Basic Characteristics of MAN in Computer Network

In today’s post we are going to discuss and learn some basic characteristics of MAN in Computer Network with Examples, meaning, definition.
The full form of MAN is Metropolitan Area Network.

A Metro Politian Area {MAN} is a network that is installed in a big area that is much bigger and wider than LAN {Local Area Network} but quite smaller in size and capacity than WAN {Wide Area Network}.

In this network, users can access and use computer resources with internet connectivity.

A MAN {Metro Politian Area} is installed in a big organization or in a university.

The MAN uses numerous LAN networks for connectivity.

The technology which is used in MAN networks is FDDI{Fiber Distributed Data interface}, ATM {Asynchronous Transfer Mode}, and MDS {Switched Multi-Megabit Data Service}.

Let us dig into the topic more briefly.

What is MAN in Computer Networks? 

Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) is a large area network that covers a city or big campus.

MAN networks are used in a large area network than on a single building.

MAN networks are formed by connecting multiple LAN networks, which are situated in multiple building connections, and it has point-to-point connections or backbone connections in a city.

What is MAN
What is MAN

The main motive of the metropolitan area network is to provide the internet throughout the MAN network, and it provides internet connectivity to the LAN network in the metropolitan network, and it connects to the wide-area network like the internet.

The main use of the metropolitan area network is to provide the high-capacity data that need by the customer.

The MAN Networks are a means of cheaper network compared to others they are more efficient than their counterparts.

The main feature of MAN is that they can offer private network connectivity with data security for an organization in a building that is interconnected in the same geographical area.

It is larger than LAN but not that larger compared to the wide-area network.

The size of the MAN network ranges between 5 km to 50 km.

The MAN Network’s best example can be cable TV which is situated in the middle of the and spread its services throughout the entire city.

Characteristics of MAN in Computer Network 

  • Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) is an interconnection of the local area network (LAN).
  • It is easier to interconnect between the computers.
  • Its network range in size from 5 to 50 km, and it could be surrounded by a small number of buildings to an entire city.
  • It has a system for local video surveillance.
  • The user generally owns a MAN, and they provide the services to multiple LAN networks.
  • It gives the facility of sharing the resources to the entire region of MAN.
  • They can connect LANs to WANs and provide internet connectivity.
  • The data rate of the MAN network is medium to high.
  • Metropolitan Area Networks gives a high-quality voice, data, and video transmission. This is the reason to make a MAN network that works in the city.
  • It mostly covers the town and cities in a maximum range of 50 km range.
  • They mostly used the medium of optical fiber cable.
  • Data rates are enough for distributed computing applications

What are the Functions of MAN in Computer Networking

Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) aims to provide a long-term connection to the internet of the network.

MAN networks are responsible to offer and provide internet connectivity and access to larger area networks like the internet

The customer needs a high capacity requirement in the MAN.

The MAN would have the capacity needed at an affordable price or more reliability than the local telephone company’s same service.

MAN can support text and voice data, and it can even be associated with a cable television network or radio waves.

It also helps to connect and provide connectivity to computer networks between cities.

MAN does not belong to one organization, and its communication links and infrastructure typically belongs to either an association or a network provider that provides the service to the customers.

MAN gives the internet connection to each, and every user gives an equal speed connected to the network.

The main benefit of MAN is that it can cover a larger area of the network to enhance the network and offer much-advanced data security also to make secure communication.

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What are the Features of MAN in Computer Networks?

The network coverage Metropolitan Area Network is wider network than Local Area Network but smaller than the wide-area network.

 It can be installed in a large geographical area such as a town or city.

The data transmission and data access speed are good.

Man is either owned by a user group or a network provider who sells services to users rather than a single organization to LAN.

Its network ranges for better connectivity and communication from 5 to 60 kilometers.

They provide uplinks for interconnecting and also better and enhanced connectivity for LANs to WANs and the internet.

MAN provides the link to the internet connection in the long run.

MAN can handle data with great efficiency it can be easily managed in a centralized system.

Local Emails can be sent free in MAN networks.

The data exchange and access speed of the MAN network can easily reach 1KBPS as MAN uses advanced fiber optic cable for better performance.

The MAN can be described as the combination of two or multiple LAN networks therefore it is much faster than its counterparts.

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