvantage of mobile phones as the reach to this content gets easier when mobile phones are used. The small children are getting addicted to porn videos, nude images, and losing all the moral values.

The Pornographically content is so easily available on the internet that anyone with a mobile phone and internet connection can access them freely without any restrictions, of course, our government is banning some of these applications and websites still there are many which are out of the range of these government officials. The number of people using these websites and applications is growing day by day which is hampering the traditional values and respect for other sex.

Brain Cancer

This is a controversial topic as there is no such evidence that can prove that a person is likely to have a cancerous cell when cell phones are used in more than 20 years. But no one can deny the fact as they may be some fact running around. Therefore I thought to include this in the topic. Stress

Many kinds of research have proved that using and working with mobile phones for a long time can call up the stress factors in your life. We as humans need some physical exercise to reduce certain stress-producing hormones these hormones are produced when we are sitting in an ideal position for days and days without any physical activities.

While feeling stressed or depressed I would love to share some of my tips which I follow

  1. Play with your pets this reduces stress significantly
  2. Practice Yoga
  3. Meditation
  4. Don’t be alone
  5. Laugh is considered to be the best medicine
  6. Just take a nap or ask someone to massage you


Lack of physical activities results in constipation sitting in front of mobile and cell phones can increase the chances of constipation heavily. Therefore it is advisable that we must need yoga, gym for better health conditions. Also, it is highly recommended for such people to increase fiber in your diet which reduces the problem and it is considered to be good for the human body.

The primary reasons for constipation are dairy foods, lack of physical exercise, medicines, pregnancy, and lack of liquid in your body. Foods that contain fiber can help you in curing this disease such as fruits, nuts, yogurt, etc.

Waste of Time

I agree mobile phones are amongst the best invention of humans despite that they have been killing our precious time which can be used in some productive work or getting some quality time with our friends, colleagues and family members. People are so engaged in their cell phones as soon as they leave their bed the first thing they do is to check their mobile phones which I considered to be an addiction just like taking some highly toxic drugs which contaminate you. People are fooling themselves are living their lives like robots or non-living things.

I came across many teenagers who are destroying their precious time in social networking sites, dating sites, online games, and videos which will surely hamper their future if not understood the demerits of using mobile phones as early as possible.

Sleep Disorders

The mobile phone users work on their devices late night which somehow restricts their daily schedule as this type of routine is followed day by day it becomes your second nature or habit. These habits when prolonged become a disease which is called Insomnia. This is a disease which is caused due to improper sleeping habits. Therefore one should use a mobile phone to a limit where it can not harm your body and mind.


This is one of the biggest disadvantages of using mobile phones and cell phones you many know that as you are installing any mobile applications on your devices the application prompts the user to accept all the terms and conditions where user don’t bother to read the entire clause and falls into the trap.

In this term, it is clearly mentioned that the application will use all your contact number your social account details for further promoting which indulges you into the danger of misusing your identity online. Once this is done one can lose its privacy which sometimes can hurt individuals badly. Sharing personal stuff online can also hurt your privacy.

Cyber Crimes

The term cybercrime is a well-known term to everybody this is done using the internet when a piece of suspicious malware code is injected into your mobile device which in turn captures all the important information and data and sends it to the person who has injected that virus into your device.

Imagine all your passwords and credit, debit card details are stolen therefore it is highly recommended to use legal antivirus and anti-hacking software in your mobile devices.

Virus Attacks

The computer virus is nothing but a combination of codes that are written for a specific purpose. They are dangerous code that harms our devices when comes to contact. These viruses are spread online as well as offline when contaminated files and folders are copied from one location to another location without a pre-scan of those documents. The computer virus can be stopped by some precautionary measures like do not open or download any suspicious files, always scan before performing any operations.

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Conclusion | Final Words

Here in the above article, we have discussed 20 advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones and cell phones but I personally feel if these devices such as mobile, laptop, and computer are used with proper convictions and proper responsibility the chances of them to harm us get negligible.

These devices are designed and developed for human benefits but the overuse and overdo of anything can get a negative response these devices can make a side effect which in turn harms our mental health as well as social. The students and small kids must be extra careful from these devices as they are very good and well versed in distracting human brains from their primary goals.

Last thing to understand they are developed for our good and to make our working style more comfortable and quicker when used with a great sense of responsibility.

If you like the article please do comment, share with family friends and colleagues, and if you have any suggestions or want to tell me something which should be added to this article you are most welcome. Please feel free to contact me ..Thank You!!