What are the Disadvantages of Internet in Points

In this article, we are going to learn and discuss 20 disadvantages of internet in our society in point. In today’s world, the internet has become an essential and integral part of our lives.

The Internet has evolved rapidly due to the huge development in the information technology sector.

In this modern era, almost the majority of the work is done online in other words these jobs or operations are performed with the help of the internet.

In this world there are both advantages and disadvantages of internet as there are benefits of using the internet there are demerits of using them.

Disadvantages of Internet In Points
Disadvantages of Internet In Points

Using a computer, laptop or mobile with an internet connection can reduce the time consumption of doing a particular task for example previously to pay electricity or other bills there were long queues

which used to take long hours but nowadays using some online applications one can pay bills online in just a few clicks with cash backs facility available. 

For Example Google Pay, PayTM, Airtel Wallet, etc.

The internet has helped us connect to the whole world with just a few clicks. It has also enabled us to share our opinions and thoughts with the rest of the world.

The Internet has offered many brilliant features to human beings and therefore it has spread all over the world small children to old people in our families are hugely addicted to the internet, computers, and mobile phones.

Therefore one should be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of using internet for long hours.
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20 Disadvantages of Internet in Points

20 Disadvantages of Internet in Points
Disadvantages of Internet In Points
  1. Students
  2. Education
  3. Banking
  4. Marketing
  5. Advertising
  6. Business
  7. Health Issues
  8. Online Cyber Crime
  9. The spread of Violence and Hatred
  10. Spread of Pornography
  11. Virus and Hacking Issues.
  12. Internet and social media
  13. Internet addiction
  14. Internet and mobile phones
  15. Internet-based applications
  16. Internet dating
  17. Internet in daily life
  18. Internet games
  19. Internet shopping
  20. Internet on youth
Disadvantages of Internet
20 Disadvantages of Internet

Disadvantages of Internet in Tabular Form

#Internet Disadvantages
1Spread of Violence and Hatred.
2Spread of Pornography.
3Virus and Hacking Issues.
4Internet and Social Media.
5Online Cheating.
6Online Frauds.
7Waste of Time.
8Losing Personal & Sensitive Information.
9Inappropriate Content for Children.
10Health Issues.
11Online Cyber Crime.
12Internet Addiction.
13Scams & Spams.
14Internet Dating.
15Loneliness and Depression.
16Internet Games are Very Addictive.
17Internet Shopping.
18Spams Emails.
19Cyber Bullying.
20Privacy Compromise.
Disadvantages of Internet
Disadvantages of Internet
Disadvantages of Internet

Disadvantages of Internet for Students.

The Internet is an ocean of knowledge and the biggest source of knowledge and information on the planet therefore almost every student and person who is seeking some information use the internet.

It has evolved as a blessing for students who can receive online information anytime wherever they need it.

In schools and colleges, teachers and professors upload their lectures online so that every student can pace up to the ongoing classes without missing a single lecture.

The parents for the sake of their children let them access the internet on a computer or mobile phone keeping in mind that their children will be get benefited from using the internet and their academics will improve day by day.

Disadvantages of Internet for Students.

But nowadays students are eating their precious time on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. 

The student despite learning is wasting their time on online chatting applications or watching videos on YouTube or listening to songs or just playing games online.

Online Games have turned out to be the most distracting online applications according to a survey more than 65% of students spend approx. 3 hours daily playing games such as PUBG.

Not only games but online chat applications and watching porn is the area of concern for these students who are ruining their precious lives using the internet for not-so-good reasons.

Camps or lectures regarding the disadvantages of using the internet for the student must be organized in schools and colleges to let these students know the demerits of using them in your study hours and the pros and cons of the internet.

Students must be aware of the side effects of the internet when prolonged use on the health and mental condition of the human body.

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Disadvantages of Internet in Education in Points

There are lots of advantages and disadvantages of internet in education which I am going to share with you but the scope of this article restricts me to talk about the disadvantages or demerits so we will stick to it.

There is no doubt that the internet has helped the education sector immensely in developing, nourishing, polishing, and enhancing to a different level.

But the use of the internet has been so spreading that we are just addicted to it students do not want to learn or educate themselves by reading books they just Google stuff or go to online video-sharing platforms like YouTube for readymade information that may be incorrect or inaccurate sometimes.

Schools and Educational institutes rely more on modern computers and modern techniques for fulfilling small needs.

They are dependent on small and regular kinds of stuff on application software that need a computer and internet connection to run as all we know is that the internet is not free and these types of application software are costly and need regular maintenance for them to work properly.

Disadvantages of Internet in Banking Sector

Almost every bank uses the internet these days as it has reduced the workload of the employee working in the bank.

Previously the bank uses to perform the manual style of working and used to take long hours to perform simple tasks.

All banking sectors use the modern computer with an internet connection to perform the entire task for rapid completion of every operation.

Often seen in the ATM [Automatic Teller Machine] many frauds are performed by professionals by various means of new technology which new users or senior citizens are unaware of.

All the transactions are saved in a centralized server and have been observed that this server can be hacked by an anonymous group of hackers and crackers who are specialized in this sort of operation.

The internet in banking is the new trend but the older people in the family are unaware of these techniques and methods therefore they are prone to make mistakes that cyber-criminals take advantage of.

Disadvantages of Internet in Marketing

The heavy reliance on the internet for marketing has its side effects the data which the internet generates is not accurate and improper sometimes the reports which are produced by some application software regarding clients can be misleading and hence one can lose clients as well as business.

The application software which is used in marketing is costly, and in any business, the dependability on anything more than its natural value can harm the business badly.

There are threats to security, and privacy also the competition is worldwide.

