What is the Full Form of SMPS in Computer System | SMPS Full Form

In this article, we are going to discuss, learn and understand what is the full form of SMPS in Computer System | SMPS Full Form with definition, description, examples, meaning with images.
The full form of SMPS is Switch Mode Power Supply.

The SMPS {Switch Mode Power Supply} is an electric device which is used to supply electric current to other parts of devices.

The majority of the electrical devices are equipped with SMPS which are responsible to provide low DC voltage and current.

The primary function of SMPS is to convert AC power to DC.

Full Form of SMPS in Computer System | SMPS Full Form

Full Form of SMPS in Computer
Full Form of SMPS in Computer

What is SMPS in Computer System?

The SMPS stands for Switch Mode Power Supply.

This SMPS are used to convert AC voltages to DC.  The SMPS works with 220 to 240 current supplies.

The computer needs DC power supply to operate and function itself  if in any case 240 volt of power supply is supplied to computer system all the parts connected to SMPS will get severely damaged or even can burn themselves.

The Computer SMPS is connected to the motherboard further all the devices are connected through motherboard and therefore power supplies from SMPS to motherboard and later the voltages are transfer to all devices attached to system.

Block Diagram of SMPS

Block Diagram of SMPS
Block Diagram of SMPS

Advantages of SMS in Computer Language

  • The SMPS are compact in size and low weighted.
  • They produce less amount of heat.
  • They have a high output range compared to their counterparts.
  • They are quite inexpensive.
  • They perform much better then LPS.

Disadvantages of SMPS in Computer

  • Their design is complex.
  • They produce electromagnetic interference.
  • Only one output voltage
  • The harmonic distortion is observed.
  • It can work like a step down regulator.
  • It is working difficult to know the exact working style of switch mode power supply.

Types of SMPS

The SMPS {Switch Mode Power Supply} is divided or categorized in four following types.

  • D.C. to D.C. Converter
  • Forward Converter
  • Flyback Converter
  • Self-Oscillating Flyback Converter
D.C. to D.C. Converter

The power gained from a/c voltage is rectified and also filtered system as a high-voltage DC. This high DC voltage is after that switched and also fed to the step-down transformer at the primary side

Forward Converter

Irrespective of if the transistor is performing or not the choke carries the current in the forward converter.

The diode inside the transistor brings the existing during the OFF period to sustain the energy flow with the tons.

Throughout the On period, the choke stores the energy as well as likewise passes a part of the power to the output lots.

Flyback Converter

In a Flyback converter, throughout the On period of the button magnetic field of the inductor shops power.

When the switch is in the open state the power is cleared into the outcome voltage circuit. The Duty cycle in the Flyback converter is identified by the result voltage.

Self-Oscillating Flyback Converter

It is based on the Flyback principle.

Throughout conduction, a present via the transformer primary beginnings to increase linearly with the slope Vin/Lp.

Because of the voltage induced in the responses winding and also the second winding, the quick recuperation rectifier starts to run backwards biased and hold the conducting transistor ON.

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Applications of SMPS | Uses of SMPS

  • The SMPS are used to stable the electric current and help to balance the overload current.
  • The SMPS are also used to balance unregulated DV input voltages.
  • With the help of frequency changer AC voltages are converted to AC and DC voltages are converted to DC.
  • They are used in personal computers, laptops, Oven, fridge, etc.
  • The SMPS are also used in automobile sector.
  • They are used in electric equipment’s.

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