10 Advantages and Disadvantages of HTTPS | Pros & Cons of HTTPS

In this article, we are going to learn the 10 advantages and disadvantages of HTTPS with the benefits & drawbacks of HTTPS, also we will learn the pros and cons of using HTTPS.

In this modern world, the majority of jobs and work can be done over the internet as it has been an integral part of life.

It has been observed that in the last few years online shopping, online trading, the online transaction has increased dramatically, and hence the need for security is found very necessary while performing online tasks.

The full form of HTTPS is Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure SSL [Secured Socket Layer] acts as the intermediate between browser and server as they encrypt data and information.

While transferring is very difficult for hackers to decrypt and hence our personal and sensitive information is not vulnerable and cannot be misused.

What is HTTPS

HTTPS is known as Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure which is a combination of two protocols HTTP and SSL with TSL (Transport Layer Security).

In the year 1989 Tim Berners-Lee started the initiation of HTTP at CERN. HTTPS is more efficient than HTTP websites as they are more reliable and secure.

HTTPS is a combination of two protocols that are HTTP and SSL with TSL.

In HTTPS connections data and information is encrypted using cryptography which is very difficult to decrypt by hackers hence your personal and sensitive information is very much secured and cannot be misused.

The SSL encrypts the data transferred between the browser and the server.

The highest percentage of HTTPS-using websites are finance, Internet & Telecom, Business, and Industrial.

The organizations with the lowest use of HTTPS are News, Sports, and new blogging websites.

The SSL is used in website which offers online transactions like E-commerce, banking sectors, affiliate marketing websites, etc.

The development of Secure Socket Layer (SSL) was started by Taher Elgamal an Egyptian cryptographer who was a scientist at Netscape Corporation a famous organization of its time.

You can easily distinguish whether a website is using HTTPS or HTTP.

If a website URL starts with HTTP it is an HTTP version on the other hand if the URL starts with HTTPS it is a [HTTPS version with SSL]

 Advantages and Disadvantages of HTTPS
For Example

Also with the HTTPS version next to the URL, a green padlock sign appears denoting an SSL and safe website, on the other hand, a red sign appears on HTTP websites indicating an insecure website.

Advantages of HTTPS
Secured HTTPS

Google Algorithm has announced that it will offer ranking priority to the websites which are using SSL, therefore, a website that uses SSL can get a boost in its ranking.

Main Objectives of HTTPS

  1. Security.
  2. Integrity.
  3. Authentication.

1. Security

The SSL establishes a connection between the browser and the server there is a data exchange and transfer done this data is encrypted by SSL and cannot be decrypted easily to stop violation and misuse of personal information.

2. Integrity

Ensures the data and information are not changed on both ends.

3. Authentication

Without proper authentication, the connection refuses to establish which is good for data security.

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10 Advantages and Disadvantages of HTTPS With Picture

HTTP is a must for websites these days as it offers data security and it is also reliable for users.

Here we are going to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of HTTPS also with HTTPS merits and drawbacks.
Advantages and Disadvantages of HTTPS | Pros & Cons of HTTPS
Advantages and Disadvantages of HTTPS | Pros & Cons of HTTPS

Merits and Advantages of HTTPS

We are going to learn some of the major advantages of HTTPS in points.
  1. Protection.
  2. Online Payments.
  3. Reliable.
  4. Authentication.
  5. Reach.
  6. SEO & Ranking.
  7. Domain Validation.
  8. Online Security.
  9. Handshaking.
  10. Communication.
  11. Data Validation.

1. Protection

HTTPS offers protection as the data and information is encrypted using cryptography. Therefore it is considered as best advantage of HTTPS

2. Online Payments

Online transactions are quite safe when SSL is installed on websites.

3. Reliable

When users see the green padlock sign next to the URL they feel comfortable while using this website and carrying out their transactions whether it is information or revenue.

4. Authentication

while establishing a connection between server and browser they both have to prove their identity and authentication and if found unauthorized behavior connection refuses to get connected.

5. Reach

Using HTTPS you can establish a secure and successful connection to any website on the internet.

6. SEO & Ranking

Google Algorithm clearly mentioned that they will use SSL as the ranking factor which means the websites which are using SSL | HTTPS on their websites will get an edge over the websites which are NON-HTTPS.

7. Domain Validation

HTTPS requires domain-validated certificates [DVA] to get verified and once the certificate is allotted cannot be manipulated and needs to be renewed periodically.

8. Online Security

HTTPS | SSL Security has encouraged many E-commerce, and banking websites to use them for their client security.

9. Handshaking

The HTTPS needs handshaking to be done before any connection is established, and if any error occurs between the browser and server the connection gets eventually closed.

10. Communication

HTTPS uses port 443 for better communication.

11. Data Validation

When the connection is established between the browser and server the data is exchanged this data is validated before processing and if any error occurs the operation and process are canceled

Drawbacks and Disadvantages of HTTPS in Point

Below we are going to learn some of the major disadvantages of HTTPS in points.
  1. Cost.
  2. Slow Speed.
  3. Caching Issues.
  5. Redirects.
  6. Communication

1. Cost

The website owners have to purchase SSL certificates which are a bit expensive and therefore many of them avoid using them also once purchase SSL needs to be renewed periodically before getting deactivated.

No Doubt some of the hosting companies are providing free SSL only when hosting and domain are purchased from their websites.

This is considered a major disadvantage of HTTPS

2. Slow Speed

These HTTPS connections make websites slow as they have to perform some of the processes backstage for example encrypting data & information using cryptography.  

3. Caching Issues

Generally, browser caching, as well as server-side caching issues, occurs while using HTTPS as the content and information are encrypted.


There are several HTTP versions of websites for example 1] http://www.chtips.com, 2] https://www.chtips.com, 3] http://chtips.com  4] https://chtips.com according to us all these URLs are the same but search engines treat all these as different URLs.

Therefore, website owners need to redirect these URLs to their preferred URL else they all will get indexed and result in duplicate content and low search engine rankings.

5. Redirects

When you redirect your website from HTTP to HTTPS it is advised to redirect all the traffic from HTTP to HTTPS.

Otherwise, Google webmaster prompts an error like mixed content found results in duplicate content which sometimes hampers SEO [SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION] rankings.

6. Communication

TTPS connections use TCP port 443.

Examples of HTTPS Websites?

  1. Shopping Websites
  2. E-Commerce Websites
  3. Banking
  4. Military
  5. Defense
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Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Is HTTPS secure or not?

Yes, HTTPS stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secured.

Is HTTP Secure or HTTPS

HTTPS is secure compared to HTTP.

Why is HTTPS so secure?

HTTPS uses SSL/TLS technology to encrypt data and information while sharing along the network.

Is HTTPS faster?

HTTPS is slower than HTTP.

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As HTTPS is a sign of security as well as Google has announced the ranking factors associated with SSL majority of the website’s owners and organizations started using HTTPS.

The majority of famous internet browser also warns users about the security issues of websites that do not use HTTPS | SSL

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