Integrated Circuits ICs are Related to Which Generation of Computer System

In today’s post, we will know ICs are Related to Which Generation of Computer with examples and images.
The Integrated Circuits are related to the third generation of computer Systems.
The IC stands for “Integrated Circuit”.

Jack Kilby developed the integrated circuit on 12th September 1958. He was an electrical engineer by profession from Texas Instruments Company.

The integrated circuit {IC} is the most essential and vital part of any electronic device. Almost every device is equipped with ICs for better and enhanced performance of devices.

These ICs can be programmed in a special way to derive necessary results; any devices without the ICs installed in them cannot work properly.

The ICs are installed on PCB {Printed Circuit Board} which is also called a circuit board.  The PCB comprises a thin sheet of non-conductive material from plastic, copper, and aluminum foil.

The PCB holds all components attached to it together on a single sheet. They are also responsible for connecting all electronic components through a circuit.

Small transistors and capacitors are integrated into Integrated Circuit {IC}.

Today’s generation of electronic devices heavily depends on ICs as they play a vital role in the performance and speed of any devices installed.

What are the Five Generations of Computer Systems?

  • First Generation of Computer (1940-1956)
  • Second Generation of Computers(1956-1963)
  • Third Generation of Computers(1964-1971)
  • Fourth Generations of Computers:: ( 1971-To 2000)
  • Fifth Generations of Computers (Present and Beyond)
Five Generations of Computer Systems
Five Generations of Computer Systems

The Integrated Circuit {ICs} is related to third generation computers.

The ICs replaced transistors due to their compact size, faster, and less power and energy.

The third generation of computers belongs from 1963 to 1972.  

These computers use ICs where numerous small components like capacitors, and transistors are integrated into ICs with the help of silicon chips.

The ICs helped the computer system work and perform tasks, jobs, and operations more efficiently.

They use parallel processing for multitasking and multiprogramming.

They also use remote processing and time-sharing for the operating system.

The numerous components like a transistor, resistor and capacitor are integrated into a chip called a “Semiconductor”, which improves reliability, dependability, and efficiency.

Examples of Third Generations of Computer

  • IBM-360 Series
  • Honeywell – 6000 series
  • PDP (Personal Data Processor)
  • IBM-370/168
  • TDC-316
  • UNIVAC 1108
  • ICE
  • PDP-8
  • PDP-5
  • PDP-1
  • Barose-5700/6700/7700

What is IC and its Different Types?

The IC is known as the “Integrated Circuit”.
There are three different types of IC.
  • Digital IC
  • Analog IC
  • Mixed Signal IC

1. Digital IC

The digital IC is used in laptops, mobiles, and desktop computers.

2. Analog IC

This type of IC works with one signal. Analog chips are used in Amplifier devices.

3. Hybrid or Mixed Signal IC

They are mixed types of IC that combine both Digital and Analog ICs. These ICs convert analog to digital and digital to analog signals.

Transistors were used in Which Generation of Computers

The Third (3rd) Generation computers used Integrated circuits (I.C) rather than vacuum tubes and transistors.

The Transistors were used in second generation of computer. Transistor was invented in 1947 by American physicists John Bardeen and Walter Brattain
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Microprocessor Was Introduced in Which Computer Generation

The “Microprocessors” were introduced in the computer's fourth (4th) generation instead of the transistor and vacuum tubes.
Intel introduced the first microprocessor in 1971.

The microprocessors were integrated into small silicon chips, reducing the size and cost. The use of microprocessors reduced energy consumption.

The processor can access and work with GUI {Graphical User Interface} which has significantly improved user-friendliness.

LSI:: (Large Scale Integration)

LSI Stands for Large Scale Integration.

This is an innovative technology where hundreds and thousands of parts such as Transistors, Capacitor and Resistor are integrated into a small silicon chip

VLSI:: (Very Large Scale Integration)
ULSI:: (Ultra Large Scale Integration)

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