How To Create A Bootable USB Pendrive [Simple Steps]

If you are searching for how to create a bootable USB pendrive you might find this article useful.For computer booting we usually boot from a CD or DVD which is a traditional way for computer boot.There are many drawbacks using a CD or DVD for computer booting the bootable CD or DVD normally gets corrupted or become damaged as its very hard to maintain or keep safe from scratches.

So nowadays many professional and home users create bootable pen drive for installing new and fresh operating systems to their computer or laptops. You can find many articles on web when you google them but here I am going to share every possible way to make a bootable USB pen drive or flash drive.

Bootable or startup pendrives are mainly used to repair corrupt operating system files which are damaged by accidentally deleting or updating files which are necessary for an operating system to perform to its full potential. The operating system may be corrupted by some of the viruses which are spread over the internet and when these types of viruses come in contact to our hard disk they infect some of the important system or operating system files which are necessary for normal computer booting.

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What is a Bootable USB pen Drive or Flash Drive

Bootable USB pendrive or flash drive is a device when used we can install operating system to our computer hard disk. To make a bootable USB devices there are some requirements such as you will need an iso image of the operating system. Let say you want to create a USB bootable pen drive of windows XP you will surely need an iso file of win XP or say you need to create a startup pen drive of windows 7 you must have an iso image of win 7.same for Linux and ubuntu.

how to create a bootable USB pendriveUSB Pendrive | Flash Drive

secondly, you can insert your windows OS CD or DVD directly inside DVD-RW where the software fetches all files and folder needed for making a bootable pen drive. Hope I have cleared this essential requirement if you don’t have an iso image you can simply copy all files of the operating system from your bootable CD or DVD to your hard disk so that when the software which we are going to learn below prompts us for files you can browse the computer and locate them.

Here are the download links where you can download all important operating system with a click.

By using given methods you can create your own bootable USB pen drives for all other windows operating system there are no different ways for other operating systems. If you are successful in creating 1 bootable medium surely you can also make for other OS.

Secondly, you must have a good quality of pen drive preferably use more than 8 GB as it would be more convenient during the process as the newer operating system are huge in a size you must have a flash drive with a decent amount of space available. I personally use a flash drive with capacity more than 16 GB another important thing to remember is that your pen drive must support USB 2.0 or 3.0 for faster transfer process while creating a bootable medium.

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How To Create a Bootable USB Pendrive or Flash Drive

I] Use Pen drives which have a capacity more than 8 GB. For avoiding insufficient space errors while the process is undergoing for creating a bootable USB flash disk. It would be frustrating when this error pops up.So kindly take a note.

II] You will need a free software for your task I use Novicorp win To Flash Software which is extremely easy to operate and handle.I have used this software for many years without any problem. Download Novicorp Win To Flash Software

III] Important stage of the process here you must have an ISO image of the OS if you don’t have kindly download from the above links which I have mentioned.

Secondly, if you have a CD or DVD of any operating system which you wish to make bootable copy all the files and folders for the source to your hard disk and keep it safe as Novicorp Win To Flash Software is going to prompt you for the location where they are stored.

Here We have a choice to either use ISO image or use copied windows system files which we have copied before in our hard disk. The choice is yours….but you must make sure that your source CD or DVD is error free so that you make an error-free bootable pen drive & you don’t face any future complications.

STEP 1 :: When Download is finished we will get a zip file named as Novicorp win To Flash extract in your hard disk and locate the .exe file to install software in your PC and after double-clicking the .exe file you software installation process will start.

Create Bootable Pendrive

STEP 2 :: Click Next

Create Bootable Pendrive

STEP 3 :: Click Next

Create Bootable Pendrive

STEP 4 :: Click Next

Create Bootable Pendrive

STEP 5 :: Click Next

Create Bootable Pendrive

STEP 6 :: Click Next

Create Bootable Pendrive

Windows File Path --(Select your Windows Source It Can be Windows 8 DVD ,Windows 8 ISO Image ,Or previously copied Source in Hard disk) . USB Drive---------- (Drive Assign To Pen drive: Here my Pen drive's Assign drive letter is N)

STEP 7 :: Click Next

Create Bootable Pendrive

Step 8 :: Click Next

Create Bootable Pendrive

Now here is an important notice that you may need to pay attention the software prompts us that it will erase all data from your removable disk. That is it will format all data from your USB pen drive so be careful and back up all your important data to any other destination may be on a hard disk or any other flash drive. If you don’t have any important data present there click on NEXT

Step 9 :: Finished

Create Bootable Pendrive

Click On Next (Congratulation :You have Successfully Created a Bootable Pendrive)

Tip:: Use Same process for win7 ,vista , win8 ,win 8.1 etc....Now go to Bios setting and make necessary change and boot your system using this pen drive .. You can also copy software which is presented in your hard disk [HDD] directly to the new pen drive which we have just created for installing the software which is required after the operating system is installed in a computer.

