What are the Characteristics of NON-Impact Printers


In this article, we are going to learn and write what are the four characteristics of non-impact printers with examples and definitions.

What is Printer?

A printer is a device that sends the information to the printer in the form of text words, graphics that are of any type, i.e., in colored or in black and white that text words or pictures convert into hard copies size 8.8” to 11” sheet of paper.

Input work is accepted by the user or on other devices to use print documents.

What are Non-Impact Printers?

Non-Impact Printers are a type of printer that prints without touching physically with the help of ink or other substance, and it does not strike on the paper.

Some of these printers use spray ink, while other used heat and pressure to create graphics or text.

characteristics of NON-Impact Printers
Three Types of Non-Impact Printers

There are three types of Non-Impact printers such as:

Laser Printer: 

A computer-connected printer that produces high-quality printed material by using a laser to form an electrostatically charged dot on a light sensitivity drum, which attracts toner (or dried ink powder).

The toner is transferred to a sheet of paper and fixed through a heating process.

Inkjet Printer: 

An inkjet printer is a computer peripheral that sprays ink onto paper.

 In an inkjet printer, the print head consists of several small nozzles, also called jets.

As the paper moves through the print head, the nozzles spray ink on it, forming letters and charts.

Thermal Printer: 

It produces an image on paper by running paper with a thermochromic coating over a print head composed of electrically heated elements and creating an image in the area where the heated coating turns black.

A dye-sublimation printer is a form of thermal printing technology that uses heat to transfer dye to materials.

Write Four Characteristics of Non-Impact Printers

  • It prints faster than the impact printer and takes less time.
  • They do not physically touch; you need the help of ink or other substances to print and without physically feel to print.
  • Good quality printable material printing.
  • They are quieter than impact printers while printing.
  • Prints a page in minimal time.
  • It also prints a graphic image precisely as it is.
  • They need less maintenance or repairs than impact printers.
  • They are used today because they are easy to handle and are considerabely fast.
  • It is used in small machines like receipts, ATMs, movie tickets, Bus tickets, billings, etc.
  • They are maximum use by students, employees, and working people for their official work use.   
  • You can print on various paper sizes, from the banner format size to anything else.
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Examples of Non-Impact Printers

All printers today are non-impact printers they are:

  • Laser printer inkjet printer
  • LED printer
  • Solid ink printer
  • Thermal wax transfer printerDye-sublimation printer

The Disadvantage of Non-Impact Printers

  • Ink cartridges for non-impact printers are very costly.
  • In laser printers, toner is harmful to humans.
  • Inkjet printer is slower than the laser printer, and high quality of paper is required.
  • It is expensive to replace the ink cartridge.
  • In a thermal printer, if it is too heated to operate, ink consumes more, and the printing may not be accurate.

Difference Between Impact and Non-Impact Printers

Impact PrintersNon-Impact Printers
The impact printer prints characters or images by striking a print hammer or wheel against an inked ribbon.The non-impact printer prints characters and images without hitting the paper
Impact Printers are slower.Non-Impact Printers are comparatively faster.
Lower print quality.Superior Print quality
Usually uses continuous paper sheets.The non-impact printer uses individual paper sheets.
Impact printer makes noise during printing.Non-impact don’t make noise.
It uses inked ribbon while printing,Non-impact uses toner or cartridge for printing.

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