Advantages and Disadvantages of Desktop Computers | Pros and Cons of Desktop Computers

Introduction to Desktop Computer

Desktop computers are non-portable and installed or accommodated on the computer desk. They are bulky in size and, therefore, cannot be easily moved or shifted.

They are equipped with computing power, enhanced performance and stability compared to their counterparts. They usually increased productivity.

Desktop computers are one of the greatest inventions of all time, used to accumulate information and knowledge over the internet that is full of a wealth of knowledge.

They are quite inexpensive compared to laptops, mobiles, and tablets. They can be easily customized and upgraded according to the requirements.

A few advantages and disadvantages of desktop computers | Pros and cons of desktop computers associated with PC.

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What is Desktop Computer with Examples?

A Desktop Computer, or a “Personal Computer” is primarily used for general and special-purpose tasks and operations.

They are equipped with higher processing and computing power capable of handling tasks and operations with tremendous speed and accuracy.

What is Desktop Computer
What is Desktop Computer

The desktop computer can be assembled according to your needs and requirement; hence, they are highly customized and upgraded whenever necessary.

Some of the hardware devices that can be upgraded are included.
  1. CPU [Central Processing Unit].
  2. Motherboard.
  3. RAM [Random Access Memory].
  4. Hard Disk.
  5. Graphic Cards.

Desktop computers are preferred in the gaming, graphics and animation industry due to their speed and better cooling systems.

They are more affordable than laptops; you can purchase the same configuration and processing power desktop at a considerably lower price than laptops.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Desktop Computers | Pros and Cons of Desktop Computers

In this modern era, powerful desktop computers are used and utilized in homes and offices. No doubt, modern technology-driven devices gained more popularity in the last few decades.

Laptops, mobile phones, and tablets are in growing demand as they possess some of the silent features and characteristics that have overpowered desktop computers.

Desktop computers are more powerful when used for gaming, performance and reliability. Due to powerful processing power and handling, they are used in most sectors.

There are significant advantages and disadvantages of desktop computers that are included.
Advantages and Disadvantages of Desktop Computers
Advantages and Disadvantages of Desktop Computers

10 Advantages of Desktop Computers

  1. Powerful Performance.
  2. Easily Upgradable.
  3. Longevity.
  4. Customizability.
  5. Larger Displays.
  6. Expandable Storage.
  7. Dedicated Graphics Cards.
  8. Less Overheating.
  9. Easy Repair and Replacements.
  10. Affordability.
Advantages of Desktop Computers
Advantages of Desktop Computers

1. Powerful Performance.

Desktop computers have incredible processing, computing and handling power compared to others. They can process huge amounts of data and information faster and more accurately.

They are extensively used in gaming, video editing, software development, 2 and 3D animation.

2. Easily Upgradable.

Desktop computers are highly upgradeable and easily updated to the latest technology. The majority of desktop computers’ devices and computer peripherals components can be easily changed and replaced.

Such devices that can be easily upgraded are CPU, RAM, Hard Disk drives, GPU and motherboard.

Laptops and mobile phones are very difficult to upgrade as their compact design does not allow alteration.

3. Longevity.

Desktop computers are durable and long-lasting, and the devices and components used in PC are of higher grade and superior quality.

They have better cooling functions to avoid overheating, which eventually increases the lifespan of computers.

4. Customizability.

Desktop computers can be easily customized according to users’ needs and requirements.

5. Larger Displays.

Desktop computers are equipped with larger displays for viewing large content used and utilized in video editing, gaming and animations.

6. Expandable Storage.

The storage can be extended to desktop computers. The storage devices such as HDD and SSD can be easily upgraded.

7. Dedicated Graphics Cards.

The desktop computers have dedicated graphics cards for gaming and superior-quality videos and resolutions.

8. Less Overheating.

The computer cases | Cabinet, and chassis have better ventilation that keeps the CPU cool and avoids overheating; thermal paste also plays a vital role in keeping the temperature normal.

9. Easy Repair and Replacements.

The devices, peripherals and components can be easily changed or replaced, eventually making the task and operations of computer professionals easy.

The repair and replacement costs are minimal related to desktop computers.

10. Affordability.

Desktop computers are highly affordable compared to expensive laptops.

10 Disadvantages of Desktop Computers

  1. Lack of Portability.
  2. Space Requirements.
  3. Power Consumption.
  4. Hardware Compatibility.
  5. Outdated.
  6. Continuous AC Power Supply.
  7. Expensive Upgrades.
  8. Prone to Damage.
  9. Dependency on Peripherals.
  10. Initial Setup Complexity.
Disadvantages of Desktop Computers
Disadvantages of Desktop Computers

1. Lack of Portability.

Usually, desktop computers are bulky in shape and size. They are not mobile and therefore installed in a specific location.

This is the major disadvantage of desktop computers; therefore, their use is restricted, so laptops gained popularity as they are highly portable compared to PCs.

2. Space Requirements.

Due to bulky size, the space required to install desktop computers is comparatively higher. The desktop computer has a CPU | Cabinet, keyboard, mouse and monitors.

3. Power Consumption.

Desktop computers need more electricity compared to laptops, tablets and mobile phones. The PC does not use batteries like laptops and mobile phones, so they need a continuous power supply.

