How Do Computers Works at the Most Basic Level With Examples and Pictures

Today's post will focus on How Do Computers Works at the Most Basic Level with examples and pictures in straightforward language for students and professionals.

The computer is an electronic device where the user enters data and information with the help of input devices of a computer system like a keyboard and mouse,

later this data and instructions are processed with the use of a central processing unit, and further, the output is produced with the assistance of output devices of a computer system like printers, plotters, and computer monitors.

These computers or machines are accurate and can perform mathematical and logical operations with incredible speed.

They can store a massive amount of data and information almost permanently.

How Do Computers Work at the Most Basic Level?

The word computer is derived from the Latin word “compute” which means to calculate. The invention of the computer is considered the greatest invention of humankind.

The use of computers governs every section of human society. Due to silent features and excellent characteristics, they are ruling the world.

How do computers work
How do computers work
The basic operations of the computer system can be classified into four basic types.
  • Input
  • Output
  • Processing
  • Storage

#1. Input

The data and information entered into the computer system through devices are called “Input devices of Computer System“.

The information, data, or instructions received by input devices are raw data presented to the system for further processing.

Later this data is converted into machine language to perform operations as the computer does not understand any other language except binary language, which consists of 0s and 1s.

Finally, after the process is done, that data and information are handovers to output devices of the computer to produce output in human-readable form.

The prime examples of Input devices are
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse

#2. Output

The output devices of a computer are electromagnetic devices that are responsible for producing output. The output generated by output devices is generally in the form of a “Hard Copy.

The Examples of Output Devices
  • Plotters
  • Printers

#3. Processing

The processing of any data and information is considered the essential part of any operation done on the computer.

The data is transferred from memory to the control unit for further processing and handling.

The operation is done sequentially, and after the complete process is done, it handovers the result to the output devices of a computer system to produce output in an intelligent form that humans can easily understand.

#4. Storage

The computer system has mainly two storage units
  • Primary Storage Units
  • Secondary Storage Units
Primary Storage

Examples of primary storage are RAM and ROM. They are volatile memory and can store fewer data, information, and instructions.

Secondary Storage

Secondary storage units are a type of non-volatile memory and can permanently store a massive amount of data and information.

The Examples are:
  • Hard disk drives and Pen drives.

What Makes a Computer to Work Fast?

The speed of a computer entirely depends upon some key factors which I have tried to mention below.

The computer system presents
  • Hardware
  • Software

1. Hardware

The computer hardware peripherals are physical, electronic devices used in the computer system.

Some hardware devices belong to the core architecture groups and are essential for any system to function and work properly.

Some hardware devices are not essential in the computer booting process printers or scanners; without them, the computer can carry out its normal booting and functioning without any issues.

Some list of devices that are important to the computer system plays a vital role in computer speed and efficiency.

  • CPU | Processor | Microprocessor.
  • Computer Motherboard.
  • RAM {Random Access Memory}.
  • Storage Devices

 2. Software

The Software is nothing but a collection of programs written, designed, and developed to obtain speed, accuracy, and effective results.

Now the question is, what makes a computer work fast? The answer is many factors play an important role in deciding the speed of any computer system like

The CPU is the primary device which is the most integral part of any computer system that decides the speed; not only the CPU but the motherboard also plays a vital role in making the computer work fast.

The CPU and motherboard should be compatible with each other to receive optimum benefits.

The RAM {Random Access Memory} is also the critical device that helps the computer to work fast.

Storage devices that can store data and information almost permanently and access the data with good speed improve the overall performance of the computer system.

And lastly, the Software which is fast in processing and accessing information present inside the storage devices can make them work relatively more quickly.

Who Invented Computer System

Charles Babbage invented the computer system. He is also called the “Father of Computer”. He also invented his first computational device | Machine, and called it “Differential Engines”.

Who Invented Computer- Charles Babbage
Who Invented Computer- Charles Babbage

He also invented automatic computing and the mechanical Machine known as the “Analytic Engine.”

Mr. Charles Benjamin Babbage was a mathematician, philosopher, and inventor, by profession, he was a “Mechanical Engineer”.

Charles Babbage also developed the core idea of a digital programmable computer.

How Do Computers Works at the Most Basic Level With Image

Computers Works at the Most Basic Level
Computers Works at the Most Basic Level

What is the Brain of Computer System?

The CPU {Central Processing Unit} is considered to be the brain of the computer or the heart of the computer system. It is also called a “Microprocessor“.

The microprocessor is the most integral part of any computer system, which is responsible for performing all mathematical and logical operations at high speed and incredible accuracy.

It also converts, translates, and interprets all the instructions in machine language for further processing and operations.

The instructions or tasks or jobs given to the computer system through input devices like the keyboard are raw data.

The CPU translates this in machine-readable form to produce output with the assistance of output devices like printer printers human-readable or more intelligent forms which humans easily understand.

The key characteristics of any central processing unit are speed, accuracy, efficiency, and reliability.

Every computer needs at least one microprocessor for operating and functioning.

The microprocessor or CPU is installed on the computer motherboard, which is square-shaped; the processor is installed on the motherboard by a zero insertion force called ZIF“.

To avoid overheating the processor, the heat sink and CPU fan are installed on the processors.

Common multi-core processors are
  • Dual-Core Processor is a processor which contains two separate cores of processors
  • The triple-core processor has three separate cores of processors
  • The quad-core processor contains four separate cores of processors
  • The CPU is also considered the brain of the computer
Famous manufacturers of the processor are Intel and AMD.
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Computer Hardware and Software

Computer Hardware

Computer hardware is a physical entity that can be touched and seen.

Some of the examples of hardware and peripheral devices are
  • Monitor
  • Motherboard
  • Processor
  • Hard Disk Drive
  • Random Access Memory
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • Printers
  • Scanners
  • Plotters
  • Webcam

Computer software is a collection of instructions or programs designed and developed to fulfill clients’ special requirements.

Software is further divided into
  • Application Software
  • System Software
  • Utility Software
Application Software

Application software is designed and written to obtain the desired output with great accuracy.

For Example, Tally.
System Software

System software is the essential Software installed in a computer system as no application software can be installed with system software.

Examples of System Software's are
  • Operating System
  • Device Drivers
  • Utility Software

The utility software is designed and developed on particular demands for clients for their personal and professional use.

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