How is a Microprocessor Different from an Integrated Circuit?

The Microprocessor is called as "Heart or Brian of Computer". 

It is considered the most crucial physical device of a computer system as it handles and processes all data and information to provide valuable outputs.

Jack Kilby developed the integrated Circuit on 12th September 1958. 

He was an electrical engineer by profession from Texas Instruments Company.

Almost every electronic device nowadays has ICs that boost their overall performance.

Let us learn How is a Microprocessor Different from an Integrated Circuit

What is Microprocessor or Microcontroller? Explain?

Ted Hoff invented the Microprocessor. 

He is also considered as “Father of Microprocessor”. IntelĀ® 4004 became the first general purpose.

e programmable processor released in the market.

A microprocessor is a tiny or small electronic chip responsible for all tasks and operations performed inside the computer system.

What is Microprocessor
What is Microprocessor

It acts as an intermediate bridge between the users and the computer system.

It works and executes instructions and information for programs and applications running on the system software, i.e., Operating System.

The microprocessors are small in shape and size and also are inexpensive.

Microprocessors are powerful and can perform multiple tasks and operations simultaneously.

They can play with data and information and calculate with tremendous speed and unbelievable accuracy. They are multitasking.

It processes all the data that comes into your computer with the help of input devices and later sends it back out again to the output devices of the computer system.

A CPU consists of several transistors that control and regulate the motherboard’s electric current.

The number of transistors determines how fast your processor can run and execute programs and applications.

Examples of Processors

  1. Intel
  2. AMD

What is Integrated Circuit with Examples?

The full form of IC is Integrated Circuit. 

The first integrated Circuit was designed by Robert Noyce and Jack Kilby in 1958 at Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation in California.

In this modern era, all electronic devices are designed and developed using and utilizing ICs. ICs are also microchips or small boards with various electrical components like transistors and capacitors.

These components are connected and work in a programmed sequence to achieve the desired output.

What is IC?
What is IC?

An integrated circuit (IC) is a piece of hardware that contains multiple electronic components on a single silicon chip.

The most common types include digital and analog circuits, digital logic circuits, and memory devices such as EEPROMs and SRAMs.

Integrated circuits are used in all sorts of electronic devices, from radios to computers.

These ICs are very small in size and produce less heat and energy.

These ICs are programmable memory and can be programmed in a special way to derive necessary results.

These Integrated Circuits can be mounted on PCB [Printed Circuit Board]. This PCB is a sheet of non-conductive material made up of aluminum foil.

The PCB holds all components attached to it together on a single sheet. They are also responsible for connecting all electronic components through a circuit.

How is a Microprocessor Different from an Integrated Circuit in Tabular Form

#MicroprocessorIntegrated Circuit
1Ted Hoff invented the Microprocessor.Jack Kilby invented IC in 1958.
2A microprocessor is considered the “Heart or Brain of a Computer System.”ICs are the essential element of any electronic device.
3Processors are used in all computing devices.ICs are used and utilized in almost all electronic devices.
4The Microprocessor is a small electronic chip responsible for computing and processing data and information.ICs consist of multiple transistors and capacitors.
5The Microprocessor has fewer components compared to IC.ICs consist of a large number of other electronic components.
6The Microprocessor is an Integrated Circuit.All Integrated circuits can not be considered microprocessors.
7A microprocessor can perform arithmetic and logical operation at high speed and with great accuracy.ICs cannot perform arithmetic and logical operations.
How is a Microprocessor Different from an Integrated Circuit

Microprocessor VS Integrated Circuit with Image

How is a Microprocessor Different from an Integrated Circuit
Microprocessor VS Integrated Circuit

Useful Video On: Microprocessor

Major 5 Differences Between Microprocessor and Integrated Circuit in Tabular Form

#Microprocessor Integrated Circuit
1Microprocessors are smaller in size compared to IC.ICs are comparatively bigger than microprocessors.
2Microprocessors are designed and developed with the help of smaller components.ICs are developed with a much more significant component.
3A microprocessor contains all its logic functions inside a single chip.IC may have several chips with different functions on each of them.
4The Microprocessor has fewer components than an IC, which is cheaper due to the lesser utilization of transistors.There are several transistors used.
5Less power consumption and less wastage during operations and processing.More power utilization while processing.
Differences Between Microprocessor and Integrated Circuit

