11 Advantages and Disadvantages of Satellite Communications | Benefits and Drawbacks of Satellite Communications

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The world is considered a global village as each person from one corner of the world can be easily connected to the other person anywhere in the world.

This is done with the help of communications, and therefore satellite communication plays a vital role that is cheap, fast, and easy to access.

In our daily life, our daily tasks and work are performed with the help of satellite communication like phone calls, messages, SMS, video calls, emails, radio, television, internet, and so on.

The satellites also help us in weather forecasting and spying.

The operations can be done with the help of different satellites present revolving around the orbit.

What is Satellite Communication System?

The satellite communication system has changed the entire mode of communication. Earlier communication was quite expensive.

They are a cheap source of communication, but the initial installation cost of the satellite’s launching and manufacturing is huge.

The satellite has made a remarkable contribution to telephone communications, the television industry, and radio.

The satellite also helps in learning and exploring the atmosphere and universe also helps in digging more into the untapped sources.

A satellite is a self-contained communication system that receives signals from earth and sends those signals back to earth with the help of a transponder.

A transponder is an integrated receiver that receives and transmits radio signals.

On 3rd November 1957, the Soviet Union launched their first large satellite and named it "Sputnik-2". A dog was also sent to the space whose name of "Laika".
A few months later, the United States of America also launched their satellite on 31st January 1958 and named it "explorer1".

Advantages and Disadvantages of Satellite Communications

Advantages and Disadvantages of Satellite Communication
Advantages and Disadvantages of Satellite Communication Systems

Benefits and Advantages of Satellite Communication Systems in Points

  • Mobile communications can be easily achieved with the satellite communication system. Satellite communication can cover huge areas, i.e., countries, continents, and the complete globe.
  • They are more popular than cable networks.
  • They have enhanced the business and education sectors due to the silent advantages of a satellite communication system.
  • They have made science and space exploration simple to study and research.
  • Climate and military applications are managed with the help of a satellite communication system.
  • Television and radio signals are the most important part of the satellite communication system.
  • Data communication can be done with the help of satellite communication.
  • Video calls, audio, and video conferring are a means of communication nowadays.
  • Lots of bandwidth can be used.
  • The data transmission cost entirely depends upon the coverage distance from the source.
  • This communication system is used in the defense sector.
  • It is used in GPS {Global Positioning System}.
  • They are used in remotely located areas for communications and connection of voice and internet services.

Drawbacks and Disadvantages of Satellite Communication Systems in Points

  • They are a costly source of communication as the initial cost is enormous.
  • They have complex designs and are very hard to develop.
  • They are very tedious to maintain.
  • They need consistent monitoring and studying.
  • Their components and devices are costly.
  • Developing satellites requires lots of time.
  • There is a propagation delay.
  • It is noisy with huge interference.
  • The satellite’s life cycle cannot be prolonged.
  • The available bandwidth is overcrowded.
  • In data transmission, the time delay has an impact on efficiency.

Importance of Satellite Communications System

Satellite communications is an integral part of the business industry, management government sectors, and military, marine, and entertainment industries.

Every business these days uses data communication and satellite communication for the empowerment and enhancement of business.

Using satellite communication, local business has shifted their presence globally.

Online education and online learning are playing an essential role in the education industry, which has revolutionized the techniques and methods of education and teaching.

Video calls and voice calls have changed the way of communication.

Uses of Satellite Communication

  • There are various uses of satellites in communication systems; they are as follows.
  • They are used in the navigation system.
  • They send images from outer space to the Earth for further study.
  • They are used in climate change and weather forecasting.
  • They are also helpful in data communications.
  • Live TV, radio, and the internet can be accessed using satellite communications.
  • They can track oceans, winds, oil leakages, forest fires, and air pollution.
  • They are used in space explorations and space science.
  • A telephone is used in calling from one end of the world to another.
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Different Types of Satellite Communications

The different types of satellite communication can be divided into three types.
Types of Communication Satellite
Types of Communication Satellite
  • Low Earth Orbit Satellite.
  • Medium Earth Orbit Satellite.
  • High Earth Orbit Satellite.

1. Low Earth Orbit Satellite

These satellites are used to take images and pictures. These satellites revolve around the earth’s orbit approx—150 to 1500 km.

They are fast and hence complete the revolution fast as compared to others.

2. Medium Earth Orbit Satellite.

These satellites are used for navigation. They revolved at a distance of 10,000 to 20,000 km away from Earth’s orbit. One day is required for a complete revolution.

3. High Earth Orbit Satellite.

This satellite is used for data communications. The satellite is about approx. 40,000 km away from Earth.

Examples of Satellite Communications | Applications of Satellite Communication

The main application of satellite communication is in the field of data communication.
  • Voice communication and video communications like phone calls and video calls.
  • Radio Broadcasting.
  • Live Televisions.
  • Internet.
  • Navigations systems.
  • Weather forecasting.
  • Software and website applications.
  • Military applications.
  • GPS System

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