Desktop computers are not considered energy-efficient devices.

4. Hardware Compatibility.

There are various hardware compatibility issues when upgrading your computer system.

5. Outdated Technology.

With the emergence of laptops and other advanced tools and devices, desktop computers are becoming outdated.

6. Continuous AC Power Supply.

A desktop computer is not equipped with batteries and needs continuous AC power to run and function.

7. Expensive Upgrades.

The computer upgrade can be expensive; the modern processor and graphics card are quite costly.

8. Prone to Damage.

Desktop computers are prone to damage such as electric surges, hard disk damage, etc.

9. Dependency on peripherals.

Desktop computers heavily rely on computer peripherals such as monitors, keyboards and mice.

10. Initial Setup Complexity.

Assembling and installing a computer system needs professional guidance and support.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Desktop Computers in Tabular Form

1Powerful Performance.Lack of Portability.
2Easily Upgradable.Space Requirements.
3Longevity.Power Consumption.
4Customizability.Hardware Compatibility.
5Larger Displays.Outdated.
6Expandable Storage.Continuous AC Power Supply.
7Dedicated Graphics Cards.Expensive Upgrades.
8Less Overheating.Prone to Damage.
9Easy Repair and Replacements.Dependency on Peripherals.
10Affordability.Initial Setup Complexity.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Desktop Computers Using Image

Advantages and Disadvantages of Desktop Computers

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5 Uses of Desktop Computers

Despite the popularity of laptops and mobile devices, desktop computers are used and utilized in various fields.

They are versatile machines and possess incredible processing power with huge storage capacity.

Uses of desktop computers are included.
  1. Education and Research.
  2. Entertainment and Gaming.
  3. Creative and Designing Jobs.
  4. Online Education.
  5. Home and Personal Use.

5 Advantages and Disadvantages of Computers

#Advantages of ComputersDisadvantages of Computers
1SpeedHealth Issues
2AccuracySpread of Pornography
3Stores Huge Volumes of Data & Information.Virus and Hacking Attacks
4Online TradingComputer Can Not Take Their Own Decision and have NO IQ
5Online Education | Distance LearningData and Information violation
6ResearchNegative Effect on the Environment
7Forecasting Weather, Predicting Earthquakes, and Volcano EruptionsCrashed Networks
8In BusinessThe computer Can Not Work on Itself
9Produce EmploymentSpread of Violence and Hatred
10InternetOnline Cyber Crimes

What are the Advantages of Desktop Computers for Students?

  1. Online Education.
  2. Gaming and Entertainment.
  3. Enhanced Processing Power.
  4. Research and Development.
  5. Complex Problem-Solving Techniques.
  6. Sending and Receiving Mail.
  7. Job Searching.

What are the Features of Desktop Computers?

  1. Speed.
  2. Accuracy.
  3. Data Storage.
  4. Online Trading.
  5. Online Education | Distance Learning.
  6. Research.
  7. Forecasting Weather and Predicting Earthquakes, Volcano Eruptions.
  8. Produce Employment.

Desktop Computer Manufacturing Companies?

  1. Dell.
  2. HP.
  3. Apple.
  4. Lenovo.
  5. ASUS.

Different Types of Computers

  • Super Computer.
  • Mainframe.
  • Mini.
  • Micro.
Types of Computer
Types of Computer

5 Desktop Computers Brands

#Brand Name
1Hewlett Packard.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs] On Desktop Computer Advantages and Disadvantages

What is the full form of a desktop?

Distributed Enterprise Support Kit Total Optimized Power.

Who invented the desktop computer?

Pier Giorgio Perotto.

5 Basics of a Computer?

1. Input Unit.
2. Output Unit.
3. Memory Unit.
4. Control Unit.
5. Arithmetical and Logical Unit.

3 Elements of Computer?

Processor (central processing unit or CPU), the memory, and the input-output (I/O) devices.

What are the Main Parts of a Computer?

1. Motherboard.
2. Central Processing Unit (CPU).
3. Graphical Processing Unit (GPU).
4. Random Access Memory (RAM).
5. Storage device.

Who is called the Father of Computers?

Charles Benjamin Babbage is known as “The Father of Computer”.

Positive Effects of Technology

1. Improved and Enhanced Communication.
2. Better Connectivity.
3. Information and knowledge at fingertips.
4. Online Education.
5. Medical Research.
6. Robotics.
7. Military.
8. Online Shopping.
9. Online Trading.
10. Online Advertisement.

5 Advantages and Disadvantages of Desktop Computers

The major desktop computer advantages and disadvantages are as follows.

1. Speed.
2. Accuracy.
3. Stores Huge Volumes of Data & Information.
4. Online Trading.
5. Online Education | Distance Learning.
Some Common Disadvantages are :
1. Lack of Portability.
2. Space Requirements.
3. Power Consumption.
4. Hardware Compatibility.
5. Continuous AC Power Supply.

Which Type of Computer is Most Commonly Used by Students?

Laptops, Tablets and Macbook.

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Desktop computers are reliable and efficient machines extensively used and utilized in gaming, research, graphics, and animations.

They are powerful machines that can complete tasks and operations in just a few clicks.

As the continuous technology upgradation desktop has been left behind, still in some sectors, their importance cannot be ignored.

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