What is the Full Form of API in Computer | API Full Form

The Full Form of API is Application Programming Interface.

API [Application Programming Interface] is a software application or code which acts as an intermediate between user and database.

They are used to help in establishing communication between application and database.

Let us try to understand the topic in a more detailed way.


Full Form of API in Computer | API Full Form

API Full Form is Application Programming Interface.
Full Form of API in Computer
Full Form of API in Computer

What is API in Computer Programming Language?

API Stands for Application Programming Interface.

The API is a computer code that acts as the intermediate between two applications. They are also used in the communication between the application where data and information are exchanged and transferred between them.

Modern application when connected to the internet sends data and information to the server.

This data and information is received by the server and process the data according to its needs and later required data is sent to applications back.

This complete process is done with the help of API.

For example, imagine you have a website where you display complete records of the people in your city the entire data and information is fetched through a government website that has records of the entire country.

Now you have an API that is designed and developed to fetch records of the people from a specific city. The API can only fetch records of the people living in that city.

This process of fetching data from the database is done with great speed. The design and structure of the API are very user-friendly.

What are the Different Types of API [Application Programming Interface]

There are different types of APIs designed and developed for different purposes based on their working style that can be categorized.

  • Procedural.
  • Object Oriented.
  • Service Oriented.
  • Resource Oriented.

This APP is designed and developed to accomplish some special objectives. Procedural API is used by RPC Implementations.


These are the famous, strong, and speedy APIs that are used in famous websites and applications where the majority of the workload is handled by object-oriented APIs for better functionality and usability.


These APIs are used in shopping websites. The APIs are used in collecting a lot of information from applications and transfer the data to a server in less time.


They are the most secure APIs used in the market. They are capable of collecting huge data and information and storing it on the server.

Advantages and Benefits of Using API in Projects

  • They are easy to use and integrate.
  • They are fast to transfer data and information.
  • They are user-friendly.
  • They are not costly.
  • Cross-platform APIs are used in modern days.
  • They are secure and hence many big brands are using APIs in their applications.
  • Development of APIs can be outsourced.
  • Less code with maximum results can be expected.
  • Once developed can perform tasks and operations automatically.
  • Can be updated anytime.

What are Some Types of API Used? 

There are 3 types of APIs used commonly.
  1. Open API
  2. Partner API
  3. Private API

Why API is Needed and Need of API in Applications?


Security is the primary objective when using modern APIs [Application Programming Interface].

When a user requests any data and information from the server, the API sends only that information that is required by the user, therefore, the risk of hacking and violating data security is minimal.

As the complete data is not exposed to the user this led to speedy operation with accuracy with minimal weight on the application as well as on the database.


The API is flexible written codes or programs they are written in such a fashion that they need to expand any business with them is really very easy.

The API [Application Programming Interface] has a very neat and clean interface also can be updated whenever user demands or requests.

Reduced Execution Time.

As the API does not have to fetch the complete data from the database only required information and data has to be used for operation this led to the reduced execution time of any operation in the applications.


As we have discussed earlier the API is a small code or program which fetches limited data from the database.

The data required is only recalled from the database, therefore, the execution time is less compared to other applications.

Easy Interface

They have a very easy interface to use and a user-friendly design to navigate.


Once API is set up and incorporated the entire process is automated.


The API can hide the complexity of any application and present an easy interface to use to increase its efficiency.

Future of API

As we are all aware that the modern technology has literally changed our living and thinking style. The APIs are used abundantly because of their silent features.

The world is changing dramatically and therefore the technology used in APIs has to be changed according to the needs and requirements of the products.

APIs are used in the majority of the business and to an extent it has saved precious time and money for the business owners.

Therefore many businesses rely on modern APIs for better performance and accuracy and hence I personally think that the use of modern APIs will increase as the days pass on.

Future of computer software and APIs is bright until and unless the developers and designers do not work consistently to enhance the performance of the APIs.

Some API Testing Tools

  • Karate DSL
  • Rest Assured
  • JMeter
  • API Fortress
  • Hoppscotch
  • Postman
  • SoapUI
  • Apigee
  • Assertible

Common Examples Where API is Used

  • Weather Snippets
  • Log in Using Facebook, Twitter, and Email.
  • Using PayPal and other Payment Gateway
  • Travel Booking
  • E-Commerce Websites
  • Financial Institutes like banks
  • Online Streaming Services like Netflix
  • Google Maps
  • YouTube API
  • Windows API
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