7 Basic Characteristics of WAN in Computer Network

 In today’s post we are going to learn and discuss about the basic characteristics of WAN in computer network with explanation, examples, types, functions and their advantages and disadvantages.

The WAN is networking where the whole city, country, and continent are covered under its range for the purpose of data, internet, and resource sharing.

The best example of WAN is the Internet which can be accessed around the globe.

To establish a WAN Network multiple LAN networks are used and connected to them.

This type of network is the best when it comes to coverage they can cover the entire continent compared to other networks like LAN and MAN.

These silent characteristic of the WAN network has made these network most popular compared to their counterparts.

Imagine a big organization that has multiple branch offices in several cities connected with LAN Network.

These branch offices can be connected to a WAN network through their LANs.

Later this employee of the branch offices can share data and information across the network with high speed and efficiency.

Stay with me to know more about WAN networks their types and characteristics.

Let us dig into the topic more briefly.

What is WAN in Computer Networks?

WAN stands for Wide Area Network. 

A network that provides long-distance transmission of data, voice, data, image, video, information, or any information over a large geographical area, country, or the whole world is called a Wide Area Network.

WAN is a collection of Local Area Networks or another network to share information with people with devices’ help.

WAN networks also work in the form of telecommunication networks; they can connect devices from multiple locations.

The Internet is using the WAN network.

With the help of the Internet, we communicate over long distances from different countries, or users can store data.

Organizations use WAN with many branches, and their employees work with computers and access data and information through the main branch office.

WAN is a private network; no one didn’t access it easily; their network is private.

WAN uses technology for more extended connectivity like ATM, Frame Relay, and X.25.

2 Types of Wide Area Networks

There are basically 2 types of WAN.
  • Switched WAN.
  • Point To Point WAN.

Switched WAN

It is a network that consists of numerous nodes (devices or computers).

In WAN, the data and information or instructions are sent from a source node or computer to the target or destination by switching from one node to another.

They are used in long-distance data transmission and connectivity.

Point to Point WAN

The point-to-point WAN network connects two remote devices using a leased line used for public networks such as telephone lines.

Basic Characteristics of WAN in Computer Network

Characteristics of WAN in Computer Network
Characteristics of WAN in Computer Network
  • WAN has an enormous capacity and connects a large number of computers connected over a large geographical area.
  • WAN provides connecting links between LAN and MAN to the network.
  • Many users can connect and communicate with each other to share data and information in one network.
  • The speed of the data transmission is sometimes fast and sometimes slow.
  • The range of the WAN network is enormous to transfer data across the globe.
  • The data rate of WAN is low compared to the data transfer rate of the local area network.
  • WAN gives the facility of updating files and data from the server from the update with the new data, and then the entire device is connected to the network getting updates.
  • In WAN, you can share applications and other resources with other users on the internet like LANs.
  • Wide Area Network provides you to share the data with the entire device connected to a network.
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What are the Features of WAN

Many computers and devices, which are called nodes, are connected in a Wide Area network.

It also connects devices and computers that are distinguished by a wider geographical area than a LAN.

 A WAN usually uses multiple LANs for its networks.

The communication link or the uplinks between computers and nodes or devices are provided by telephone networks, public data networks, satellites, leased lines, etc.

The WANs data transfer rate is relatively low compared to a data transfer rate of a local area network {LAN}, and the signal propagation delay is much more prominent than the Local Area Network.

In a WAN network, computers and small networks are inter-connected without cables but with the help of telephone lines and satellite links.

WAN can be used with the help of the public as well as a private network.

WAN is a very long-distance communication, data, resources, and data-sharing network.

Applications of WAN in Computer Network

The primary department of the company wants to send some data to their employees who are working out there and want to share some information, so there only share the data by saving it in the centralized node of the computer.

In military operations, they want high security because they risk their lives to protect us, so they need a highly secure network for their communication that WAN can provide.

Most people travel with the help of trains and airways, so they do not need to buy tickets from their particular ticket collection spot using the internet they book tickets provided by the WAN network.

The Dean or principal of the university can easily share the information about the paper, syllabus, exams, or anything sharing information on one standard network.

WAN allows the entire computer to be connected to a network.

They also can share information without having an internet connection.

We can spread our business worldwide with the help of the internet we share our product information to every country to easily buy some product.

Applications of WAN

Mobile operators and service providers use the WAN network to provide network services at a particular circle.

Different countries have another circle. They are also connected through the WAN network; they provide services to the customers and connect through routers and switches.

The centralized server is maintained, and he can allow sharing the information with the clients.

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