Definition and Uses of Computer Peripherals and Devices

Definition:: Computer peripherals are the Devices that are connected to the computer but they are not the core computer architecture.

Core Computer Architecture mainly consists of Computer Motherboard, CPU, power supply, and Computer case or Cabinet or Chassis.

You need memory [RAM], Harddisk, and various other Peripheral devices so that your computer functions to its potential.

Computer Peripherals in other terms can be defined as the devices which can be easily removed and plugged into a PC system.

Just as a mouse you can remove it any time and change it with ease…. the same for the keyboard… But on a laptop, it is difficult to remove because it is a built-in case

A printer is a Computer Peripheral Device your PC can function properly without a printer but if you take out the monitor computer system becomes useless.

In other terms we can say that without Computer peripherals devices personal computer can work properly say your PC can work without a Printer or Webcam but if you unplug the CPU from its socket. Then the computer Becomes Useless.

In other terms we can say that without computer peripherals devices PC can work properly say your computer can work without a Printer or Webcam but if you unplug the CPU from its socket. Then the computer Becomes Useless.

Computer peripherals and Devices
Computer Peripherals
Input DevicesOutput DevicesStorage Devices
Barcode Reader
Mouse Pointing Etc
Speaker’s Etc
Hard disk
Pendrive’s Etc

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Input Devices of Computer System

Input Devices:: Of Computer Allows the user to send information, the most common Examples of Input Devices are Keyboard and Mouse. Input devices always send data to the PC for processing.

They cannot reproduce The data such as output devices…

Example Of Input Devices ::

keyboard computer peripherals
Computer Keyboard

Output Devices of Computer System

Output Devices Of Computer Peripherals receives data from other devices. such as printer ,monitor etc but it cannot send data or reproduce data.
Example Of Output Devices::

Computer Monitor
Computer Monitor

Example of Storage Devices ::
Storage Device as the name says usually store data. There are mainly 2 types of storage devices

  1. Primary Storage Device… (RAM, ROM)
  2. Secondary Storage Device..(HARDDISK, CD/DVD)
Computer Harddisk
Computer HardDisk

List of Peripheral Devices ::

  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • Scanner
  • Printer’s
  • Webcam
  • Monitor
  • Joystick
  • Flash Drives
  • Microphone
  • DVD RW
  • Mouse Pad

Note::There are some computer peripherals which are used both as input and output devices

  • External hard drives
  • Media card readers
  • Digital camcorders
  • Digital mixers
  • MIDI equipment

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