What are the Four Basic Functions of Computer System

The functions of computer system and their application are endless nowadays because of the speedy development of computer .The Processor which is commonly called as CPU [Central Processing Unit] is getting advanced day by day as well as the input, output, and huge storage devices .The overall development of computer system has reached to a different level so it’s very difficult to categorize them. Here we are going to discuss some basic functionality of computer system irrespective to their applications, power, size and capacity.

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The computer can execute information or data provided to them in less than one-millionth of a second. Some super computer (PARAM) can execute or perform the operation in less than one-billionth of a second.

Initially the data or instruction or information or guidelines is given to computer system with the help of input devices and the data is placed in Primary memory and later the data is send to central processing unit for further operation. At the point when the data or instruction is sent to a central processing unit, it does the following task for better computer functionality.

  • Central processing unit receives or gets its information from Primary memory
  • It then decides which form of data is this and what should be the suitable or appropriate action for the set of instruction ,for example central processing unit decides to send this data to ALU (Arithmetic & Logic Unit)
  • Arithmetic and logical operation are executed by ALU
  • Once the operation is finished the result or outcome is stored in ALU and after that, the data or instruction is sent or forwarded to output devices in human readable or intelligent form.

Functions of ComputersFunctions of Computers

The Four Basic Functions of Computer System are Mentioned Below ::

  • Input
  • Output
  • Processing
  • Storage

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Input Functions of Computer System

The data or set of information is provided or given to computer system through input devices such as Keyboard, mouse, and so on. The Information is given to them in a raw form later the data is handled or processed and hence we receive the data in encoded form with the assistance or help of output devices

keyboard functions of computers

The input devices accept the data from outside the world It is responsible and incharge for transferring, processing and exchanging the given instruction and information.

Output Functions of Computer

Once the process task of central processing unit is completed or finished it forward’s the data ,instruction and information to output devices such as printer, Computer monitor ,TFT, LCD, Speaker.

laze printer-functions of computer

The output can also be stored or hold in recording medium like DVD’s and Hard disk for further use. The outputs square measure within the style of electrical pulses.

Processing of Computer System

This is additionally referred to as core of computing system .When the data or information is send from memory to Personal computer for processing It controls all activities of computer to urge or receive the desired output.

Storage Unit of Personal Computer

When the data or instruction or guidelines is given to computer it is stored and hold in primary memory before real processing of the data and information is to be started. There are two types of storage

Primary Storage :: It is also called as main memory or RAM .It is very expensive and they cannot store the data when power is off.

RAM functions of computer
It is an important component for proper functioning of computer system.

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Secondary Storage :: It is also called as permanent memory. They can store data permanently and user can recall or retrieve their data whenever they need.

Hard disk functions of computer

They can hold or store data when there is a power off.