What is Mastercard Computer Mouse | Types, Advantages and Disadvantages

Introduction to Master Computer Mouse

A Mastercard computer mouse is compact in shape and size. They can also be easily fitted in the palm of your hand.

They are connected to computers and other devices with the help and assistance of a USB or wired port.

They are primarily used to transfer data and information from one place to another.

Mastercard Computer Mouse are extensively used and utilized in online shopping.

What is MasterCard Computer Mouse?

Mastercard is a computer mouse that can easily connect with desktops, laptops, and touchpads.

They have USB [Universal Serial Bus] connectors that help them communicate with every device that is enabled with a USB interface.

The Mastercard mouse can be used for navigation on the screen. They are lightly weighted also compact in shape and design.

They are portable and can be easily carried out in bags and pockets.

This device is designed and developed with a low friction surface; hence, they are less vulnerable when using them.

The Mastercard mouse is one of the famous online payment techniques. Mastercard is one of the trusted brands widely used and utilized in online marketing.

They offer beautiful and comfortable experiences when using them during online shopping.

These Mastercard mouse helps avoid carrying physical credit or debit card as users have to enter their mobile number and are redirected to the seller’s website for purchase.

They help maintain your monthly budget by avoiding unnecessary shopping, allowing users to pay off their balance over time.

Different Types of Mastercard Computer Mouse

Mastercard is one of the leading brands in payment processing. Mastercard was established in 1966 by Will Glen.

In 1976, Mastercard launched its first credit card with a magnetic stripe embedded into it for additional security and functionality.

Some of the types of Mastercard computer mouse are mentioned below.
  • Mastercard 2427 Wireless Optical Mouse.
  • Mastercard 3380 Ultra-Compact Bluetooth® Mouse.
  • Mastercard Optical Mouse.
  • Mastercard Wireless Mouse.

Explain MasterCard Computer Mouse with Image

MasterCard Computer Mouse
MasterCard Computer Mouse

Mastercard Computer Mouse Water

The Mastercard computer mouse was designed and developed by Mastercard. 

Mastercard has developed a water-based computer mouse that can be used with any device with a USB port or connector.

This device was researched at Texas A&M University.

The Mastercard Computer Mouse Water is available in different colours and shapes that can be selected according to your needs.

The Mastercard computer mouse water bottle is made with fantastic BPA-free materials. It holds up to 25 oz.

Mastercard Computer Mouse Water
Mastercard Computer Mouse Water

This bottle is developed with leakproof material that keeps the liquid fresh for long periods and preserves the liquid’s components for better usability and freshness.

In addition, this water bottle features a silicone carrying handle that makes it easy to carry around with you wherever you go.

The Mastercard computer mouse water comes in cans containing one litter per can.

The Mastercard Computer Mouse is a high-quality water bottle with the logo of Mastercard on the front and back sides of the water bottle.

The Mastercard Computer Mouse Water is made from durable material, which ensures durability and long-lasting performance without any wear and tear on your device.

Different Types of Computer Mouse

Types of Mouse
Types of Mouse
MasterCard Computer Mouse PDF DownloadDownload Here

Functions of Mouse in Computer System

  • Point
  • Select
  • Hover
  • Scroll
  • Drag-and-drop
  • Open & Close Program
Functions of Mouse
Functions of Mouse

5 Characteristics of Mouse of Computer System

  • They are compact.
  • Simple to use.
  • Simple design.
  • Portable and be shifted from one location to another.
  • Inexpensive.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Mouse in Tabular Form

1They are reliable and efficient devices.They are delicate and hence get easily damaged.
2They are light weighted and portable.Wireless mouse needs batteries for proper functionality and usage.
3They are plug-and-play devices with no additional drivers for installation.They need flat surfaces for working.
4They work with tremendous speed and accuracy.Connectivity issues can occur.
Advantages and Disadvantages of Mouse

Parts of Computer Mouse

4 Different Parts of the Computer Mouse are
  • Left Button.
  • Right Button.
  • Center Button [Scroller].
  • Sensor
Parts of Computer Mouse
Parts of Computer Mouse

10 Uses of Mouse in Computer

1Graphics Designing.
22D Animation.
33D Animation.
4Photo Editing.
5Video Editing.
6Surfing Over the Internet.
7Online Trading.
8Using Word Processor.
9Using a Spreadsheet.
10Using Software and Applications.

Full Form of Mouse


Top Mouse Manufacturing Companies in World

3I Ball.
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Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs] on Mastercard Computer Mouse

Who Invented Mouse?

The computer mouse was invented and developed by Douglas Engelbart during the 1960s.

Expensive Computer Mouse in the World

MJ Python Leather Mouse – $17,840

Most Used Pointing Device of Computer?

A mouse is the most used pointing device.

Who Established Mastercard?

Will Glen in 1966.

What are the Parts of a Computer Mouse?

Left Button.
Right Button.
Scroll Wheel.
Motion Detector.

What Type of Device is Mouse?

A mouse is an example of an Input Device.

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