Impact of Social Media on Students Life Essay

In this article, we are going to find what is the impact of social media on students life in school and college.

In this modern technology era using social media is common thing some prime examples of social media sites are Facebook, What’s App, Twitter, and Instagram.

We all know that all these social media websites are growing rapidly due to the heavy traffic they receive around the globe.

The Estimate traffic of Facebook is 2.23 Billion. Facebook is considered to be the biggest social media website in the world. 
Mark Zuckerberg founded Facebook on February 4, 2004, in college with his roommates.

Twitter is also one of the famous social networking websites. It was founded on 21 March 2006 by Jack Dorsey and the first tweet ever was written by himself saying.

“Just Setting Up twttr” .The estimate traffic of Twitter is 335 million.

Instagram is a photo and video-sharing website with estimated traffic of 1 billion. It was created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger and launched on October 2010 on iOS.

As everybody knows that there are two sides to the coin so there are negative and positive impacts of social media on students’ life speech which we are going to discuss in brief.

Impact of Social Media on Students Life
Impact of Social Media on Students Life

The overuse of social media websites by students and professionals can damage their personal, as well as academic life.

Most students are using these social sites just for entertainment, which is hampering their education and mental growth.

Wasting precious time on social sites will harm their future goals and will lead to compromised life eventually that will hurt them badly in the near future.

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What is Social Media?

Social media is a virtual world where users share their thought, and opinions; ask questions, and share images, pictures, and videos over the internet.

Social media is a platform where information and data are stored and spread at lightning speed.

Social Media platforms also act as the intermediate between users and outside the world. Social media can perform a positive as well as negative impact on people around them.

To become famous or to promote business social media is the best and the cheapest platform over the internet where you can advertise your business at a very low cost.

People are using these social media platforms as they have a huge amount of traffic and an enormous database of users.

While performing digital marketing to tap into the target audience makes it very simple and easy to implement.

These social media websites are the cheapest sources of marketing.

Prime Examples of Social Media Sites are TikTok, Tumblr, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Linked In, etc.

10 Positive Impacts of Social Media on Students

The social media platform can be used to share some positivity and encourage good thoughts, views, and opinions on the internet.

Social media must be used for the betterment of society and to eliminate the bad practices around it.

These platforms must be used for sharing knowledge with other students, kids, and people who are ready to acquire some good stuff from the internet.

Positive Impacts of Social Media on Students
Positive Impacts of Social Media on Students
  1. Education
  2. Business
  3. Innovative Thinking
  4. Freedom of Expression
  5. Creating a Group of People with Similar or Different opinions
  6. Increase in Traditional Values
  7. Awareness
  8. Increase in Positive Thinking
  9. Analysis of Content Published on Social Networks
  10. Research whether the Content Published is trustworthy or not
Impact of Social Media on Students Life
Impact of Social Media on Students Life Essays and Speech

#1. Education

Social media sites can be used for educational purposes as these platforms can be used positively for sharing information and knowledge.

I myself am joined in some of the computer programming groups where we share new trends and innovations happening in our Information technology Sector.

In that group, we encourage new members to ask questions and participate in the discussion forum which is related to the respective fields which on the other hand enhanced the skills and knowledge which will be priceless for their upcoming professional careers.

On some of these social media, you can see that many skilled professionals create videos and graphics to teach other fellow or colleagues some skills which are very rare or new.

Therefore I strongly believe if these social media platforms are used for education and knowledge they will help students and professionals immensely.

Social media can spread information at a very light speed across the globe hence when used in a positive manner can reflect in a good educational environment which will be more beneficial for every student and professional.

#2. Business

The Impact of social media on business has made a huge difference in the style of promoting business.

There were days when business was promoted using conventional and traditional ways like newspaper advertising, banner publishing, pamphlet distribution, television advertising, etc.

But nowadays business is promoted using social networks which in some cases are absolutely free where one can create pages just like a small website or blog.

On those pages we can insert our products and services with our contact information once all this set is complete we can share our pages with other social networking sites for better visibility.

Business is promoted using social network platforms and is very cheaper when compared to other conventional methods we can easily target all our potential clients while promoting.

We can also keep a record of all activities of all our clients.

This is a vital impact social media had made on traditional businesses where almost every business is using social media for brand promotions and branding of their products which are all totally performing a good job in increasing revenues.

#3. Innovative Thinking

While using social media sites you must have come across users who are very creative and innovative in the style of presenting and sharing their emotions, thought, opinions, and suggestions.

These kinds of users create images, infographics, gifs, or videos in expressing themselves in the most appealing manner whereas other social media users like their work and appreciate it by liking and sharing their content.

