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Yes, the projector is an output device in computer.

The projector is an output device of a computer that is used to display images on the large screen generated by a computer system.

The generated outputs can be displayed on white screens, walls, or on a clean surface where the outputs can be clearly viewed.

The projector plays a vital role when displaying certain information like presentations, videos, etc. to a wide audience just like television and computer monitors.

What is a Projector?

The projector is an output device that is made of a series of dots, chips, lenses, and color wheels.

The projector is capable of displaying moving objects, images, and videos on various other sources like walls, cloth sheets, etc.

There is a lot of confusion around whether a projector is an input or output device but here in this post we will have a clearer understanding of projector types, uses, and advantages with pictures and examples.

The projectors are used in the educational sector where teachers and instructors teach students on a large screen to cover the entire class for better reach and clarity.

What is a Projector
What is a Projector

They are also used in displaying presentations for a group audience for proper visibility and understanding.

The projectors are also extensively used as a home theatre for watching movies.

In simple words, the projector is an electronic device that is more than capable of displaying videos, moving images, and presentations on the wall or on clearer surfaces.

They are used in the majority of companies where the need for training and planning is extensively required for a group of individuals seated in big rooms or auditoriums.

The projectors are handy when the instructor or trainer or teacher has to involve their audience in the presentation to make them proactive and aware.

They can be connected to a computer system with the help of HDMI {High Definition Multimedia Interface} cables, Bluetooth, WI-Fi, or old-fashioned VGA {Video graphic Array} ports.

The projectors are available in various different sizes, shapes, prices and functionality.

Is a Projector an Input or Output Devices Computers?

Yes, the projector is an output device.

Before going further, to understand the topic more easily we must be aware of what is an input and output device so that we can get a clearer picture.

Now let’s talk about input devices of computer system

The input devices of a computer system are devices that take or accept raw data and information from outside the world and later transfer it to the system for further processing and handling.

The primary functions of the input devices are to present the data, instructions and information to the CPU {Central Processing Unit}.

Some of the examples of input devices are
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • Joystick

Let us understand output devices.

The output devices are electromagnetic device that receives input from the computer system and generates an output on paper.

Which are also called “Hard Copy”.

The output devices are extensively used for printing and producing outputs on papers, sheets, etc.

Some of the examples of output devices are as follows.
  • Printers
  • Projectors
  • Monitors

As per our above discussion, we can jump to a conclusion that projectors fall in the category of output devices that are responsible to generate output on walls and thin clearer clothes.

Different Types of Projectors

There are various different types of projectors readily available in the market.
  • DLP
  • LCD
  • LED
Different Types of Projectors
Different Types of Projectors

5 Uses of Projectors

  • The projectors are used to present PowerPoint presentations to groups of people.
  • The instructors and teachers use projectors instead of old-fashioned blackboards for teaching.
  • They are also used and utilized for watching movies.
  • They can generate output on walls.
  • They can be used at weddings, parties, and get-togethers.

Projector is an Output Devices | How Does Projector Work

The projectors are output devices that produce or generate outputs on various other locations such as walls.

Is a Projector an Input or Output Devices With an Image

A projector is Output Devices
A Projector is Output Devices

5 Benefits and Advantages of Projectors in Points

  • They are used to display good qualities of images and videos on walls.
  • They are compact in size, and therefore can be installed in small spaces.
  • They are highly portable.
  • They can be used and utilize to demonstrate presentation, as well as in the educational industry.
  • They are lighter.
  • Modern projectors are capable of displaying images and videos in high contrast ratio.

Best Projector Manufacturing Companies

  • Canon.
  • Casio.
  • Christie Digital.
  • Epson.
  • Hitachi.
  • BenQ.

Projectors Details

Name Full-FormSummary
DLPDigital Light Processing TechnologyDLP Projector are based on the optical semiconductor in 1987.
LCDLiquid Crystal DisplayLCD projectors are video projector that displays high-definition videos and images on a flat surface.
CRTCathode Ray TubeCRT projectors are versatile projectors that use cathode ray tubes for functioning.

12 Input Devices of Computer System

The lists of input devices of a computer system are as follows.
Types of Input Devices
Types of Input Devices
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • Scanner
  • Trackball
  • Joystick
  • Light Pen
  • Touch Screens
  • Optical Card Reader (OCR)
  • Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR)
  • Optical Bar Code Reader (OBR)
  • Voice Recognition Devices
  • Optical Mark Reader (OMR)

9 Output Devices of Computer System

Types of Output Devices
Types of Output Devices
  • Monitors
  • Touch Screens
  • LCD Monitors or LED Monitors
  • Printers
  • Speakers
  • Headphones
  • Sound Cards
  • Plotters
  • Projectors
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Why Do We Need a Projector?

The modern projectors are used in demonstrating presentation, teaching, training, and planning.

Who Invented the Projector?

Francis Jenkins and Thomas Armat designed and developed a projection device called it Phonoscope.

They demonstrated their projector in Atlanta in September 1895.

Frequently Asked Questions {FAQs}

Is Projector Hardware or Software?

Yes it is a hardware device

What is a Modern Projector?

The modern projector can reproduce images and videos on any surface which is clearer in nature.

What is a LED Projector?

It is a projector that uses a light-emitting diode for reproducing images and videos on a flat surface.

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