What is the Full Form of PDA in Computer Language | PDA Full Form

The Full Form of PDA is Personal Digital Assistant.

The PDA [Personal Digital Assistant] can be called a computer which can be fitted in the palm of our hands.

In the year 1993 Apple INC chief executive officer John Scullery released the Newton Message Pad and gave us the term PDA which stands for Personal Digital Assistant.


Full Form of PDA in Computer System | PDA Full Form

PDA Full Form is Personal Digital Assistant
Full Form of PDA in Computer
Full-Form of PDA in Computer

What is PDA and Examples?

PDAs are used to input data and information to the device, they can transfer data from one location to another.

They can be connected to the computer with the help of a serial port and transfer, backup data to a computer hard disk without any hassle.

A personal Digital Assistant (PDA) is also known as Handheld PC. 

The PDA is a form of mobile phone which can function the same as a personal information manager.

The PDA is easily replaced by modern smartphones and tablets which have an operating system based on IOS and Android.

All modern PDA devices have the capability of connecting to the internet.

They have a VDU [visual Display Unit] also a web browser to surf and access the internet.

They also have a sound and music player built which can play high-definition soundtracks.

The stylus pointing devices can be used for navigation and they can also be used as telephones. They are more than capable of connecting to the internet using WI-fi and wireless networks.

Popular Hewlett-Packard [HP] PDA devices are named Palmtop and Palm’s Palm pilot.

The term PDA is no commonly used software that identifies and recognizes voice queries presented to them.

For Example
  • The IOS operating system uses SIRI for Apple iPhones as a Virtual Assistant which can be called as PDA.
  • Android Operating System enabled Smartphones uses Google Assistant which uses voice queries for search.
Mobile computers and personal digital assistants (PDAs) are examples of the wireless network.

Advantages of PDA Computers

  • The PDA can work with internet as they are capable of connecting to the internet via WI FI and wireless networks.
  • They come in small sizes and can be easily fitted in the hand.
  • They also possess a VDU [Visual Display Unit] for viewing.
  • They can work with stylus a modern touch technology that is used by modern smart Phones.
  • PDAs can transfer data and information easily when connected to computers or laptops.
  • They are also enabled with Bluetooth feature for better connectivity.
  • They can be easily connected with USB [Universal Serial Bus].
  • Sound and music can be played in the PDA with high quality effects.
  • They also enabled with external storage device like memory cards.
  • They have a GPS facility available in PDA.

Disadvantages of PDA Computers

  • They are old fashioned.
  • PDAs cannot handle bigger applications and tend to hang sometimes while operating.
  • In PDAs applications stylus has to be used which is a serious drawback when considering modern smart phones functionality that are very advanced.
  • They are slow compared to Smart Phones and Tablets.
  • They have limited storing capacity.
  • The term PDA is used for Voice assistant software which are used for voice search queries.
  • They cannot be easily updated.
  • Because of several drawbacks and disadvantages they have been easily replaced by modern smartphones.

PDA Manufacturing Famous Companies

List of some famous PDA manufacturer companies.

List Some PDA Features?

  • Storing and using data and information.
  • Keeping schedules.
  • Using Calendars.
  • Address Books.
  • Using Modern Applications.
  • Use of Mailing System.
  • Storing pictures, videos.
  • Can access videos, and sound.
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