In Internet marketing, it is somewhat difficult to track your clients and check their progress periodically because of the complexity.

Disadvantages of Internet on Health

Using a computer, laptop, and mobile with an internet connection for long hours can seriously damage your health conditions.

Eyes can be damaged due to the radiation emitted by the screen of these devices when prolonged used the eyes get dry which may get an itching feeling and may affect the vision.

Sometimes it is observed that people who use a mobile, laptop for long durations get weak eyesight.

Back pain is also found in people who are using the internet for long durations as their sitting style may affect the back muscles and restrict the muscles from contracting and relaxing.

It is also seen that many software developers or people who are primarily working on the internet get back pain more frequently than others.

They also get constipation problems because of the low amount of physical exercise which is needed for the body to function properly. It is also observed that these people get depressed very easily.

Online Cyber Crime

Numerous extra-talented computer programmers are very much into programming and are good at hacking and cracking.

These Hackers get unauthorized access to the sensitive data or information of your computer system where all the data related to your credit cards, debit cards, bank details, and personal data is stored.

When they access this sort of important information they tend to use it against you and normally misuse it.

Imagine if your username and passwords are revealed to unknown people they can harm you socially as well as financially.

Spread of Violence and Hatred

This is the age of modern technology and the internet has provided access to communicate around the globe.

People using social network websites like Facebook, Twitter, etc tend to share their information and knowledge across the world which sometimes hurts the sentiments of some groups or societies.

People use this platform for spreading hatred-related articles about certain communities and violence.

Data and Information Violation

Some websites use malicious programs to hack the sensitive information of users and misuse them.

There are several Trojan programs that are injected into the user’s machine and damage their data and information.

These programs not only hack data they can retrieve passwords of credit cards and debit cards.

Crashed Networks

Computers are connected with the help of networking. It can connect multiple computers from a single server.

A server can connect with many computers in a network and also the internet can be shared using the sharing option available while performing networking.

Now there is a big problem if the server gets corrupted or damaged the entire network goes down which can hurt multiple users at any single time.

Spread of Pornography

As the internet prospered across the globe due to the cheap rates many companies are offering to the end-users and severe competition in the telecom sector has dramatically increased the number of internet users.

Before JIO Reliance came into the market India was ranked at 7th position on the number of internet users but after JIO’s free and competitive plans came into existence the number of internet users grew dramatically and now India ranked at the 1st position in the internet region.

As the internet is cheap with very attractive plans the misuse of technology grew rapidly young people even old ones are visiting porn websites because access to these websites is really very easy.

People are damaging their social ethics even if they are losing their moral duty towards other citizens by watching this garbage on the websites.

Many cases are registered on minors for child abuse and rape like serious offenses.

Many countries are blocking such websites from their countries like India and Bangladesh, etc.

I strongly believe that this is our moral duty to stay away from this garbage as they are violating and damaging our thinking patterns towards other people.

Virus Attacks.

A computer virus is the biggest threat to information technology fields and it is spread primarily through the internet.

The virus is nothing but a piece of code that is written, designed, and developed by software programmers who are good at programming and they develop this code for destruction.

The malicious program written by these programmers can infect other files and folders and also these codes can replicate themselves unknowingly.

There are some websites that attack users commonly known as phishing attacks to steal the passwords of credit and debit cards.

Disadvantages of Internet Addiction

The internet is cheaper nowadays and people have created a virtual environment for themselves and spending a huge amount of time on the internet.

Not only young people and small children but old people are also addicted to the internet and using it like anything.

People are using the internet more than it should be used it’s like an addiction that is forcing them to do so.

A recent survey shows that people are using an important time to use social network sites.

There is no harm in using social networking sites but getting addicted is not good at all.

Many young people are addicted to playing online games and they are eating their learning time by playing games which will harm their future and hamper their education they are not getting the point now but surely one day will come when they will regret it.

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Advantages of Internet in Tabular Form

10Internet Essay
11Job Searching
13Social Media
14Internet for Youth
15Internet over Newspaper
16Online Voting
19Online Marketing
20Internet Security
Pros & Cons of Internet
Advantages of Internet
Advantages of Internet

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

10 Advantages of Computer

Stores Huge Amounts of Data
Online Trading
Online Education | Distance Learning
Forecasting Weather, and Predicting Earthquakes,Volcano Eruptions
Produce Employment
In Business

10 Disadvantages of Computer System

Health Issues.
Spread of Pornography
Virus and Hacking Attacks
Computer Can Not Take Their Own Decision NO IQ
Negative Effect on Environment
Crashed Networks
Computer Can Not Work on Itself
Spread of Violence and Hatred
Online Cyber Crimes
Data and Information violation

What are the Disadvantages of Internet for Students?

Wasting Time
Privacy Violation
Health Issues
Health Issues

Major 10 Disadvantages of Internet?

Spread of Violence and Hatred.
Spread of Pornography.
Virus and Hacking Issues.
Internet and Social Media
Online Cheating.
Online Frauds.
Waste of Time.
Losing Personal & Sensitive Information.
Inappropriate Content for Children.
Health Issues.

Top 10 Advantages of Internet

Online Voting

Disadvantages of Online Learning

Need Self Discipline
Lack of Personal Attention by Teacher
May Face Technical Problems
Health Issues Due to Continuous Screen Watching
Lack of Manners

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There are two sides of coins so there are advantages and disadvantages of internet. 

The internet is the biggest invention made by humans.

You can connect to the entire world within a few clicks you can also share your opinions on social networks.

It’s an excellent platform to educate yourself and increase your knowledge, information, and skills. If you like the article please share it with your family and friends.

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