5 Functions of Microprocessor

  1. The processor is responsible for all processing of data and information given by input devices.
  2. The processor helps control and process all tasks and operations given to the computer system.
  3. They can perform arithmetic and logical operations with tremendous speed and incredible accuracy.
  4. The information and data are fetched from memory with the help of ALU and the control unit.
  5. All the instructions are translated from assembly to binary language to provide output in human-readable form. This entire process is called decoding.

Different Types of Microprocessors

  • Single Core
  • Dual Core
  • Quad-Core
  • Hexa Core
  • Octa-Core
  • Deca Core
Different Types of Processor
Different Types of Processor

5 Advantages of Microprocessor

  1. The modern processor can work with amazing speed and incredible accuracy.
  2. Processors are compact in shape and size.
  3. They are inexpensive.
  4. Processors support with GUI [Graphical User Interface].
  5. Advanced processors are designed and developed with the help of AI [Artificial Intelligence].

5 Disadvantages of Microprocessor

  1. Single-core processors are slow and do not support modern operating systems and applications.
  2. The old processor does not support floating-point operations.
  3. They need to have their IQ and decision-making abilities.
  4. They are expensive.
  5. They are prone to overheat.

Components of CPU [Central Processing Unit]

  1. Arithmetic Logic Unit.
  2. Control Unit
  3. Logic Unit
  4. Memory Storage
Components of CPU
Components of CPU

Different Types of Integrated Circuits

There are three types of ICs.
  1. Digital IC
  2. Analog IC
  3. Mixed Signal IC
Types of IC
Types of IC

10 Uses of Integrated Circuit ICs

  1. Integrated circuits [ICs] are used and utilized in electronic devices and circuits.
  2. They are extensively used in mobile devices.
  3. They are used in almost all electronic devices.
  4. They are used in modern watches.
  5. Used in computers, laptops, and palmtops.
  6. Televisions.
  7. Memory Devices.
  8. Microcontrollers.
  9. Microwave amplifiers.
  10. Voltage Regulators.

8 Advantages of Integrated Circuit ICs

  1. ICs are compact in shape and size.
  2. Reduced the overall cost of mass production.
  3. They reduce the number of components required in a system.
  4. They enhanced the overall performance.
  5. They also reduced power consumption with the help of efficient design and architecture.
  6. Due to its compact nature, they need a small space for accommodation and installation.
  7. They are less weighted and can be easily carried from one location to another.
  8. They can embed several transistors into one silicon chip.

8 Disadvantages of Integrated Circuit ICs

  1. ICs are designed and developed with a limited number of pins that limits their uses in devices and Circuit they are connected with.
  2. They are expensive.
  3. They are only readily available in some places.
  4. No guarantee and warrantee with ICs.
  5. They produce lots of heat and energy.
  6. Integrated Circuit is that it can only be used in one type of Circuit.
  7. Low noise and high voltage operation are not easily obtained.
  8. Low noise and high voltage operation are not easily obtained.
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Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs] on Microprocessor VS Integrated Circuit

Who Invented the CPU or Microprocessor?

Federico Faggin invented the First commercial CPU in 1971 by Intel. It was named Intel 4004.

Who Invented ICs [Integrated Circuit]?

Jack Kilby of Texas Instruments invented ICs.

Is Ram an IC?

RAM is an IC that consists of millions of capacitors and transistors.

What are the Six Main Types of CPU?

Single-core, Dual-core, Quad-core, Hexa core, Octa-core, and Deca-core processors.

What are the Seven Types of Microcomputers?

Desktop Computers.
Mobile Phones.

Which IC is Most Commonly Used?

Monolithic IC is the most commonly used chip.

Which IC is Used in the Computer?

Silicon IC.

Are there Different Types of IC?

Digital ICs and Analog ICs.

Is IC a Hardware or Software?

Integrated circuits are the building blocks of computer hardware.

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