Vibe All-In-One Computer Real-Time Interactive Whiteboard

The Vibe all-in-one computer real-time interactive whiteboard is a device equipped with the qualities, characteristics, and features of computers and interactive whiteboards.

It provides the feature to write and move around the digital content from location A to location B.

This feature helps the user to learn and work more conveniently.

What is Vibe Whiteboard?

The all-in-one computer real-time interactive whiteboard can be used and utilized as a standard desktop computer and laptop.

They are primarily and extensively used and utilized in the education sector, like classrooms; they also work in offices, homes, and organizations.

Despite long distances, it is a very reliable and versatile tool or device that can work with a group of users.

What is Vibe Whiteboard?
What is VIBE Whiteboard

This device is equipped with additional memory to load the operating system more profoundly.

They are equipped with more powerful processors and memory compared to their counterparts.

Their processing power is impressive, so they deliver faster results to their users. Their energy and power consumption are limited to a regular desktop computer.

Uses of Vibe All-In-One Computer Real-Time Interactive Whiteboard

  1. Users can share thoughts and ideas when working in a team.
  2. Diagrams, charts, and images make every point clear in a presentation for a better understanding.
  3. They are used in businesses and organizations to increase productivity.
  4. It is convenient to connect with others with the help and assistance of voice calls. Video calls or text messages.
  5. The data and information can be shared and accessed from one end to another.
  6. Ultimate Performance.
  7. They can be connected with wireless technology.
  8. They are manufactured with built-in touch screens.
  9. High-quality output devices like speakers.
  10. They are used in meetings, training, presentations, & classrooms.
  11. Pre-installed Operating system and Microsoft Office Suite, Adobe Creative Suite, Autodesk 3D CAD drawing tools, etc.

What is the Difference Between an Interactive Whiteboard and SMART Board?

The two most popular models of smart boards are the SMART Board and the Interact. 

Both are equipped with the same characteristics and features at a similar price, but still, some key differences make each one uniquely suited for specific conditions.

#Interactive BoardsSMART Boards
1Interactive boards have 3 USB ports, HDMI Port, and audio input and output.Smart boards are equipped with 2 USB ports.
2They differ in shape and design.Physical design is different from one model to another.
3The interactive boards use a magnetic sliding mechanism to move the object.The SMART board’s surface does not need to slide its mouse up and down to move objects.
4Using hand gestures, an interactive whiteboard lets you control what happens on your screen.The SMART Board also allows you to do this, but it uses a wireless remote instead of hand gestures.
5An interactive whiteboard can be used in classrooms, training, and presentations. The content can be shared with the help of devices like laptops & desktops.The whiteboard can do the same tasks and operations as interactive boards.
Difference Between an Interactive Whiteboard and SMART Board

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What are the Advantages of Interactive Whiteboards?

There are various significant advantages of interactive whiteboards, which are mentioned below.
  1. They are extensively used and utilized in presentations, discussions, training, and lecturer in classrooms or training halls.
  2. They are very helpful in education and business.
  3. They are accommodating to students.
  4. They are far better than the traditional method of teaching and learning.
  5. More exciting and appealing concepts of new learning.
  6. Increase in productivity.
  7. Improved and enhance the learning experience.

What are the Disadvantages of Interactive Whiteboards?

The disadvantages of interactive whiteboards are
  1. The significant disadvantages of interactive whiteboards are that they are costly.
  2. The software could be more user-friendly.
  3. They need a lot of space for installation.
  4. They are less portable due to their bulky size.
  5. They need a lot of maintenance.
  6. It takes a tremendous amount of time to clean.

How do I Choose an Interactive Whiteboard?

Check this characteristics and features of whiteboard before purchasing or buying.
  1. Picture Clarity.
  2. Sound Quality.
  3. Size.
  4. Visibility.
  5. Long Lasting.
  6. Brand Name.
  7. Price.
  8. Warranty Cover.

Which is the Best Interactive Whiteboard?

1Vibe Smart Board Pro.
2IPEVO IW2 Wireless Interactive Whiteboard System.
3Changing Multi-Touch Infrared Touch Frame.
4Microsoft Surface Hub 2.
5Polyboard Ultra-Slim 65-inch Monitor.
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Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Does Vibe work with Zoom?

The Vibe allows Zoom meetings.

Which company owns Vibe?


Who is the owner of Vibe?

Charles Yang – Founder & CEO.

Does the Vibe board have Bluetooth?


Does Vibe have a Camera?

Vibe does not have a built-in camera.

Does Vibe have WiFi?


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