What is Printer and Different Types of Printer

What is Printer and it’s Different Types? :: They are well known Output devices which are used and utilized for printing output on paper and are called as HARDCOPY. The Output produced from them is almost permanent. User can produce and create output such as text or pictures and images. The output produced on display devices such as monitor are called as SOFTCOPY.

Hardcopy printouts can be acquired on paper with particular sizes like A4,Legal,Letter or custom sizes.A3 is used in bigger sizes printouts. The orientation of the printouts can be determined by the presence of the printout i.e. vertically or horizontally. A vertical orientation is known to Portrait and the horizontal is known as Landscape orientation.

A Portrait view is a printout where the printout is taller than the width of paper. A Printout which is wide and taller is called as Landscape orientation Books, letters, novels are portrait orientation whereas Excel sheets use landscape view. They come in different sizes, speed, and capabilities the speed of various printers are measured in CPS- Character Per Second, LPS-Lines Per Second, PPS-Pages Per Seconds.

Printers are connected to Personal computer with the utilization of USB Printer cable for speedier execution speed.

The printout can be received on different materials such as paper, plastic sheets, clothes like T-Shirts. Special printers have been developed for a specific task such as to print photocopy of images photo printers are used.

The famous Manufacturer of printers are Epson, HP, Canon

Printers and TypesPrinters and Different Types

Different Types of Printers

There are mainly two types of printers ::

  • Impact
  • Non-Impact

Impact printer ::

The prime examples of impact printers are Dot-matrix, Daisywheel, Drum, character, or line printers. They are fairly similar like the old typewriters used earlier. The printouts were acquired such as graphics or content on a piece of paper by striking a component against an inked ribbon that physically and straightforwardly contacts the paper.

They create noise when striking components like head and ribbon strikes against the paper they are extensively used in small organizations, factories and are used where large number of printout needs to be obtained. They are cheap, slow, and loud. They create low-quality outputs hence they are widely used in those sectors where quality does not matter, where users need quantity.


They create images when the wire pins on the print head instrument strike the ink ribbon or strip later the ink is exchanged on the paper when there is an impact in the form of series of dots or matrix form.

The majority of dot matrix printers use continuous form paper, where thousands of paper are connected to each other and hole or gap on the sides of the paper to help the pages through the printer.

Their Speed is measured in CPS –Character per Second. Their speed is 30 to 1100 characters per second depending on the printer capability and quality of the printouts. They are very low quality and low cost preferably used in banks and used in an application where high volume printouts have to be produced.

Dotmatrix-printer-what is printerDotmatrix Printer

They are considered to be character printer as they print character by character and also computer memory sends one character at a time in series of dots or matrix to create image.


They are very high-speed printers where the whole line is printed at once. Their speed is characterized as the speed in which it prints the whole line in a minute (LPM) Line Per minute, as continuous printing technology has been developed some of them can print up to 3500 LPM.

The applications where users need a high volume and continue printing process is done there line printers are used and utilized more extensively, they are also used in transportations, manufacturing, assembling, and distribution.

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They does not touch the paper when making lines and images. Some of them use shower ink and others use warm , heat and pressure for producing lines and graphics. They do not make any noise as they do not physically touch the paper. They produce better quality printouts. They are cheap as compared to impact printers. They are much speedier than impact. Their speed is measured in PPM (Pages Per Minute)

The prime examples of non-impact printers are ::

  • Laser
  • Inkjet
  • Thermal
  • Photo
  • Plotters etc


They are have the potential of converting computer output into print page by page. They are high speed, high quality, and superb nonimpact printers and enable user's to printouts in A4 and Legal sizes.

There is a removable plate where the paper is physically embedded for printouts. They can print black, white, or color prints and can print black and color prints in high resolution. They are significantly faster compared to inkjet printers.

They are used in large business houses where the user normally requires quality and speed. When the user sends a command for printout the whole page is stored in a memory of the printer. which is commonly called as printer memory. The memory which is used to store the entire documents varies from printer to printer.

For instance some of them can save or store documents up to 1 GB on the other hand some can save up to 160 GB of data while the printing process is to be executed. For more storage capacity Hard disk are installed in printers.

Laser Printer-what is printer and its different typesLaser Printer

They save the entire document before printing if it fails to saves or the capacity of the document is larger than the printer memory it usually throws an error message or the process of the printout is canceled due to low memory.

Their Speed is faster when the memory of the printer is capable of storing the processed data or images given for printouts. It drastically decreases when found low memory. They have pre-installed software in these types of printers. They are excellent, fast and produces high-quality printouts. They are very expensive when compared to a dot matrix or inkjet printers.


This is a type of non-impact printer. They utilize a spout to splash ink on the paper there are a number of small nozzles which splashes ink on the paper in the proper format to create an image and are used in the home or small offices where black white and color printouts are to be produced.

Inkjet Printer Inkjet Printer

Nowadays printouts can be produced on a variety of objects such as Envelop, T-shirts, visiting cards, invitation cards, etc. The quality or the resolution is measured in DPI higher the DPI better the quality of the printer. They usually spray series of ink dot on paper where the dot is a drop of ink..

The Ink cartridges can be removed or replaced once used or when the ink is found to be empty .many users try to refill the cartridges. There are mainly two cartridges one for black color and another for several colors which are used while printing and these cartridges are denoted by an alphanumeric number when users find to change or to replace just have to mention the number to computer shopkeeper to find the exact and same cartridges to be fit in the printer.


They are commonly used for printing photo and images in high quality and are used by professionals where they need to print graphics related images or pictures. They are made up of inkjet technology and have a build-in card slot where users can just unplug the memory card from the camera and directly attached to the printer where they can easily manipulate the images or pictures before final printout.

Photo-Printer what is a printer and its different types Photo Printer

Many of them have a display screen attached where user can graphically see the input images directly on to the printers for further process.


They can be seen anywhere railways reservation, restaurants, ATM, credit card swipe, malls everywhere. They produce images by pushing electrically heat pins against heat-sensitive papers and are low in cost as they produce the low quality of images and the images get destroyed as the time passes.

Thermal Printer-what is printer and its different types


Plotters are used for graphical outputs on paper. They are used to print graphs, designs, and drawing on papers instead of alphanumeric characters. Plotters are very expensive and are used mainly by Engineers, Architectures, and designer for printing their drawing , designs, sketch on papers.

Plotter-what is printer and its different types

There are mainly two types of plotters::

  • Penbased Plotter
  • Electrostatic Plotter