Full Form of CRT Monitor in Computer | CRT Full Form in Engineering


In today’s post, we will learn and understand what is the full form of CRT monitor in Computer | CRT Full Form in Engineering with meaning, description, definition, uses and types with examples and images.

The Full Form of CRT is “Cathode Ray Tube”.

The CRT is a technology that is predominantly used in computer monitors and television.

The computer monitor is a type of output device of the computer system. It is also known as VDU, which stands for Visual display unit.

The monitor is a crucial part of the computer system, which is used to view the result obtained after processing and operations or tasks.


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Full Form of CRT Monitor in Computer | CRT Full Form

CRT Full Form
CRT Full Form

What is CRT Monitor in Computer Technology and Language With Examples

The CRT stands for Cathode Ray Tube.
A German Scientist named Karl Ferdinand Braun invented the first cathode ray tube scanning device in 1897. 

The CRT used a fluorescent screen at that time and therefore called “Cathode Ray Oscilloscope”.

The CRT monitors are the primary output device of the system.

They look like a Television. The CRT is generally called a picture tube which is considered to be the main part.

The CRT contains an electron gun responsible for producing cathode rays with the help of electrons in a beam.

The electron beam is controlled by an electromagnetic field and a display screen.

An electronic beam is placed near an electronic grid so that the speed of electrons can be managed.

On the screen of CRT monitors, phosphorus coting in a framework of dots is placed and covered so that the electronic beam touches the screen and pixels illuminates itself, and hence the picture and layout is formed on the screen.

Computer monitors can be dark and white (Monochrome).

The use of monochrome does not exist these days as they are outdated and out of fashion.

Screens arrive in a wide range from 7 inches to huge 55 inches diagonally.

The QUALITY of the monitors depends on the resolutions of computer screens and the color they can produce.

Different Types of Monitors?

  • CRT Monitor
  • Flat Panel Monitor
  • LCD (Liquid Crystal Display)
  • LED ( Light Emitting Diode)
  • Plasma Monitors
  • OLED Monitors

5 Applications of CRT Monitors in Points

  • They are used in television.
  • They are used in computer monitors
  • In Cathode Ray Oscilloscope
  • In Radar Systems.
  • In medical instruments.

Components of CRT Monitors

  • Electron Gun
  • Control Electrode: 
  • Focusing system: 
  • Deflection Yoke
  • Phosphorus-coated screen
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Benefits and Advantages of CRT Monitors in Computer Engineering

  • CRT monitors are very responsive.
  • The average response time of CRT monitors are fast, almost 1 picosecond
  • The CRT monitors are less expensive compared to their counterparts, i.e. LCD and LED monitors.
  • CRT monitors do not possess native display resolution.
  • The CRT monitor can work, and our comfortable working with any resolutions given.  
  • They generally produce a dark black and heavy contrast level, which is good for viewing in a dark environment.

Drawbacks and Disadvantages of CRT Monitors in Points

  • The CRT monitors are bulky in size and need more space for installations.
  • The CRT monitors produce heat and consume a lot of energy compared to LCD and LED monitors.
  • They are less attractive than LCD and LED monitors
  • They are not capable of working with a high resolution like high-quality graphics and video games.
  • They produce more magnetic fields, therefore, can damage other magnetic devices.
  • The shapes of CRT Monitors are cylindrical, spherical, or rounded.
  • Less accurate colors (especially dark hues).

Differences Between CRT and LCD Screens

The Full Form of CRT is Cathode Ray Tube.The LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display.
It consumes lot of power and energy.They consume less power and energy.
The CRT is relatively inexpensiveThey are relatively cheaper than CRT monitors.
They are bulky in size.They are slim in shape and size.
They need more space for installation.Need Less Space for Installation.
Their resolution is poor compared to LCD or LED monitorsThey have greater resolutions than their counterparts.
They are primarily used as a personal computerThey are used on desktops, laptops and tablets.
They are unable to produce more colors.LCD monitors can produce more excellent color combinations and can work in any given environment.
They cannot handle more graphics used in video games and graphics.They are comfortable with video games and graphics use.
They are obsolete.They are trendy these days.

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