15+ Advantages and Disadvantages of Mesh Topology

There are different types of topology, like Bus Topology, Ring Topology, Star Topology, Tree Topology, and Mesh Topology.

All the topology is different from each other with respect to their uses, features, and characteristics.

There are significant advantages and disadvantages of mesh topology in a computer network.

Let’s discuss some of the benefits and drawbacks of mesh topology.

What is Mesh Topology with Diagram?

In Mesh Topology, every node or device is connected directly to the network. They do not require any hub or router.

The devices connected to the network are computers, laptops, scanners, printers, mobile phones, etc.

The nodes/devices are connected using cables and wires.

Mesh Topology with Diagram
Mesh Topology with Diagram

Mesh topology is a type of network topology used and utilized in wireless networks. In a mesh topology, devices, and nodes are connected through a channel.

In this network, devices and nodes are connected via coaxial cable and twisted pair cables.

The nodes are in point-to-point connection in the network; switches and hubs are also used for connecting devices.

Mesh topology is a fast network where data/information is quickly transferred. This network is considered to be a secure network with low maintenance.

Different Types of Mesh Topology

There are 2 types of mesh topology
  1. Full Mesh Topology.
  2. Partially Connected Mesh Topology.

Full Mesh Topology

This topology enables more devices to be connected to the network. This topology or network is far more expensive compared to other topologies.

This technology connects all the devices and nodes, like routers or switches.

Partial Mesh Topology

Not all devices are connected as full mesh topology. They are partially connected, unlike full mesh topology, where all nodes are connected directly to the network.

It is inexpensive compared to full mesh topology.

Examples of Mesh Topology

Below some examples of mesh topology are listed
  • Google Wi-Fi
  • Google OnHub
  • Data-centric fabric
  • Networks in military devices
  • Zigbee
  • Google Home
  • Z-wave

Advantages and Disadvantages of Mesh Topology in Tabular Form

1Mesh Topology is more efficient and reliable compared to other topologyMesh Topology needs frequent maintenance.
2Mesh Topology is highly secure and maintains privacy.They are expensive as the hardware requirement is more compared to other networks.
3Mesh topology is suitable for establishing communication.They are challenging to manage.
4Errors and bugs are easily diagnosed.Their design is very complex.
5It can easily manage high traffic, therefore widely used and utilized.They have high power consumption.
6If any node or device is damaged or corrupted entire network does not go down.They are tedious to install and set up.
7The data and information transfer and exchange speeds are far better than their counterparts.The installation cost is high.
8The network can easily be expanded and modified according to the requirement.Every node is directly connected to another node or device; input and output ports are required.
9Data transfer is not stopped even if any node or device gets damaged.It is a time-consuming process to set up a mesh topology network.
10The connection between nodes and devices is strong and less dependent on other networks.Lots of unused connections are left.
11They are less expensive as they need less hardware compared to the different topologies.They are far more expensive compared to other networks.
12The break in a connection or network down errors is less; therefore, the networks work consistently.Redundancy occurs in this network.
13The topology helps in building large networks.The setup is complex and tedious
14In this topology, a node directly communicates with each other and hence does not need an access point.Each node has its own maintenance cost.
15This network does not rely on a hub or router.High in power consumption.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Mesh Topology with Infographic

Advantages and Disadvantages of Mesh Topology1
Advantages and Disadvantages of Mesh Topology

5 Uses of Mesh Topology

  • The mesh topologies are used in various small and large organizations and in a home network.
  • They are used in hospitals for monitoring.
  • They are used in security systems.
  • They are used in military organizations
  • They are used in fire services and communication systems.

Protocols in Mesh Topology

Proactive Protocol

This Protocol uses the majority of the resources in the dynamic environment. It is a type of Protocol that is supervised on the nodes.

It reroutes the network path if any node is damaged or corrupted.

Hybrid Protocol

They use and utilize all characteristics and features of proactive Protocol.

Reactive Protocol

This Protocol defines the path of the network.

Who Invented Mesh Topology

The concept of mesh topology was introduced in the 1980s for military experiments; it was available in the market in the 1990s.

Which Topology is Used on the Internet

 The Internet is an example of Mesh Topology.

Different Types of Network Topology

There are five types of topology in computer networks
  • Bus Topology
  • Ring Topology
  • Star Topology
  • Mesh Topology
  • Tree Topology
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Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Why is Mesh Topology Best?

Mesh Topology is very secure, provides high privacy, and provides multiple paths to succeed in the destination with tons of redundancy.

Which is the Fastest Topology?

Star Topology is considered to be the fastest.

What is the Most Popular Topology?

Star Topology is the most popular topology.

Which Topology is Expensive?

Star Topology is expensive compared to other topologies.

Who is the Father of Topology?

Johann Benedict introduced the term topology in the 19th century.

What is Topology Used For?

In complex analysis, topology is used in differentiable equations, dynamical systems, knot theory, and Riemann surfaces.

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