Advantages and Disadvantages of Dot Matrix Printers | Benefits and Drawbacks of Dot Matrix Printers

The most common and used printer is a dot matrix. Dot matrix printer utilizes metal pins to strike on ink-coated paper sheets. 

The resulting impression comprises tiny dots comprising a character or symbol on the page.

Due to their old technology, their uses could have been improved. But still, they bounced back.

There are some significant advantages and disadvantages of dot matrix printers | Benefits and Drawbacks of Dot Matrix Printers.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Dot Matrix Printers | Pros & Cons In Tabular Form

1Dot Matrix Printers are inexpensive. The printouts are cost-effective.The printout received from dot matrix printers is black.
2High print speed and resolution are much faster than laser or inkjet.They are slow in operation compared to their counterparts.
3They are reliable printers.They are old fashion technology printers.
4They are flexible.Dot matrix printers use an ink cartridge.
5They are efficient.They are not capable of printing color images and pictures.
6Dot Matrix Printers are easy to use and handle.Takes up a lot of space in your office or home.
7They consume less power and energy.High maintenance cost.
8They come with built-in software to arrange the pages in proper order according to the need of the user.The low print quality of printouts.
9They are durable and last longer.They make noise while printing.
10They are portable and compact and can be transferred from location A to location B.They have more moving parts compared to their counterparts.
11They are extensively used in continuous printouts.Cartridges or Toners are used for printing.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Dot Matrix Printers | Benefits and Drawbacks Using Image

Advantages and Disadvantages of Dot Matrix Printers
Advantages and Disadvantages of Dot Matrix Printers

What is Dot Matrix Printers Definition

Dot matrix printers are a type of impact printer. These printers use ribbon ink for drawing on paper. They are capable of printing characters in a single instance.

They have a head that slides right to the left and left to right for printing.

The dot matrix printer was first introduced by IBM [International Business Machine] in 1957.

What is Dot Matrix Printers
What are Dot Matrix Printers

In this modern technology world, the use of dot matrix printers is limited, as they are designed and developed with the help and assistance of old fashion technology.

The dot matrix printer can not provide high-quality outputs.

Dot matrix printers are also known as line printing. They are inexpensive and capable of printing continuously.

Dot matrix printers use a series of pins that strike against an ink-filled pad under pressure from a small spring-loaded cylinder (called the “hammer”).

The pattern made by this striking process creates dots on the paper — hence the name “dot matrix” printer.

These printers are inexpensive, affordable, portable, and reliable. They can handle substantial printing jobs and tasks with speed and accuracy.

Working of Dot Matrix Printers?

Dot matrix printers were used in small offices for printing tickets and invoices in the early days since their incredible features and characteristics were prevalent in private and government offices.

Latest dot matrix printers can be connected to desktop computers, laptops, and mobile phones using parallel ports, USB, and wireless technology.

Dot matrices still need to be updated with modern technology. They are used and utilized for bulk printouts.

The working and handling of operations in dot matrix printers are straightforward, to handle.

A print head-It is used for printing the text on paper. It consists of a moving arm with many small holes, which a stepper motor can move up and down.

In addition to moving up and down, each hole in the print head has two sides that can be opened or closed depending on what type of material needs to go through.

A dot matrix printer moves a set of pins in an X-Y plane. A dot matrix printer is a type of printer that uses a series of hooks to create “dots” on paper.

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Uses of Dot Matrix Printers

The Dot Matrix Printers are used in industries where continuous printouts are required in bulk quantity.

The Dot Matrix Printers are used in the following sectors. 
  1. Railways.
  2. Banks.
  3. Electricity Bills.
  4. Regional Transport Office [R.T.O.].
  5. Auto Spare Parts.
  6. Courier Deliveries.
  7. Colleges.
  8. Schools.
Uses of Dot Matrix Printers
Uses of Dot Matrix Printers

Examples of Dot Matrix Printers

  1. EPSON LX-310 Single Function
  2. TVS MSP 250 STAR Single Function
  3. EPSON LQ-1310 Single Function
  4. T.V.S. HD 250 Gold Single Function
  5. TVS MSP 345 Single Function
  6. TVS MSP 245 Single Function

Different Types of Printers

There are two types of printers they are.
  1. Impact Printers.
  2. Non-Impact Printers.
types of printers
Types of Printers
Examples of Impact Printers are Dot Matrix, Daisy Wheel, & Line Printers or character printers.
Non-Impact Printers include inkjet printers, laser printers, thermal printers, portable printers, etc.

Famous Impact Printer Manufacturer

  1. Hewlett Packard [HP]
  2. Canon.
  3. Epson.
  4. Brother.
  5. Sharp.
  6. Lexmark.
  7. Panasonic.
  8. Kodak.
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Dot Matrix Printer Input or Output Device

Dot Matrix Printer is an Output Device.

5 Differences Between Impact & Non-Impact Printers

Impact PrintersNon-Impact Printers
Impact printers run on a mechanism of striking the ribbon or hammer to the ribbon containing ink to print on a paperNon-impact printers used a laser printing mechanism where no striking was used.
Continuous paper was used.The individual paper was used.
The quality is compromised.The quality is better than impact printers.
Cartridges are used for ink storage,No such containers are used.
Slow printing speed.Comparatively faster than impact printers.
Makes noise while printing.They are noiseless.
Difficult to operate.Easy to use.
Impact printers are used occasionally.They are used regularly.
Impact printers are older technology.Non-impact printers are updated technology printers.
Lower quality of graphics.Wider variety of fonts that handles graphics.
Except Dot matrix printers print graphic images.The good color quality of the printing
In impact printer figure or graphic style cannot be changed except in Dot matrix printers.Every type of visual style or figure is accepted.
In Impact, printer printing is executed by hammering a character die or metal pin.In non-impact printers, printing is executed by dropping ink on paper or in any manner.
Impact printers are fast and can print 250 words per second,Non-impact printers are slow and can cover one page in one second.
Old Printing technology.Latest printing technology.
Impact printers can be seen in offices and newspaper production.Non-impact printers are seen in homes and shops.
Impact printers are long-lasting.Non-impact printers require maintenance after some time.
Impact printers have more moving parts.Not that moving parts compared to impact printers.
Examples of impact are dot matrix printers, daisy wheel printers, and ball printers.Non-impact printer examples are laser printers, inkjet printers, and thermal printers. 

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs] Dot Matrix Printers Advantages & Disadvantages

What are dot matrix printers called?

Impact matrix printer.

Who invented the dot matrix printer?

Robert Howard invented the dot matrix developed.

Who developed the dot matrix?

Fritz Karl Preikschat.

What are the components of a dot matrix printer?

Dots, hammer, and the ink ribbon.

What Colour does the dot matrix printer print in?

Black in Colour.

How many types are printers?

There are two types of printers.

Impact Printers.
Non-Impact Printers.

Can dot matrix printers print images?

Dot Matrix Printers can print images that are in black.

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