Which of the Following is a Similarity Between the Internet and an Intranet

In computer networking, Internet and intranet are the terms which are used more extensively both the words may look similar, but they are pretty different from one another.

The Internet can be used and accessed globally.

It can be called a “Public Network”, whereas an intranet is a private network that is accessible to a group of users associated with organizations and small or large industries; they are also known as “Private Networks”.

In this article, we will know which of the following is a similarity between the Internet and an intranet with examples, advantages, differences, and images.

What is Internet With Examples?

The term internet stands for “Interconnected Network”.

The word internet is known to every person living in this world. The Internet is common these days and achieved a vital role in our day-to-day life.

The Internet has reached an essential place in our lives and impacted our working style.

The Internet is a public network that many individuals do not govern; therefore, it can be accessed globally without any restrictions; it is a fast and reliable data communication mode.

What is Internet
What is Internet

Using the Internet, we can access and use social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Instagram, etc.

Also, we can find and hunt jobs online for those job-seeking persons.

The Internet is an ocean of knowledge students, or even professionals can grab information and knowledge in just a few clicks.

Therefore, the Internet is considered one of the most important inventions of all time.

The data and information can be sent from one part of the world to another in fractions of seconds, eventually developing and establishing business globally.

The Internet has been an integral part of our society due to its excellent and significant features with exceptional characteristics.

Therefore they are widely used in private organizations, small businesses, government offices, hospitals, schools, colleges, universities, transport, and literally every field you can imagine.

The Internet is a vast network where numerous computers are connected, sharing information and data between them.

To acquire successful internet access, we must follow specific data communication protocols between sender and receiver.

The sender can send data from the source to the destination called a receiver.

Different Types of Data Communications networks are as Follows.
  • Local Area Network (LAN).
  • Metropolitan Area Network (MAN).
  • Wide Area Network (WAN).
  • Personal Area Network (PAN).
  • Wireless Networks.
The medium is responsible for data and information transfer is called “Transmission Medium.” 

The data can be referred to as text, spreadsheets, documents, video, audio, images, symbols, numbers, etc.

To connect to the Internet, we need an ISP {Internet Service Provider} to access and use the Internet, which the internet-providing company allocates.

The ISP is a connecting bridge between the user and the Internet.

Internet companies provide internet service with the help of wired lines or wireless lines.

What is Intranet with Examples?

The intranet is used inside organizations and industries; they are also called “Private Networks.”

They are run and governed either by individuals or groups of people.

The data and information accessed, used, and shared inside the intranet are not accessible beside the networks as it has some restrictions imposed by the network administrators.

The users who are not from the intranet network cannot use the data and information inside the network.

The information and data are available for the company or industry users.

What is Intranet with Examples?
What is Intranet with Examples?

These networks are far more secure than the Internet as their global use is restricted.

The intranet is used in military, scientific research, government offices, and corporate sectors, where data and information must be shared between a group of people.

To use and access the intranet, the user needs a unique username and password allotted by the system administrator appointed by the organization.

This intranet is highly secure as an unauthorized user cannot access the files and folders of the networks.

They are also called “Restricted Version”.
  • Laptop 
  • Desktop
  • Server
  • Firewall
  • Intranet Management Software
  • Networking Cables
  • Hub, Router, Switch

Which of the Following is a Similarity Between the Internet and an Intranet?

The Common 9 similarities between the Internet and the Internet are as follows.
  • They both are related to network-related terms and connected to data communications.
  • Both Follow data communications protocols, which are the guidelines or set of rules and regulations that have to be performed for successful data and information transfer.
  • They can share resources like printers, scanners, and data across networks.
  • They use TCP/IP {Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol}, FTP {File Transfer Protocol}, HTTP {Hyper Text Transfer Protocol}.
  • Internet and Intranet access information and data present in websites and applications using web browsers.
  • They both have security features like firewalls, data encryption, and decryption techniques.
  • They both can transfer data and information at high speed.
  • Computer networking devices are used like routers, hubs, switches, cables, etc.
  • They both are used in sharing data like text, videos, documents, documents spreadsheets, numbers, symbols, and audio.
Which of the following is a Similarity between the Internet and an intranet?
Which of the following is a Similarity between the Internet and an intranet?

Differences Between Internet and Intranet

The Internet is a massive source of informationThe intranet is a limited source of data and information.
The Internet is a public network and can be accessed globally.An intranet is a private network that is used in organizations.
They are not owned or governed by individuals or organizations.Individuals and organizations own them.
They are not that secure.They are highly secure compared to the Internet.
Numerous servers are utilized.Limited servers are used.
LAN, MAN, and WAN networks are used for establishing a connection for commination.Only LAN is used for establishing a network connection.
They are widely used.Their use is restricted in organizations.
Being a global network Internet receives huge traffic.Being a private network, traffic sources are limited.
No username and password are required to access the InternetA username and password are required to access the data and information.
Differences Between Internet and Intranet
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Advantages of the Internet in Points

  • Education.
  • Information.
  • Online Communication.
  • Online Research.
  • Group Studies.
  • Better Connectivity.
  • Online Problem Solving.
  • Discussion Forum.
  • Question and Answer Forum.
  • Online Shopping | Books and Educational Stuff.
of the Internet in Points
Advantages of the Internet in Points

Advantages of Intranet in Points

  • Share data and information across the network.
  • Searching for any information is easy.
  • The speed of accessing data is fantastic.
  • Prohibit unauthorized access.
  • Data circulation is more uncomplicated.
  • It is a private network, therefore, can have complete control of its uses.

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