Advantages and Disadvantages of Modems | Pros & Cons of Modems

If you are working on a computer with an internet connection you may have come across the word “Modem”.

The modem is a hardware device that is used to connect to the internet and also used to communicate with other computers and laptops in the form of Networking.

Networking helps to transfer data | and information from one computer to another with handsome speed. They are also used to share internet connections between the computers in the network.

In this post, we are going to learn the advantages and disadvantages of modems with the pros and cons of modems, also the benefits and drawbacks of modems.

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What is Modem?

An electrical engineer from Canada name BRENT TOWNSHEND came with a core idea that was capable to transfer data between two computers with high speed.

In the year 1992, AT & Bell Lab introduced their first commercial modem in the market.

That was famously known as a 56k bit/sec Modem.

The word modem is a combination of two words MO- MODULATOR & DEM –DEMODULATOR. 

It is a hardware device that is used to establish a connection between analog and digital signals

This modem can be connected to a router, cable, and telephone line to connect to the internet.

They are used to send or transfer data from one computer to another computer when they are connected to each other in a network.

The modems are called input and output devices which are used in sending and receiving data with the help of telephone lines.

Types of Modem

There are different types of modems that are categorized according to their functionality and use.

There are many manufacturers of modern available in the market but before purchasing any one of them you must be aware of your requirements.

  • Dial-Up Modems
  • Broadband Modems
  • Internal Modem
  • External Modem

Advantages and Disadvantages of Modems

Here we are going to discuss briefly on advantages and disadvantages of modems with examples and illustrative pictures.
Advantages and Disadvantages of Modems | Pros & Cons of Modems
Advantages and Disadvantages of Modems | Pros & Cons of Modems
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Advantages of Modems

Below I have mentioned some of the advantages of modem have a look
  • Modern is used to connect computers in a network so that data | and information can be exchanged between them.
  • These modems can communicate with the help of analog and digital signals.
  • Slow data transfer is observed when lots of computers are connected to a network. Modems are used in connecting computers and laptops to the internet and also in data sharing.
  • The number of laptops and computers that can be connected with a modem entirely depends upon the modem manufacturer.
  • The speed of the modem depends upon the quality and modem manufacturer.
  • The good quality modem has good speed compared to others and vice versa. Normally they have good speed.
  • Usually, modems are quite expensive also the price entirely depends upon the manufacturer.
  • The latest modems are fast as well as expensive. The updated and latest modem can even send and receive fax messages with good speed.
  • They are used with LAN [Local Area Network] which helps in connecting with the internet this is considered the major advantage of modems in the modern world.
  • The download speed of the cable modem is quite significant. Internal and External modem offers warranty and hence can be easily replaced when damaged.
  • Internal modern can be easily installed with any of the PSI [Peripheral Component Interconnect] slots available on the motherboard.
  • The External modem can be connected with a USB [Universal Serial Bus] slot available on the motherboard.
  • There are a significant amount of models and manufacturers available in the market to choose from.
  • The modems are easily available in the market.

Disadvantages of Modems

Let us discuss some of the disadvantages of modems in points.
  • The internal modems cannot be connected with a wireless connection.
  • These modems are also real candidates for viruses and malware attacks.
  • They are slow when connected in HUB.
  • Some modems are not available in the market hence in some cases they may have availability issues.
  • They fail to track and maintain the traffic between LAN and the internet.
  • If the modem is not connected to a fiber optic cable you may face slow internet speed and hence this is the major disadvantage of modems in this high-speed internet world.
  • They need to be configured with a computer and service provider before using the internet.
  • The Dial UP Connections is slow and it is disconnected when you receive any calls on telephone lines.
  • There is a restriction of the system to be allowed to access it ranges from 4 to 16. The updated modem has increased the limitations and is therefore considered as the major disadvantage of the modems.
  • A modem needs an RJ11 Jack for communication with a telephone line and an RJ45 Jack for computers to connect.
  • Installing and configuring a modem is time-consuming and needs the professional guidance of network engineers.
  • Modems need device drives to be installed in the operating system so that they can be configured and ready for communications. New Plug and Play modems have made the task very simple nowadays.
  • A limited number of computers and laptops can be connected using modems in the computer network.

Famous Modem Manufacturing Companies

  • Netgear.
  • D-Link.
  • TP-LINK.
  • Belkin.
  • Cisco.
  • iBall.
  • Tenda.
  • Digisol.
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