What is the Full Form of CU in Computer | CU Full Form

Full Form of CU in Computer is Control Unit.

Control Unit or CU controls all activities and operations performed in the computer system. The CU receives all instructions from the main memory of the computer.

It is primarily responsible for the operations and tasks performed on the computer. CU notifies logic unit, memory, input, and output devices on how to handle the instruction given to them in proper order.

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Full Form of CU in Computer System | CU Full Form

CU full form in computer is Control Unit
Full Form of CU in Computer
Full Form of CU in Computer

What is Control Unit [CU]

The Control Unit of the computer is responsible to convert all the instructions and information given to them into control signals.

 Later these signals are forwarded to the central processor for further processing after performing a certain task it understands exactly which operation to be performed and in which order.

Control Unit does not perform any processing but it coordinates and cooperates in the entire process. The process is performed by the ALU Arithmetic Logic Unit of the Computer.

Functions of Control Unit of Computer System

There are several functions of CONTROL UNIT below I have mentioned some of them.

  • The Control Unit [CU] is responsible for handling, controlling and co-coordinating all the activities in the computer system
  • Control Unit also notifies logic unit, memory, input, output on what operation to perform and in which order.
  • It acts as the communication bridge between ALU and main memory.
  • It also directs the operations of the processor [CPU] Central Processing Unit.
  • CU briefs the input devices on which data and information to be read and later decide where in memory the data can be stored i.e. location and address.
  • Control unit Plays and important role in the booting process of computer system.
  • Control unit controls and co-ordinates between input and output devices of computer system
  • Control Unit receives instructions from micro programs and later decodes them.
  • Control Unit passes the sequence of the control signals to computer processor.
  • CU is responsible for the execution of correct instruction in proper sequential order to the processors sub units.
  • In the process of processing control unit let CPU knows from which location data and information is to be received.

What is CPU – Central Processing Unit?

The Central Processing Unit CPU is called as brain and heart of a computer system

The CPU is a hardware device that performs operations like arithmetic and logical operations.

Every instruction and task is given through the input devices of a computer such as a keyboard or a mouse is carried further for processing and we receive our desired results through the output devices of a computer such as printers and monitors

The CPU is also responsible for controlling all the operations from the different units of the computer system.

The CPUs processing power has increased dramatically over a decade. Modern CPU can perform trillions of instructions per second at an unbelievable speed.

The different component of CPU is Arithmetic logical unit And Control Unit.

The CPU in another term is also called “PROCESSOR”.

CPU understands all the signals and interpretations between hardware and software and helps in converting these instructions into machine-readable form.

After processing final output is presented to the output devices of the computer in human-readable form.

CPU is a hardware device that is installed in Computers, Laptops, Tablets, Smartphones, etc.

What is Arithmetic and Logic Unit of Computer System?

ALU stands for Arithmetic Logic Unit. ALU is responsible for performing arithmetic and logical operation at high speed and with almost 100% accuracy.

Arithmetic Operations

+ (Add).
–  (Subtraction).
* (Multiply).
/ (Divide).

LU stands for the logic unit.
  • AND
  • OR
  • Equal
  • less than
  • greater than
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