8+ Advantages and Disadvantages of Impact Printers | Benefits and Drawbacks of Impact Printers

Printers are categorized into two different types that are impact and non-impact.

Impact printers are old fashion printers that use old technology for printing

On the other hand, non-impact printers use advanced laser printing technology.

There are some advantages and disadvantages of impact printers that are discussed here.

Dot Matrix, Daisy Wheel, and Line printers are common examples of impact printers.

8+ Advantages and Disadvantages of Impact Printers | Pros & Cons of Impact Printers

1They use cartridges and ink ribbons. Refilling and replacement of the cartridge are expensive.
2They are reliable printers and inexpensive.They make noise while printing.
3They can make continuous prints on paper.They are unable to print in color.
4They were extensively used and utilized where large numbers of output were needed.They are designed and developed using old technology.
5Text and graphic outputs can be obtained.Lower quality of outputs is obtained.
6They print character by character or line by line.They are slow in printing compared to non-impact printers.
7They are compact.They have more moving parts compared to non-impact printers.
8The cost of the printouts is cheaper. paper is to be manually inserted.
Advantages and Disadvantages of Impact Printers

Advantages and Disadvantages of Impact Printers with Image

Advantages and Disadvantages of Impact Printer
Advantages and Disadvantages of Impact Printer

Uses of Impact Printers.

  • Railways
  • Banks
  • Electricity Bills
  • Regional Transport Office [R.T.O.]
  • Auto Spare Parts.
  • Courier Deliveries.
  • Colleges

What is Impact Printer with Examples?

An impact printer directly comes in contact with ink ribbon and paper.

A metal or plastic head strikes the ink ribbon which the ribbon is pressed against the paper, and the desired character impression is printed on the sheet.

What are Non-Impact Printers with Examples?

This non-impact Printer uses laser printing technology and does not utilize ink and ribbon to print on paper.

Non-impact printers print Text and graphics on paper without hitting it and do not use ink.

Some printers use spray ink while using heat and pressure to create images. These printers are faster than impact printers.

Different Types of Impact Printers?

There are three different types of impact printers

some examples of impact printers are as follows.

  • Dot Matrix.
  • Daisy Wheel.
  • Line Printers or Character Printer.
Types of Impact Printers
Types of Impact Printers

Dot Matrix Printers

Dot matrix printers are the most popular type of impact printer.

They are computer printers that are extensively used and utilized where many printouts are required.

This Printer uses a striking mechanism that strikes the paper with the help of a drum to form a text or image.

These printers print one character at a time, and they use a head that helps images and Text to print on paper, rotating continuously when given commands.

They are developed with old technology; hence their uses are somewhat restricted compared to an impact printer designed and developed using the latest printing technology.

They are expensive, slow, and make noise while printing.

The dot matrix was first introduced by IBM [International Business Machine] in 1957.

Daisy Wheel.

This is an impact printer that uses solid fonts while printing.

The daisy wheel’s name is taken from the flower daisy. They are slow printers and make noise while printing.

They produce good quality outputs.

Daisy Wheel printer uses the impact printing technique. They are extensively used and utilized in letter printing.

Line Printers or Character Printer.

A line printer is an impact printer that prints a complete line at once. They are faster-working printers compared to other impact printers.

Their speed is measured in LPM [Line Per Minute]. They print 300 to 2500 lines per minute.

Examples of Non-Impact Printers

Some examples of non-impact printers.
  • Inkjet printers.
  • Laser Printer.
  • Snapshot Printers.
  • Wide Format Printers.
  • Thermal Printers.

Uses of Non-Impact Printers

  • Printing Press.
  • Xerox.
  • Shops.
  • Offices.
  • Real Estate.

Non- Impact Printer Input or Output Device

Is a Printer an Input or Output Device
Printer Output Device

Famous Impact Printer Manufacturer

  1. Hewlett Packard [HP].
  2. Canon.
  3. Epson.
  4. Brother.
  5. Sharp.
  6. Lexmark.
  7. Panasonic.
  8. Kodak.

5 Differences Between Impact & Non-Impact Printers

#Impact PrinterNon-Impact Printers
1They produce low-quality outputs compared to non-impact printers.They produce high-quality outputs.
2Impact printers use a mechanism that strikes the ribbon that contains ink, this ink prints on paper. Non-impact Printer uses laser printing technology.
3They are slow in operating and printing.They are comparatively faster in operating and printing than impact printers.
4They are designed and developed with the help of old technology.They are manufactured with new and updated technology.
5Black print outputs can be obtained using impact printers.Black and colored printouts can be obtained.
6They are inexpensive.They are expensive compared to impact printers.
5 Differences Between Impact & Non-Impact Printers

Different Printers With Their Uses

Sr.NoPrinter NameUses
#1Laser Laser printers are used in printing stationery, brochures, labels, leaflets
#2Dot-Matrix The dot matrix printers are capable of printing multiple sheets at once. They are used in the billing section of offices and businesses.
#3Thermal PrintersThey are used in railways reservations, restaurants, ATMs, credit card swipes, malls, etc.
#4Photo PrintersPhoto Printers are used for printing photos and images in high quality and are used by professionals.
#5Inkjet PrintersInkjet printers are used to produce printouts on a variety of objects such as Envelop, T-shirts, visiting cards, invitation cards, etc.
Different Printers With Their Uses

Different Types of Printers

Types of Printer
Types of Printer
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Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Who Invented Impact Printer?

Centronics developed the first dot matrix impact printer in 1970 by Gary Starkweather.

Which is the Oldest Impact Printer

Dot Matrix printers are considered to be the oldest Printer.

Which Port is used to Connect the Printer?

Printers are connected via USB Port, Serial Port, or Parallel Port.

What is a Local Printer?

The local Printer is a printer that can be connected via a USB Port or USB cable.

What is Network Printers?

A printer connected to the network through an Ethernet cable or Wifi is called a “Network Printer.”

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