Features of Star Topology in Computer Networks

In this article, we are going to learn what are the features of Star Topology Networking in computer system.

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In Star Topology, there is a hub or Switch (central hub) attached to five nodes (computer) if a node wants to send data to node B.

They first send data to the central hub, and then the central hub transfers the data to that particular node B.

All of the five nodes (computers or devices) are not connected to each other. Instead, they are connected to the central node, which is also called SWITCH or HUB.

What is Star Topology?

Star Topology is a network where every individual node is attached to a central hub or Switch. The primary work of the Central hub or Switch is to transmit or receive data.

Features of Star Topology
Features of Star Topology

When one node transmits the data, the Switch receives it and sends it to the particular node that wants to transfer it.

This network looks visually like a star shape. Therefore this topology is called Star Topology. 

Features of Star Topology

  • The Star Topology network is easy to install, and every individual node is connected to the Central Hub or Switch.
  • In Star Topology, all nodes are connected around the Central Hub or Switch. It is found that data transmission is fast.
  • In Star Topology, if one node fails or stops, there is no disturbance in the whole network, and it continues its work as before.
  • In Star Topology, one node sends data with the help of a Central Hub or Switch to a particular node, so the transmission of data is fast.
  • The installation of the star topology network is easy.
  • The star topology network has no such maintenance.
  • The uses of excessive cables are found in star topologies when compared to bus topology.
  • The primary device of any star topology is its central device which is also called HUB, SWITCH, or ROUTER.
  • The entire network is commanded, regulated, and controlled by HUB.
  • The network is highly scalable.
  • The performance level is high class.
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Functions of Star Topology

In Star Topology, one node can communicate with the other node with the help of the Central Hub or Switch.

If any node fails or stops responding, the network does not stop its process, and they continue to operate.

And if we need to add more nodes to the Central Hub or Switch, we can easily attach them to the network.

Advantages of Star Topology

In star topology, we can add many ports to the network according to our requirements. These nodes are attached directly to the HUB or SWITCH.

In Star Topology, the data is safe when we transfer from one node to a central hub and transmit data to a particular node.

It is easy to detect faults and remove each node from the network because every node is attached separately when there is a small Star topology network.   

It provides a breakneck high data transmission speed because every node is connected individually to the Central Hub or Switch, so it is easy to add a new node.

Where is Star Topology Used?

Star Topology is used in large organizations because it is easier to control from the central hub to direct the management, and it needs to communicate with the Switch.

 Star Topology is arranged so that all nodes are attached to the central device to expand the number of nodes. There is a possibility to add more nodes to the network.

Which Topology is Fastest?

In a Star Topology, if a single node fails, only one node is affected, not the entire network.

Star Topology is used to lessen the chances of network failure because all nodes are connected in the Central Hub or Switch.

In the star Topology, the data transfer is fast.

In a bus topology, the transmission is slower as compared to Star Topology.

Which Topology is best

Star Topology is best because all the data is quickly transferred through the hub to all the nodes. After all, each node is connected to the central node.

 If one of the nodes fails, still the network is found running as compared to RING Topologies.

In RING Topology, if one node fails, then one of the nodes cannot receive data. 

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