#4. Freedom of Expression

Social media platforms are used for expressing views and opinions as these platforms permit users to express their thoughts and views to the world without any cost.

After publishing their content on social media one can also check the user’s responses to whether they liked your views or not.

If one gets positive feedback from other users we get charged up and it motivates us to write more awesome content.

Research, whether the content published, is trustworthy or not because of the awareness, many users don’t just share content that may look very appealing and interesting they are rechecking on the content whether the content is worth sharing or not.

It is also a good habit to check whether the information submitted is accurate or appropriate.

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Negative Impacts of Social Media on Students Life

Social Media Impacts on Students Life
Social Media Impacts on Students Life

There are plenty of negative impacts of using social media on student’s life which we are going to mention below.

If we overdo or overuse these platforms without applying our brains we will definitely get some negative results from our deeds.

Before using such a platform one must have a good and clearer understanding that this platform must have limited use without distracting our primary goal for a successful career and life.

Users must take into consideration that they are to our advantage and if misused can eat our precious time and money.

According to me, social media platforms must be used for authenticating knowledge and information sharing.

But as we can see these websites are flooded with foolish content, hatred, violence, communal hatred, and spreading rumors which is a downside of these sites.

Some users are making nuisances and making the life of other users inconvenient due to their inaccurate and improper content.

Let us now talk about the Negative Impacts of Social Media on college and school student life essays.
  1. Foolishness
  2. Distraction
  3. Waste of Time
  4. Community Hatred
  5. Depression
  6. Insomnia
  7. Health Issues

#1. Foolishness

Some students while using social media platforms do not use common sense they do not understand what to post. And Try to show the audience how smart they are. Meanwhile, make fools of themselves.

Recently I witnessed a post this was anti-national and the content in it was objectionable also saw in the comment box it was full of abuse and bad words for the community and another counterpart country.

I was amazed to see some students were sharing that same post which was against their own nation and also abusing people of the same nationality because of the false narrative which was explained to them.

This was an anti-national element and the student who posted and shared the content went through a trial.

Therefore I strongly felt to include this in the article that students must be aware and must have a good amount of understanding of the truth and the myth and also they must take out some time to investigate what’s right and what’s wrong.

Common sense is not so common these days. Therefore the student found guilty were FOOLISH to me.

#2. Distraction

Distraction is one of the most negative impacts of social media on student’s life. As we all know that the student’s time is more precious than gold dust.

Now students with a low understanding and careless types of nature tend to waste their time on social media platforms chatting and surfing the internet.

Students’ time is most valuable if they invest time in their studies they will definitely get good grades which eventually will help them in securing their future and accomplishing their dreams.

But it has been observed that students who have a mobile phone with an internet connection lose their focus on their studies and waste their hugely precious time on social media platforms.

Some of the students are so focused on their goals and ambitions that these highly attractive media don’t affect their routine and hence one day they see that their hard work gets them the desired output.

Therefore it is highly recommended that students must have a timetable that can be exercised daily for better results and better performance to accomplish their goals and their duties.

#3. Waste of Time

Students are unaware of how precious their time is, therefore, I strongly believe that parents, teachers, and older family members should share the responsibility of educating their children about the future and the discipline toward their goals and studies.

I consider the waste of time as a crime for students.

“Stitch in Time Saves Nine”

Therefore while studying youth should avoid using cell | and mobile phones and also stop using social sites for a temporary period.

#4. Depression

Working on the internet and social media sites for long hours late at night can hamper your sleep which in turn can cause depression.

It is observed that people who spend more time on the internet can feel lonely because the virtual world is not the same all the time.

Depression can occur to these types of people as they don’t have any fellow person to talk to or share their feelings which as a result their feelings and thoughts are inside their mind which can cause serious trouble to their mental condition and hence fall into the trap of depression.

People with a low amount of physical activity are also prone to these sorts of diseases.

Therefore it is highly recommended that you must be active and should have a proper timetable to use the internet and social sites.

Yoga, Gym, laughing clubs, and brick walking with a proper diet are found to be good for persons suffering from depression.

#5. Health Issues

Students who work on the internet and mobile phones for long hours have serious health conditions.

Constantly watching the screen of the mobile device and the laptop screen which emits harmful lights that affect the eyesight and make the eyes dry.

Sitting in the same position for long hours without break can make your back rigid, slowly, and steadily if not taken care of can make the pain worse as the days go.

Also, continuous typing can also have pain in the finger and the wrist of the hands, and many students and professionals are complaining of a stiff neck with serious pain.

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What are the 10 Advantages of Social Media?

Social media and the internet have become essential to our life and business. Social media helps in communication with people with just a few clicks.

We can connect with friends, family, and colleagues using text, video, messages, and phone calls.

