10 Advantages and Disadvantages of WAN | Drawbacks and Benefits of WAN

In this post, we are going to learn 10 advantages and disadvantages of WAN network | Drawbacks and benefits of WAN with meaning, description, and examples.

When one or multiple computers, devices are connected with each other for the purpose of data and internet sharing this technique or method is known as “Networking”.

The networking can be performed with the help of wired or wireless. The wired network can be established with the help of twisted cables, coaxial cable, optic fibre, switch, router, and hub etc.

The wireless network can be established with the help of wireless devices, radio wave, Bluetooth, infrared, etc.

A network can be explained in simple words as the group or collections of computers, laptops and devices connected with each other where they share resources, data, information’s and instructions.

The computer which is connected to the network is usually called a node.

The WAN Stands For Wide Area Network.

What is WAN in Computer Network with Examples?

The WAN {Wide Area Network} is a network that covers a large area for providing internet services around region, country, and across continents.

The WAN (Wide Location Network) is a network that covers a big geographical location that can cover an area, nation, continent or over the whole globe.

The Full Form of WAN is a Wide Area Network.

It is a network that provides long-distance transmission of data, voice, images, video and any type of information transmission over a large geographical area with different LANs {Local Area Network} and MANs {Metropolitan Area Network}.

WAN can connect devices from multiple locations along the world are the form of the telecommunication network.

WAN are the most extensive range of computer network that people use today.

We take the internet as the example of WAN as the web spreads around the world.

The user utilizes this network to store information or interaction with the individual regardless of where the customer is in long-distance or anywhere in the world.

They access it through the WAN.    

WAN networks could connect a LAN with the other LANs using telephone lines and radio waves and is mainly limited to an enterprise or an organization.

Advantages and Disadvantages of WAN {Wide Area Network}

Advantages and Disadvantages of WAN in Computer Networks
Advantages and Disadvantages of WAN in Computer Networks

Advantages of WAN in Computer Network

  • The WAN is used to connect computer in a huge geographical area 1000km approx. The company business can be operated around the globe thanks to WAN networks.
  • Internet Service Provider (ISP) uplinks which can help you to connect other branches of your offices.
  • The wan are used in online tickets booking, railway reservations, and airlines ticket booking.
  • The company’s important and sensitive data and information are stored in the centralized system which can be accessed around the globe.
  • The Software developer can work online on a live web project where certain data and information is needed from other resources present in other countries .In this type of situation WAN network plays important role.
  • The internet can also provide business opportunity like e-commerce websites, blogging, video blogging, trading, etc.
  • The online education is the primary and best advantages of WAN.
  • The WAN network provides incredible speed as there bandwidth is high.
  • The updates, upgrades of software and applications are very easy and efficient.
  • The data and information are stored in a centralized network.
  • Due to WAN world had become a global village.
  • The Worldwide connectivity had played an important role in advancement and enhancement of local as well as international business.
  • The people around the globe are interconnected with each other thanks to the social networking websites like whatsapp, Facebook, instagram, etc.
  • The files and folder can be easily shared through WAN network from one part of the world to other.
  • This type of network saves money as well as our precious time as they can handle important task and job with incredible speed and security.
  • Wide Area network has helped many starts up to grow their business globally and also increased their work efficiency.
  • The wide area network has also helped business in transportation, computer networking , software industry, hardware industry, etc.
  • Their ownership can be public or private.

Disadvantages of WAN in Computer Network

  • The WAN network is a huge network therefore to maintain this kind of network is a herculean task.
  • The primary disadvantage of WAN is they are expensive compared to other networks.
  • The peripherals and devices require for initial installation of WAN setup is too expensive.
  • The WAN is a combination of various other technologies therefore has many security issues compared to MAN and LAN
  • The WAN networks are incredibly huge therefore their maintenance and initial setup Is very complex.
  • The WAN networks need software as well as hardware firewall and legal antivirus software for data security against hackers and crackers. As these networks are prone to get hacked.
  • As WAN covers many areas, fixing the problem in it isn’t easy. Most of the WAN wires go into the sea, and wires get broken sometimes, so it requires lots of money to fix lines under the sea.
  • To fix or resolve network issue we need professional help which sometime can be really expensive.
  • In some areas, internet standard protocol faces problems due to electric supply or bad lines structures from this customer often faces connectivity issues or slow internet speed issues.
  • The connectivity issues can occur. The WAN networks are very difficult in addressing the issue.
  • If the network goes down the complete setup crashes which can be frustrating sometimes.
  • The Speed of WAN is slower than LAN.
  • The propagation delay time in WAN is longer.
  • The design of WAN Network is more complex compared to their counterparts.
  • WAN networks has lower data transfer rate.
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What are the different Applications of WAN?

The WAN networks are primarily used for military services.

The military setups are highly confidential therefore these networks are used due to their some silent features like speed, accuracy, less vulnerable and very efficiency in use.

These networks are highly secure from hackers.

The WAN networks are used in railway tickets and reservations also prominently used in airlines tickets. These networks are centralized and are able to cover large geographical areas for communication.

Due to their centralised database, anyone can book tickets from anywhere in the world.

The WAN networks are used in the centralized development of resources, data, and information sharing.

What are the Features of WAN?

WANs have a large capacity, connect many computers over a large area, and are inherently scalable.

They facilitate the sharing of regional resources.

They provide uplinks for connecting LANs and MANs to the internet.

Public carriers provide communications links like telephone networks, network providers, cable systems, satellites, etc.

Typically they have low data transfer rate, and high propagation delay means they have low communication speed.

They generally have a higher bit error rate. 

Best Examples of WAN

The WAN is a network in which different local Area Networks are connected to each other to establish better communication.

The LAN networks use routers, switch, and cables for establishing connections.

An example of a Wide Area Network is the internet. On the internet, we can transfer files from one computer to another.

The Banks are the best example of WAN.

LANs are often connected to WAN; a school network could be connected to the internet.

WANs can be connected using the internet through a leased line or satellite links.

The ATMs are considered to be the best examples of WAN Networks.

The university libraries are also one of the good examples of WAN.

What is the Difference Between LAN & WAN?

LAN is a computer network covering a small geographical area, like a home, office, or group.WAN is a computer network that covers a broad area like country or all over the world.
The LAN networks are expensive.The first time setup cost of WAN is costly.
The LAN has a higher data transfer rateThe WAN has a lower data transfer rate.
The Ownership of LAN is private.The ownership of WAN can be public or private.
The propagation delay time is short in LAN.The propagation delay time in WAN is longer than LAN.
Issues and problems are easy detected and rectified.They are difficult to handle problems.
The Maintenance and design are easy.complex design and maintenance.

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