What is the Full Form of FORTRAN in Computer Language | FORTRAN Full Form

 What is the Full Form of FORTRAN in computer “Formula Translation”.  

This language is a high-level language that was designed and developed by John Backus in the early 1950s and was also used for solving complex scientific calculations and numeric analysis.

The first FORTRAN program was introduced and applied in the year 1954 on IBM 704 vacuum tube computer.

This language reduces the process of programming language and made programming more used by programmers.

Full Form of FORTRAN in Computer | FORTRAN Full Form

FORTRAN Stands For Formula Translation
What is the Full Form of FORTRAN in Computer
What is the Full Form of FORTRAN in Computer

What is Fortran Computer Language?

The first language translator (compiler) FORTRAN was created by IBM and guided by John Backus.

This compiler was known and considered as the first working compiler for any high-level programming language at that time.

 FORTRAN programming language is used for solving complex mathematical problems and it is especially suited for solving numeric and scientific problems with great speed and accuracy at that particular time.

This was considered the oldest amongst others at that period of time and also was generally used for scientific fields, particularly in weather prediction, computational fluid dynamics, and computational physics.

FORTRAN is also most popular in high-performance calculations and also used in program benchmarking and is known for being the world’s fastest supercomputer undoubtedly.

Who Developed FORTRAN Language?

FORTRAN language was developed by IBM and also guided and directed by John Warner Backus in the 1950s for scientific and engineering complicated calculations.

John Warner Backus a well-known computer scientist from America.

He was in charge of the team that invented and executed FORTRAN. It was one of the high-level languages which were used widely across.

There was the abundant use of numerical calculations by scientists and the need for an excellent compiler was the need of the hour.

Therefore it inspired many computer programmers to design and develop compilers that can derive quality results with accuracy and with speed.

Hard work and research in compiler code and design gave rise to the need to generate better code for FORTRAN programs, designers, and developers.

It has been used for more than sixty years for complex numerical and scientific calculations.

Later successive versions were added for structured programming and processing is (FORTRAN 77) another is for array programming, modular programming, and generic programming.

(FORTRAN 90), and next is high-performance Fortran (FROTARN 95), next is object-oriented programming (FORTRAN 2003), concurrent programming (FORTRAN 2008),  and native parallel computing capabilities(Coarray Fortran 2008/2018).

Where is Fortran Language Used?

FORTRAN language was designed for scientists and engineers. They used this language for designing purpose

As design of bridges named as the Bridge Design System (BDS) is written in Fortran IV and it has been placed in the Burroughs  A-15 computer system.

 This system is in use since 1970 and is considered to be one of the best in the U.S.A., it is also used in learning aerospace engineering,

 It is used for Factory automation control, storm drainage design and analysis of scientific data, and so on.


FORTRAN language was developed by John Backus and IBM in the year 1950’s for scientific and engineering application and is design by “John Backus”.

 C language is a computer programming language developed by an American computer scientist whose named Dennis M. Ritchie at Bell Laboratories in the year 1970s.

The first program Fortran was compiled in the year  1954 on the IBM 704 vacuum tube computer where the C language was implemented during the year 1969 to 1973.

Fortran was designed for scientists and engineers to make their difficult calculations making it easier to make a design like bridges, airplane structures, etc.

C language is a general-purpose programming language and can do good work on games, applications that require calculations, etc.

FORTRAN is a high-level language as well as c also a high-level language.

FORTRAN language is rarely used nowadays in industries on the ranking of programming languages Fortran is 29th rank behind to other languages.

C programming language is used still nowadays and C is the 1st in programming language positions

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Advantages of FORTRAN Language

The advantages of FORTRAN Language are stated below.
  • Numerical analysis and scientific computation
  • Structured programming
  • Array programming
  • Modular programming
  • Generic programming 
  • High-performance computing on supercomputer
  • Object-oriented programming {OOPS}
  • Concurrent programming
  • Reasonable degree of portability between computer systems

Disadvantages of FORTRAN Language

Here are some disadvantages of FORTRAN language are given below
  • FORTRAN 77 awkward ‘punched card’ or ‘fixed form’ source format. Each line in the FORTRAN program or code can consist of 72 characters long. In today’s era, this is outdated and useless
  • Lack of inherent parallelism. FORTRAN is known for its performance language. Nowadays high performance is used on parallel machines.It is not capable of indicating parallelism
  • Lack of dynamic storage. FORTRAN does not save or store static values i.e. short arrays or pointers.
  • Lack of numeric portability. The problem occurred with accuracy when porting Fortran 77 code from one system to another system.
  • Lack of user-defined data structures. In FORTRAN 77 user define data type and functions are not available as they are in other languages like Pascal etc.
  • Lack of explicit recursion. FORTRAN does not support recursion which is very useful in Mathematical techniques.

Uses of FORTRAN Language?

FORTRAN language was designed and developed for engineers and scientists to solve difficult and complex problems with great speed and almost 100% accuracy.

For almost more than three decades popular FORTRAN language is used and implemented for designing bridges and structures of aircraft.

It is also used and helped in automatic control of the factory and drainage design with scientific data and analysis so on.

FORTRAN is one of the high-level languages regulated by the ANSI [American National Standards Institute].

Because of some of the silent features of the FORTRAN programming language, there was a large amount of investment gained for the development and up-gradation of computing software with hardware interaction.

FORTRAN programming language was one of the top languages at that time and was used for scientific and engineering jobs therefore heavily used in government, military, and NASA projects.

Is FORTRAN High-Level Language?


In these languages, programmers of developers can write codes that are machine-independent.

These types of computer programming languages can be easily interpreted by machines and are therefore called HIGH-LEVEL LANGUAGES.

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