Social media is the fastest-growing form of marketing and communication. It’s also one of the most cost-effective ways to reach your target audience and grow your business.

Let us discuss 10 advantages of social media.
  1. Social media is an excellent way of communication.
  2. Social media is an efficient and cheaper mode of communication.
  3. Fast and easy way to reach customers.
  4. Easy to find people and businesses.
  5. Sharing content with others is easy.
  6. Keep in touch with trends and updated news,
  7. Social media can drive sales.
  8. If authentically using social media can improve your skills and knowledge.
  9. It helps to build trust with customers and businesses.
  10. Marketing with social media is simple to use and handle.

What are the 10 Disadvantages of Social Media?

There are several disadvantages of social media. Let us discuss some of them.
  1. Using social media for long hours can be a big distraction.
  2. Social media fraud can be seen nowadays, so use it carefully. Avoid sharing personal information.
  3. Social media can be addictive.
  4. A health issue can occur if a computer, laptop, or mobile is used for long hours without enough breaks.
  5. Fake and unauthenticated news can be shared and made viral. So, recheck before sharing content over social media.
  6. It can kill your precious time.
  7. Social media accounts can be hacked, and you can lose sensitive data and information. 
  8. Depression and loneliness.
  9. Virtual world.
  10. If you overuse it, you can become lazy.

What are the 5 Negatives of Social Media?

1Cyber Crimes are seen more often over social media.
2Anxiety can build over time.
4Adult content that can be avoided.
5Violence, hatred, and related content.
Negatives of Social Media

10 Reasons Why Social Media is Bad For Students?

Social Media is an excellent tool for keeping in contact and communicating with friends and family.

It is also one of the most remarkable ways to share information, ideas, views, opinions, pictures, and videos.

Not being used with caution and precaution can negatively affect your health. 

  1. Using social media for long hours can hamper students academic life.
  2. Distraction has also been found in students using social media for entertainment.
  3. Social Media is full of distractions.
  4. Social Media can also lead to stress and depression.
  5. Excessive use of social media can lead to poor academic performance in school and college.
  6. It is considered a dangerous tool that is heavily responsible for emotional distress.
  7. Social Media can eat students’ precious time.
  8. Social Media can make you lonely.
  9. They are addictive.
  10. False information and propaganda can be witnessed on these platforms.

Why are People Addicted to Social Media?

  • Increased Unnecessary Pleasure.
  • Fear of Missing Out (FOMO).
  • Social Validation and Self-Esteem.
  • Endless Content.
  • Social Comparison.
  • Entertainment.

Example to Use Social Media for knowledge Sharing

  1. Educational Articles, Images, and Infographics.
  2. Intelligent Discussions.
  3. Live Q&A Sessions.
  4. Educational Webinars.
  5. Updated News.
  6. Inspirational Stories.

Top 10 Social Media Websites

#Social Media

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs] on Social Media Impacts

Why are People Addicted to Social Media?

People get addicted to social media while using such websites and apps because the brain releases dopamine commonly known as the happy hormone, that results in pleasure and hence people always come back to use them.

Is Social Media a Distraction to Education?

Yes, if not carefully handled. It can eat your precious time.

Does Social Media Affect Study?

Yes, a student who spends a huge time using this social media app or website is likely to receive poor academic grades.

3 Positive Ways to Use Social Media?

1. Stay connected with friends, family, and colleagues.
2. Get a balance between work and social media.
3. Get in touch with inspiring, motivational stories and videos.

What are the 3 Risks of Social Media?

1. Stay away from pornographic, hatred, and criminal content.
2. Do not share content if not authenticated or 100% confirm the news.
3. Uploading someone’s pictures without consent.
4. Do not share personal information.

Most Harmful Effect of Social Media?

more than physical it can damage us emotionally and can harm our mental health.

Get In Touch

Social media platforms are good ways of connecting with friends, family, and colleagues but it is found that there are both advantages and disadvantages of using social media for students.

Above I have mentioned some of the positive and negative impacts of these social sites.
All the questions and queries related to Impact of Social Media on Students Life Essay are answered here.

I am not in the group of people who are strongly against social sites but I am in strong favor that the students must be taught how to use these sites for their betterment in educational and personal growth.

The student must be aware of the demerits of using the internet and video-sharing sites for long hours they must have a basic sense of understanding and use their wisdom to conquer the urge of using the internet for no reason.

They must learn to acquire information and knowledge using these platforms for their growth also I really think that there must be a closer watch from parents that what their children are using on the internet I think I should come up here.

If you like the article please do comment and share the post with friends, family, and colleagues, if you want to let me know anything please feel free to contact me.

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