10 Umbrella Activities in Software Engineering with Examples & Diagram

Software Engineering is a field where students learn the basic to advanced software designing and development fundamentals.

To design good software that is both user-friendly and with proper functionality, one must follow the 10 umbrella activities in software engineering.

What is Software?

Computer software is nothing but collections of programs designed and developed to derive desired results with incredible speed and accuracy.

The software cannot be touched; they are not a physical entity.

Software is an essential element in a computer system; those computers are useless without it.

The software’s are categorized into three different types they are as follows.

Some software examples are MS Office, Photoshop, Adobe Reader, Picasa, and other Software used for different and special purposes.

What is Software Engineering?

Software Engineering is considered a core branch of computer engineering, also known for its versatile course/syllabus, mainly a combination of software and engineering.

Students learn software designing, software development, testing, implementation, and execution in this course.

Software engineering is a branch of IT with different categories like software designing, deployment, maintenance, testing, and programming that we learn in software engineering.

Many different programming languages can be learned in software engineerings like HTML, JAVA, PHP, C/C++, and Python.

What is Software Engineering
What is Software Engineering

Learning some programming language and becoming a sound software engineer is mandatory.

It is a group of individuals who develop software according to the user’s requirements.

They use different languages for coding and building software to later test and maintain the software they develop.

To become a software engineer, we need to know all these programming languages, and learning a programming language isn’t that difficult.

When we create a program with the idea of science and engineering, it can be made quickly. A software engineer helps maintain significant software and updates that software.

Software developers are capable of enhancing the features and applications of software.

With the help of the software engineering process, we make software at a low cost; for that, we need to follow the proper technique, and the nature of software changes with time.

So we have to change them with the help of software engineering.

When the software is developed with the correct process, the quality increases gradually.

As a software engineer, working in a software company as a software developer, tester, or database manager, and doing projects with their team or alone gain more confidence and increase knowledge and skills related to programming.

Numerous freelancers are working in the field and making handsome money by selling, updating, or letting people hire them for their projects.

Some of the websites which offer these types of services are mainly.
  • Fiverr.
  • Toptal.
  • Upwork.
  • Freelancer.com.
  • Flexjobs.
  • SimplyHired.
  • Guru.

Explain and Describe Umbrella Activities in Software Engineering in Points

  • Software Project Tracking and Duration.
  • Formal Technical Reviews.
  • Software Quality Assurance.
  • Software Configuration Management.
  • Required Document [RD].
  • Re-Usability
  • Measurement and Metrics.
  • Risk Management.
  • Risk Management
  • Deploy

1. Software Project Tracking and Duration.

This is considered an essential attribute while planning to design and develop any software. This feature defines the duration that a team of engineers will require to build the software.

The software development process is very tedious and can take extended hours of coding with innovative technology to achieve desired results.

This is done with continuous and prolonged tracking of the development phase to take necessary actions according to the conditions.

2. Formal Technical Reviews.

Software development is a continuously evolving process; therefore, it needs regular checking and updating of new coding techniques for better performance.

It is good to continuously revise your written codes for any errors and bugs before receiving new programming tasks.

Therefore, a good programmer or developer checks their previously written codes for any issues and jumps to the following coding jobs when satisfied.

3. Software Quality Assurance.

The software quality is checked, such as user experience, functionality, and load speed while development is in the process or sometimes after complete development.

Imagine you have software with numerous functionality and upgraded options designed and developed to make your job more accessible than other days.

What if this upgraded software takes long hours to load, this eventually builds frustration and irritation.

Therefore, software quality teams always check all the significant aspects of the software, which makes them good software to use and utilize.

4. Software Configuration Management.

Software configuration management (SCM) is a method or technique that allows following the changes that occurred during the software development process. This process enables taking necessary action when any issue or bugs arise in the development process.

5. Required Document [RD].

The required document [RD] can be explained as taking inputs from the client or users and organizing the client’s requirement on a piece of paper in text, images, and flowcharts that are easily understandable for users and software developers.

This document helps software developers create and develop according to the documents the client approves.

6. Re-Usability.

The code is written in such a fashion that it can be reused without rewriting the same code, again and again, eventually saving time, money, and effort.

7. Measurement and Metrics.

The software development team has to follow all the customer requirements in the process of software development.

8. Risk Management.

Risk management is also one of the better umbrella activities in software engineering, which checks all pros and cons in the development process.

It defines all the risk that evolves in the complete software development cycle.

9. Testing.

Software testing is also one of the most used techniques, primarily done after the complete software development process.

This technique allows developers to identify any bugs; or errors with functionality errors present in the software, which can be pre-diagnosed to avoid further complications.

10. Deploy.

The deployment is the final process implemented after all the umbrella activities in software engineering are completed.

Umbrella Activities in Software Engineering Explained {Diagram}

Umbrella Activities in Software Engineering
Umbrella Activities in Software Engineering

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Characteristics of Software Process

There are numerous characteristics of software processes listed below in the tabular form.
2Platform Dependencies
5User Friendly
9Development Duration

What is Process Framework?

The process of software development is complex.

Therefore, a software developer needs to figure out the essential and crucial steps to be carried out before coding.

The framework helps developers complete the given project in a given time and duration.

In this process, the developer team has to recognize essential tasks in the software development process called “Framework Activities”.

This framework activity is a benchmark for all software developers, which has to be followed to reduce complexity.

Various activities are performed in the framework process.
  • Communication
  • Planning
  • Execution
  • Development
  • Deploy and Implementation

1. Communication.

In software development, the essential task is to acquire proper and accurate input from clients or customers to avoid further complications and ease the development cycle.

2. Planning.

Planning is considered the central element in the process of software development.

If developers lack planning will eventually not be in a position to deliver the project or software in the required time and with the proper functionality that the client desires.

Improper planning also leads to maintenance issues and functionality, with technical errors and many bugs; therefore, it is essential to take enough time in software planning and program flow.

3. Execution.

After proper planning database is planned and created; later, coding is started with a step-by-step procedure.

4. Development.

The complete process from the communication to execution falls in the development phase, an essential function in the software development cycle.

5. Deploy and Implementation.

After finalizing the complete development phase, the final product or software is ready for use, and now this product is tested in various forms.

It is finally deployed if all the functionality is found correct and accurate according to the users’ requirements.

What are the 3 Types of Software?

The three types of software are listed below.
Types of Software
Types of Software
  • System Software
  • Application Software
  • Utility Software

Essential Attribute of Good Software in Software Engineering

  • Acceptance
  • Security
  • Efficiency
  • Easy to Maintain
  • Usability
Essential Attribute of Good Software
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Qualities of Good Software

  • Robustness
  • Simplicity
  • Security
  • Reliability
  • Platform Independent
  • Flexibility
  • Less Dependency
  • Memory Management
  • Simple and User-Friendly Interface
Qualities of Good Software

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

List Some Popular Programming Languages

C, C++, JAVA, PHP, .Net, Python

Elements Used in Software Development

Programming Language, IDE [Integrated Development Environment], Database, Planning, and Testing.

Why We Need Software Development Process?

Software development is a very tedious and time consuming process therefore software developer and software engineer requires a complete roadmap so that the software development process can be made simple to implement and execute.

Which is the Best Programming Language?

It can be a point of discussion according to me different programming languages are used for different and special purposes; therefore the language which suits your need should be selected for software development.

What are the Framework Activities?

Framework activities consist of communication, planning, modeling, construction, and deployment.

Who is the Father of Software Engineering?

Watts S. Humphrey 

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