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Create a bootable USB Pendrive for XP -7-8-10 Using Rufus

Now here again there are several ways to create bootable USB flash| pen drive.Rufus is another excellent software which allows us to create a startup drive. Rufus is again very tiny software but really very powerful which helps us to fulfill our goals in no time. So I will directly jump to point.

Necessary Requirement’s For Using Rufus Software

  • Use Pendrive Whose capacity is more than 8 GB
  • You will need Rufus Software Download Here
  • ISO image file Windows XP ,7 ,8 or 10

Open your Rufus software by just double clicking it and you will see like below picture.

Create a Bootable USB Pendrive
  • Step 1 ::Connect Your Pendrive to one of the USB Port available in your computer case or cabinet which are normally located at the back side or front side.
  • Step 2:: Click on the device option and you will be able to see your pendrive with label and size..Select
  • Step 3:: Now it’s time to select the ISO image which you have downloaded before from the above link which I have mentioned before.
  • Step 4:: Before clicking on start it’s important to back up all the data present in the pen drive as rufus software intentionally erases all data inside your USB be careful here..
  • Step 5:: Click on the start button present in the left hand side of the software which you are currently viewing .Wait for some time the time consumed to create a bootable USB FLASH or Pen drive depends entirely upon the size of operating system & speed of your computer or laptop.
Now after making a bootable USB Stick go to CMOS |BIOS configuration and change the boot order 1st to your pendrive. After Completing this steps you can now successfully you’re your computer or laptop using thumb drive you recently created.

Important Tip :: Now as your memory Stick is created you can save necessary software which you will be installing once the operating system has been successfully installed on your computer hard disk drive.

Make Bootable USB Pendrive Using Dos Command [DISKPART]

The Diskpart is an external dos command which is available in all majority of windows operating system such as Windows XP 7 8 10 and 10.0.Dispart command is recovery console command which helps us to delete, create, erase, clean and even format internal hard disk using FAT 32 & NTFS.The Diskpart command can be used in internal hard disk drives as well as removable disk such as USB FLASH DRIVES & PENDRIVES Diskpart command is very useful command & it’s very powerful as it performs operation using administrative rights with all privileges.

Complete Use of Diskpart command to make USB FLASH DRIVE

Step No 1:: Simply click on the start menu and in the dialog box type diskpart now a pop window will appear to locate diskpart command which is placed at the top. Secondly right click on diskpart and choose Run as administrator. The Picture is show below

Create a Bootable USB Pendrive using Diskpart

STEP NO 2 :: As Now the diskpart utility pops up just type list disk and hit enter.. [Here this command is used to check the available disk attached to your computer]

Create a Bootable USB Pendrive using Diskpart

STEP NO 3 :: Now select the disk which you want to make bootable generally it is display as DISK 1. Just type LIST DISK and press enter key from keyboard.

Create a Bootable USB Pendrive using Diskpart

STEP NO 4 :: Now type SELECT DISK 1 and hit enter key from keyboard.

Create a Bootable USB Pendrive using Diskpart


Create a Bootable USB Pendrive using Diskpart

STEP NO 6 :: Here in this step you have to create a primary partition therefore type CREATE PRIMARY PARTITION and hit enter key from your keyboard.

Create a Bootable USB Pendrive using Diskpart

STEP NO 7 :: In this step you have to format your pendrive to make it useable .You can format using to file system.1]FAT [File Allocation Table] 2] NTFS [New Technology File System] . Type FORMAT FS=NTFS QUICK & hit enter key. Note ::quick is here used for quick format.

Create a Bootable USB Pendrive using Diskpart

STEP NO 8 :: You just have to type ACTIVE

Create a Bootable USB Pendrive using Diskpart

STEP NO 9 :: You have successfully formatted and made the drive active. Finally go to your Windows CD or DVD and copy all files and folders and paste in newly created USB Pendrive.

Below I am going to show you all diskpart commands in one go ..

Create a Bootable USB Pendrive using Diskpart