What is the Full Form of HDMI in Computer | HDMI Full Form

Full Form of HDMI in Computer is High Definition Media Interface.

The HDMI port and cable are used to transfer high-quality pictures, audio, and video between the devices.  

They have superior quality standards compared to their counterparts, therefore, used abundantly in modern HDTV, projectors, OLED, BLU-RAY players, etc.

In this article, we are going to learn what is the full form of HDMI in Computer and HDMI full form also we will discuss on advantages and disadvantages of HDMI.


Full Form of HDMI in Computer | HDMI Full Form

HDMI Full Form is High Definition Media Interface.
Full Form of HDMI in Computer | HDMI Full Form
Full-Form of HDMI in Computer

What is HDMI Port & Cable

HDMI Stands for High Definition Media Interface.

HDMI cables and ports are used in transferring very high-quality videos, audio, graphics digitally from one source to another.

This high-definition content can be viewed using a High definition monitor or HD television.

These cables are capable of working with 100 MBPS speed and hence the output quality is super fine also helps in playing HD sound.

HDMI cables can work with high contrast and approx. 48 bit color and videos in 1080 p with high frame rates.

Actually, HDMI cable is a high technology group of wires which are used in transferring data and information from one medium to another.

This technique is also called “Ethernet Channel”.

In today’s technology world majority of the LED TV and computers are equipped with HDMI ports which enable and helps users to view High-quality content on their screens.

HDMI transfers videos, audio, and graphics in digital format to monitors and Televisions.

Normally today videos are created in 4k, full HD or 1080 p. HDMI helps monitors to view these high-quality videos, audios in real-time and with super-fine quality.

HDMI cables can send sound information not only sound it can transfer surround sound audio therefore the majority of the modern TV and monitors have inbuilt speakers.

History of HDMI

The HDMI was designed and developed by a group of seven companies they are Hitachi, Panasonic, Philips, Silicon Image, Sony, Thomson, RCA, and Toshiba.

Digital Content Protection, LLC provides HDCP (which was developed by Intel) for HDMI.

 The first HDMI specification was released in December 2002 it was called HDMI 1.0.

Gradually these companies came with the new updated version of HDMI commonly known as HDMI1.0, 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 2.0, etc.

Where are HDMI Cables Used?

The HDMI cables are used in the majority of high-end devices. I have mentioned some of them below.

  • Blue-ray Disc
  • HD DVD Players
  • Digital Camera
  • Mac Book
  • Personal Computer
  • Gaming Console
  • Tablets
  • Smart Phones

Different Types of HDMI Cables?

The HDMI cables are categorized into two types

  • Standard Cables | Common Cables
  • High Speed Cables
Standard Cables | Common Cables

Standard cables are more commonly used. They have a limited transfer speed compared to high-speed cables.

They have a speed of 75 MHZ and a bandwidth of 2.23 GBPS. They can successfully transfer 1080i signals from one source to another. They are also called Category 1 cables.

High Speed Cables

These cables fall in the category 2 cables. They have a speed of 250 MHZ and a bandwidth of 10 GHz.

These cables can help users to view 2k and 4k HIGH DEFINITIONS videos and audio.

 These cables also help in transferring 1440p and WQXGA resolutions signals with high speed.

Advantages of HDMI

  • The HDMI present outputs in the highest quality.
  • The HDMI is two way communication cables which are automatically configured on both sides.
  • Playing high quality audios like Dolby, DTS, super audio and HD audio suing HDMI is super easy.
  • HDMI also used in playing live streams, playing online games and live video chats.
  • HDMI enables users to view picture and videos in high contrast also color depth in 48 bit.
  • Videos can be viewed in 4k quality.
  • HDMI is a high speed cable works with 100 mbps speed in bi-direction.
  • No other cable is required for high end devices except HDMI.
  • HDMI cable used for transferring high quality audio and videos with high bandwidth stream between devices.
  • They are a means of safe communication the digital signals pass cannot be altered and changed. These signal are encrypted and authenticated.
  • They are display port compatible. HDMI uses parallel technology.

Disadvantages of HDMI

  • The output is delayed sometimes and therefore in some situations users may view black screen.
  • DVI interfacing requires separate wire and HDMI-DVI adaptor.
  • HDMI cannot run in multiple applications.
  • The HDMI cables are used only with HDMI enable devices.
  • HDMI and EDID [Extended Display Identification Data] specifications offer limited guidance in multiple location deployment scenarios.
  • The consumer Electronic Format helps different devices to communicate with each other sometimes there is a misunderstanding and confusion and this device gets undetected.
  • They can face problem in the detection process of operating system.
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