Explanation on What is a Computer System and its Types

What is a Computer System:: It is an electronic device that is designed to work with Information. The term computer is derived from the Latin term ‘computare’, which means to calculate or it can be also called a programmable machine.

They cannot do anything without a program and the program is represented by decimal numbers through a string of binary digits.

The Word ‘Computer‘ usually refers to the Center Processor Unit plus Internal memory.

In simple words, it can be defined as an electronic device that can store, retrieve, and process data.

It can also perform various Arithmetic and logical operation when given proper instructions.

Modern-day PC can store huge amounts of data and can be retrieved for anytime user’s needs.

The data stored in them are beyond human abilities. It is called an electronic machine but I really think it’s more than just a device.

For all general purposes and computer functions it requires hardware. Hardware is nothing but the physical parts which is used in a PC.

Some of the common parts used are mentioned below.


It is called the heart of a computer commonly known as CPU which stands for (central processing unit).


It is used to temporarily store data with immediate effect, Ram (Random Access Memory) has gone cheaper these days compared to previous years.

Computer Motherboard

Motherboard (Mainboard) is a piece of PCB (printed circuit board) to which all the other components and devices are attached to it.

The motherboard is an integral part of a PC system, without it, you cannot imagine connecting your hard drives, pen drives, and power supply.

Power Supply

SMPS (Switching Mode Power Supply) gives the necessary power to the motherboard and later the power is distributed to all the parts of the computer.

Input Devices

 Keyboards and mouse are well-known examples of input devices. Through this users can easily enter data in the form of instructions or programs.

Output Device Printers are the widely used printing of any data which is entered using input devices such as a keyboard and mouse.


They are used to display information given to them.

Father of Computer | Charles Babbage

What is a Computer
Charles Babbage

Charles Benjamin Babbage is known as “The Father of Computer”. Charles Babbage Invented the first mechanical computer then later led to more complex designs.

The Invention of the mechanical computer is one of the great inventions of all time.

Charles Babbage (The Great) was born on 26 December 1791 in London, England, and Died on 18 October 1871 in Marylebone, London, England At that time he was 79 years old.

He studied at Trinity College, Cambridge.

He was in the fields of Mathematics, engineering, politics, economy, computer science, and philosophy. But he is well known for his contribution to mathematics and computing.

He is unarguably a Genius of his time. Charles Babbage is well-known for his detailed plans for mechanical Calculating Engines, Difference Engines, and Analytical Engines.

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Different Types Of Computer Systems

They can be classified by size, speed, and power. There are mainly four types of computer
  • Super
  • Mini
  • Mainframe
  • Micro
Types of Computer
Types of Computer

1. Supercomputer.

 It is the fastest of all. It can perform billions of instructions per second. They are mainly used in research and development, weather forecasting, also used in space research.

2. Mini.

Minicomputers can handle hundreds of computers simultaneously.

3. Micro.

A Powerful multiuser computer can handle thousands of users simultaneously.

4. Personal Computer.

 A small computer that uses a processor. It is a single-user PC.

Classifications Of Computer System

They are classified according to their size and powers. They are mainly classified into three different types

  1. Analog
  2. Digital
  3. Hybrid
Classification of Computer

1. Analog Computer.

They are used for measuring Physical quantities such as Temperature, Voltage, Pressure, and Electric Current.

2. Digital Computer.

These are High-speed programmable devices that are used in Huge and tedious calculations.

3. Hybrid Computer.

These types of computer use both features of Analog and digital computers. such as measuring physical quantities and Calculations.

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The Five Generations of Computer System

The time and the phase when technology has gone to a different level or the period when computer technology has been more advanced than the previous days can be called Computer Generations.

They were used before only for some specific task but nowadays it has reached each and every part of human life.

Thus technology is ever-changing for the betterment of the human race.

The Generation can also be described as the comparison of a computer the different eras based on size, power, cost, efficiency, reliability, Computer hardware and software.

  • First Generation::(1940-1956) They used vacuum tubes in their circuit and magnetic drums for their memory.
  • Second Generation:: (1956-1963) They used transistors for their functionality in place of Vacuum tubes.
  • Third Generation:: (1964-1971) The Third Generation’s computers used Integrated Circuit (IC). The integrated circuit was developed by jack Kilby in 1958.
  • Fourth Generation:: (1971-Present Day) Fourth Generation used microprocessors.
  • Fifth Generation:: (Future) Modern Scientists are working on AI (Artificial Intelligence). These computers will be so smart that they will have the capacity for reasoning and making decisions on their own in special conditions as human beings.
#Computer GenerationsTimelineHardware
1First Generation of Computer1940-1956Vacuum Tubes
2Second Generation of Computer1956-1963Transistor
3Third Generation of Computer1964-1971Integrated Circuit (I.C.)
4Fourth Generation of Computer1971-1980Microprocessor
5Fifth Generation of Computer1980- Till NowArtificial Intelligence
Computer GenerationYearInventorUsed
First Generation Computer1946-1959J.P.Eckert and J.W. MauchlyVacuum Tubes and Magnetic Drum.
Second Generation Computer1908-1991Walter H. Brattain, John Bardeen, and William BTransistor
Third Generation Computer1958Jack KilbyIntegrated Circuit (I.C.)
Fourth Generation Computer1971Federico FagginMicroprocessor [CPU]
Fifth Generation Computer1955John McCarthyArtificial Intelligence.
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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Computer Systems

As all of us here know that technology has reached a different level, every day we come across new Up-gradations discoveries, and inventions in modern-day technology.

Society has been served amazingly by computers and its feature. As there are 2 sides to coins

so there are advantages and disadvantages of computers, here below I am going to mention some of them, people have the right to disagree with me but here I am going to share my personal opinion on the topic.

Advantages and disadvantages of computers
Advantages of computers
Top 7 Advantages Of Computer Systems
  • Speed And Accuracy
  • Stores a Large Amount of Data
  • Easily connect with people around the world
  • Online Shopping
  • Significantly reduces time and effort
  • Online learning
  • Internet Banking
Top 7 Disadvantages Of Computer System
  • Health-Related Issues When prolonged used
  • Spread of Pornography
  • Hate,violence-related articles, and videos
  • Virus and hacking issues
  • They cannot learn by themselves
  • Don’t have IQ
  • Cyber Crimes
Disadvantages of Computer
Disadvantages of Computer

10 Characteristics of Computer System

The 10 Basic Characteristics of Computer are as following
  • Speed
  • Accuracy
  • Memory
  • Diligence
  • Versatility
  • Reliability
  • Low Cost & Reduced Size
  • Automatic
  • No Feeling & No IQ
Characteristics of Computer
Characteristics of Computer

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