Importance of Teachers in Students Life Essay

In this article, we are going to learn and write a small essay on the importance of teachers in students life and we will discuss the topic from the point of teachers, students, and parents’ perspectives.

Teachers are considered to be the second parents of the students they also play a huge and important role in creating and making the future of these young ones.

They also show the path of truth and enlightenment.

The students carry a huge impression of their teachers and also they try to emit them and want to be like their teachers.

In my young days, I was very fond of my mathematics teacher and wanted to be like her all the time.

I consider the teacher to be artists they create beautiful people from students who are very raw and can be molded in whichever shape we desire but for this, a professional and good teacher is needed.

Importance of Teachers in Students Life
Importance of Teachers in Students Life

In a student’s life, a teacher plays an important role where he shows the way and path to acquire wisdom, knowledge, and understanding and guides them on how to become a good person who can benefit and contribute to his society.

In this world, the teacher’s profession is considered to be prestigious and pious.

People look around to teachers for guidance and solutions to problems that they are undergoing.

In rural areas whenever a dispute arises or misunderstanding occurs they call upon teachers to resolve their issues.

In some countries teachers are considered to be GOD” and they are worshiped for blessing and guidance.

Teachers look around their students as their own children and look after their habits and moral values the ultimate goal of any teacher is to make their student’s good human beings and great patriotic law-abiding citizens.

Some Well Known Sayings

Teachers Open The Door, But You Must Enter By Yourself

Diligence is a Great Teacher.

A Wise Teacher Makes Learning a Joy.

Experience is The Best Teacher.

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Why are Teachers so Important in Students Life

The teachers shower their blessings on students and bless them with the knowledge to make their life more prosperous and joyful.

To make their children good citizens and good human beings they work really hard to achieve their goals in acquiring their goals they sometimes get strict and punish their students for discipline.

In old days students were seen to be more afraid of their teachers than their own parents as their teachers used to scold and sometimes punish them by hitting on their hands with a stick to let them gain discipline, diligence, and obedience.

As we all know that “OBEDIENCE BRING GRACE”.

The importance of teachers cannot be described in words but we can discuss them in a short essay as teachers not only develop or create good students and citizens they built a great nation by doing their duties with utmost honesty by nurturing these young guns of their nation to participate in the development of their country.

Teachers not only play an important role in developing student’s life they create and develop society by creating the future of their students as these students will one day be the future of their respective countries.

In India, teachers are called “GURU” where the guru is equivalent to GOD.

Some or other day every individual will need guidance and motivation for that purpose a “GURU” is needed who can work with them to resolve their problems.

In India, there are some spiritual gurus who guide people in their spiritual life.

On Teacher’ day, many students share an amazing post related to teachers and deliver a long lengthy speech related to parents and teachers but as soon as they are done they tend to forget all the teachings of their gurus.

Teacher’s Day is celebrated on the 5th of September Every Year as it is the Birth Anniversary of DR. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan who was Born on 5th September 1888. He was a Great Teacher, a well Known Philosopher.

DR.Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan was elected as the first Vice-President of India in 1952 and elected as the second President of India (1962–1967).

Do you really think that teachers or professors like this sort of celebration?


They would be more than happy if their children and students become good citizens of their countries and enjoy a well-satisfied life.

Lastly, GOOGLE can give you information but a real teacher teaches you and shares knowledge that is more precious than rubies, gold, and silver.

Importance of Parents and Teachers in Students Life

It is said that when GOD could not be present everywhere he created MOM and DAD which is a symbolic representation of a GOD.

They are the most unselfish people around they forget every expectation in life for their children’s future and work day and night for their betterment of them.

Our parents devote their entire lives to their children they always think for us.

The parents are called the first teacher in our lives the person learns his first lesson which starts from his own house.

The first skill set is given by our parents in the house so that once the children leave their house for education or job or business they must be known by their behavior.

The parents are very strict towards their children so that they can make good human being out of them.

They also force children to study hard and if they found that their children are disobeying their orders may get scolded or sometimes beaten.

The parents are so worried about their children because of their eating habits, behavior, and the company they keep.

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They are so possessive towards their children that they need everything to be told once back from the house from school, college, or office.

As students, the most important task is to gain a good education and after the education is over one must get a handsomely paid job.

But did you think of how your parents arranged all this stuff for your, college fees, tuition fees, and pocket money in this expensive world?

It is a difficult job to raise children in this world as all the daily stuff is going expensive day by day and to acquire high education they need to empty their pockets and have to leave their own ambition and desires aside only for their beloved sons and daughters.

Today many people do not understand the importance of family and they waste their time with friends and colleagues watching movies and enjoying picnics.

These friends eat your precious time which is to be devoted to studies that can make your future.

And after you waste your study time in other activities the result which comes later is not expected by parents from you.

Teachers are the pillar of any student’s career they develop and help students to build their careers. Some colleges and educational institutions also provide psychological help for their students to help them to come out as strong individuals.

These psychologists also provide students with free sessions where they come across the actual problems of the students and give an appropriate solution for their issues.

Nowadays teachers behave as friends with their students so that the students should feel more comfortable with them and should share any possible issues with them regarding studies or any personal problems.

Today’s teacher understands problems more intellectually and helps the students to overcome the problem more professionally. “Hats off To Such Teachers”. 

These types of teachers are role models for students.

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Final Words | Conclusion

In the above article, we have discussed the importance of teachers in students life. 

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