What are the Examples of Dot Matrix Printers

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The dot matrix printer is an impact printer.
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What Types of Printers are Dot Matrix Printers?

Dot Matrix printer is an examples of an impact printer.
Today, we will learn about different types of printers. 
Different types of printers
Different types of printers

The printer is considered a hardware output device that gives us a text or an image in black and white color, so a printer is called a hardcopy device.

The printer prints with speed by pages per minute and dots per inch, which shows how many pages, can be printed in a minute and how many dots are present in an inch.

Computers are fast machines they present commands to printers and respond to any ask instantly therefore printers have to use their memory for collecting and implementing instructions given to them.

Based on their printing methods, printers are further categorized into impact printers and non-impact printers.

Impact Printers

It is the type of printer that prints documents. 

For printing documents; they use a hammer or key that hit through the ink ribbon which later produces output on the print on the paper; that’s why it is called the Impact Printers.

Impact printers are of three types Dot Matrix Printer, Daisy Wheel Printer, Line printer, etc. 

Impact Printers are of Three Types

  1. Dot Matrix Printers.
  2. Daisy Wheel Printers.
  3. Line Printer.

1. Dot-Matrix Printers

This is one type of Impact printer it makes too much noise when printing; this type of printer has print heads attached to many pins of a matrix, and on every pin, there is a ribbon tied which strikes the paper.

At the same time, many pins strike simultaneously to create the character on the print head. Each pin in the vertical group is 7, 9, 10, 14, 18, and 21.

Each one, when printed, makes a character just down from the pins where it strikes. Once the character prints, the print head moves forward to print the next character.

During printing, the printer will print 50 to 500 characters per second.

There is an electronic circuit on the print head that will decode the characters.

2. Daisy Wheel Printers

The Printer also prints documents like Dot matrix printer. 

This Printer also has a head that hits the head with ink through the ribbon, and then any of the characters are printed.

In fact, the dot matrix printer and daisy wheel printer consist of a single difference which is mentioned below

In Daisy Wheel Printer, the head has a hammer, which is in character shape. Dot Matrix Printers have needles or pins in their heads; also Dot Matrix Printers have pins or hands in their heads.

Depending on which button is pressed, a hammer will strike the ribbon and push this character, which is then printed on the page.

The computer's speed is 10 to 75 characters per second.

3. Line Printer

It can print 3000 lines in a minute which is the highest speed of all impact printers.

With this type of Printer, you are not printing a single character but printing an entire line, that is why it is called a line printer.

Line-per-minute (LPM) is a measure of the speed of the Printer.

With this Printer, you can print 3000 lines a minute. Printing bank statements, large company product shipments, product invoices, and large books using this type of printer is common in banks.

Non-Impact Printers

It does not use a ribbon to print; it uses cartridges and toner to produce prints without hitting the ribbon. Impact printers use a ribbon and cartridge to make prints.

There are various types of non-impact printers, including inkjet printers, laser printers, thermal printers, portable printers, etc.

1. Inkjet Printer

It is prevalent today and can be found everywhere, like in homes, small offices, cyber cafés, small shops, etc.

With this Printer, we can print black & white and color outputs. With this Printer, we can print between five to 18 pages within one minute.

There are four liquid ink cartridges inside this inkjet printer: cyan, magenta, yellow, and black, which are used to print the document.

As soon as the cartridge is connected to the printing head, the printing head is filled with ink.

In that printing head, there is a register, which pressurizes the liquid ink and drops it into the nozzle as soon as it is pressurized.

2. Laser Printer

Similarly to inkjet printers, laser printers are also top-rated and are used primarily in places where a large number of printed pages are needed, like a company, school, or workplace.

In this Printer, ink is present in the toner; there is ink dry ink that is present with the help of laser light or beam, and the dry ink is printed on the paper using the light or beam.

Text can be printed on these printers, and the speed of these printers is up to 25 pages per minute.

The laser printers are more expensive compared to inkjet printers.

3. Thermal Printer

like Inkjet printers, the Laser printer is also very popular and most used where a large amount of print is needed like corporate, school, company, etc.

In this Printer, ink is present in the toner; there is ink dry ink present with the help of laser light or beam, and dry ink prints on the paper.

This Printer is suitable to print text, and the speed of this Printer is 9 to 25 pages printed in one minute, and the price of the Printer is more than the Inkjet printer.

4. Portable Printer

This type of Printer is easy to carry everywhere from one place to another; this Printer is used with wired or wireless to connect it.

This Printer gives permission to laptops, computers, and mobile to connect with them and later print.

Their speed is relatively slow than other printers, they are also capable of printing digital photos.

Is Dot Matrix Printer is an Example of Impact Printer

Dot Matrix printer is an example of an impact printer;
Dot Matrix Printer is an Example of Impact Printers
Dot Matrix Printer is an Example of Impact Printers

Impact printers are used to print documents for printing purposes; they take the help of a hammer or key that hits on the paper through an ink ribbon and produces the character.

There are several types of Impact printers like Dot-matrix, daisy Wheel, and line printer Dot-matrix is one of the examples of Impact Printer.

Famous Printer Manufacturing Companies

4JT XPrinter
5Wizzit XPrinter
Top Manufacturer of Dot Matrix Printer

How Invented Dot Matrix Printers

Fritz Karl Preikschat, Inventor of the Dot Matrix Teletypewriter.

When was the First Dot Matrix Printer Introduced?

IBM [International Business Machine] designed and developed later introduced the first dot matrix printer in 1957.

Dot Matrix Printer Speed

The Dot Matrix printer is one of the types of impact printers.

Gary Stark weather invented it in 1969 it is slow compared to Laser Printer and it is used to print images and use a pin on thousands of dots to make a character with the help of dots used ink ribbon with a speed of 30 to 550 characters per second.

Dot Matrix Printer Working        

In a Dot-Matrix printer print head move on head character and graphics are created by pins group, this pin creates a dot by pressing the ink ribbon on every pin there is a ribbon attached which strikes the paper.

At the same time, many pins strike simultaneously to create the character on the print head. Each pin in the vertical group is 7, 9, 10, 14, 18, and 21.

Each character, when printed, makes a character just down from the pin where it strikes.

Examples of Inkjet Printer

Inkjet printer is connected wired or wireless it is primarily used in the home, and offices because they are multifunctional like printing purpose, scanning, make a photocopy.

There are three types of inkjet printers:

Single Function Inkjet printer: this printer is used for only printing purposes.

Multifunctional Inkjet Printer

this Printer performs multiple functions like printing, scanning, and copying function; they also provide black and white print.

 Photo Inkjet Printer

This Printer is used to take pictures that are produced in color print of different sizes; this printer is more costly than other printers because various types of ink are used in this printer.

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