What is the Full Form of WAN in Computer Network | WAN Full Form

The full form of WAN is Wide Area Network. Wide Area Network is a network which covers large area and countries. These WAN networks are used for providing internet services across with the help and assistance of computer networking. The best example of WAN is internet. The WAN is a collection of LAN networks.

What is WAN in Computer Networking?

The Full form of WAN is “Wide Area Network” (WAN). This is similar to local area networks, but it is an extensive network compared to LAN, which works and operate in centralized form.

WAN {Wide Area Network} are connected with the help of telephone lines, fiber optic cables and satellite links. It is a collection of smaller LANs that are connected with each other.

Internet is described as the world largest WAN, and we call it a super-WAN.

A WAN {Wide Area Network} is a computer network that covers an enormous geographical area.

LAN (Local Area Network) and MAN (Metropolitan Area Network) are examples of small networks in WAN.

The term WAN in networking refers to Wide Area Networks, which are vastly more significant than local area networks.

It is mainly used in the internet world.

There are many networks available, which are available in different ranges and are provided by the internet.

The Different Types of Networks are: 

LAN (Local Area Network), MAN (Metropolitan Area Network) and WAN (Wide Area Network).

WAN stands for Wide Area Network, an immense network used to transfer information over an extensive geographical area.

The WAN is used in advanced techniques like ATM, SONET frame relay, etc.

LAN is a small area network compared to WAN. Through these networks, the internet is connected all over the globe.

This type of network is not located in a single spot geographically but is distributed across a city, a region, and worldwide.

The WAN networks are capable of connecting two or more local area networks and cover a large area geographically.

The leased telecommunication circuit has two sides connected by a router, which transfers data between the LANs.

Internet is connected globally on three types of networks called LAN, MAN, and WAN. 

These networks are known as LAN, MAN, and WAN. A WAN network is not confined to a single geographical area but is distributed over a city, a region, and a globe.

WAN refers to a network that connects two or more local area networks and covers a large geographical area.

There is a leased telecommunication circuit established in which there is a router used for data transfer between LANs.

Although in many businesses and companies, employees, customers, buyers, and suppliers use WAN to transfer data and relay. Internet is an excellent example of a Wide area network. 

WAN is used for connecting LAN, and other devices with networks connect for connecting for sharing information because, at one place, both the sender and receiver use a media to communicate with the computer to act as a media for the transfer of information and contribute towards communication in different parts of the world. 

For the application of high bandwidth or campus area network users for better work, they give high network.

Every organization has its WAN some other WANs for ISP and internet use LAN, especially for internet connection. 

Full Form of WAN

Full Form of WAN in Computer Network
Full Form of WAN in Computer Network

Characteristics of WAN

  • The WAN connects to an extensive geographical area network and is related to multiple LANs to form a sizeable geographical area network.
  • The internet is known to be the biggest WAN in the world.
  • Multiple geographically separated networks are connected through it.
  • It is used to share information among clients within a specific area, campus, or city.
  • An organization often own WANs at home and in the office for their use.
  • Users must be connected to the network through a wireless access point.
  • It connects devices separated by the large area then used in a LAN.
Characteristics of WAN in Computer
Characteristics of WAN in Computer

Advantages of WAN

  • The WAN covers the most significant area than any other type of network. By using this network, we can connect one country to another country, and from there, we can connect to the whole world.
  • Software and resources can be easily shared with this network.
  • In this network, all files and data are stored on a computer that we call a server, and all computers connected to the network can access the data from the server.
  • There is a high bandwidth on this network.
  • Since WAN internet is available these days, anyone can open a business online.
  • Since this network is spread worldwide, we can communicate with anyone in the world via Whatsapp, Facebook, etc. video call and text messages can be performed easily.
  • They established a global network and connected different people.
  • It favors the transfer of communication and information.
  • With this global network, many businesses and organizations run successfully.
  • WANs are essential for the proper functioning of various transportation sectors worldwide, including railways and waterways.

Disadvantages of WAN

  • The network is so extensive that maintaining it is so difficult.
  • Compared to LAN and MAN, this network has the most security problems.
  • Setting up the WAN cost a lot of money.
  • To set up this network is enormous and complex.
  • To secure our network, which is large and complex, we intend to purchase antivirus software.

Different Types of WAN

There are two types of WAN {Wide Area Network}:

Point to Point WAN: A point-to-point WAN provides direct communication from one node (computer) to another node or computer.

These networks are connected with each other with the help and assistance of leased line. WANs are essential for the proper functioning of various transportation sectors worldwide, including railroads and waterways.

CSU router and Telco provide an interface between them. Remote customer premises configure by the same setup.

Because in point to point, WAN has only two-node on end nodes for the data link layer, and there is no need for addressing.

Point to Point WAN is has High-Level Data Link Control (HDLC), Point to Point Protocol (PPP), or one of their derivatives like Point to Point Protocol (PPTP). 

Switched WANs: In Switched WAN, has no end.

Switched WAN network is a network of point-to-point networks that provide access to various other end nodes. A switched WAN can be a circuit-switched network or a packet-switched network.

What is the Origin of WAN

The full form of WAN is Wide Area Network is a computer network is spread over a large geographical area. WAN has many small networks like Local Area Network (LAN) and MAN (Metropolitan Area Network). 

WAN is greater than LAN.

This word has maximum use in the world of the internet, how the internet is working for this there are so many networks of different range. 

The internet has three types of network LAN, MAN, and WAN.

Examples of WAN Network

  • Internet 
  • Airlines Companies
  • Cable Companies
  • Banks
  • Telecommunication Companies
  • Stock Brokerages
  • 4G mobile broadband system
  • Network Provider
  • Satellite System

5 Applications of WAN Network

  • The data and information can be store using central network system, so that it can be shared via computer network
  • Military operations are highly sensitive an operation therefore requires secure networks for communications.
  • WAN is used for such operation which needs security.
  • Railway reservations and airlines use the WAN network.All the hardware resources like printer, scanner, hard disk, fax, can be shared across the network.
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