How to Change Email ID In Google Pay in 5 Simple Steps

Introduction To Google Pay

Google Pay is a UPI app used to make digital payments, mobile recharge, and online purchases. Sometimes you need to change the Email linked with Google Pay. Let us know How to Change Email ID In Google Pay in 5 Simple Steps.

Google Pay is a digital app primarily used and utilized for online transactions.

This app is free and designed and developed by Google, one of the most trusted IT company worldwide.

Google Pay can easily integrate with the bank using a mobile number for online transactions.

How to Change Email ID In Google Pay Permanently in 2023

Step 1: Open Google Pay App.
Step 2: Click on the Profile Icon [Located in Top Right Corner].
Google Pay Profile Picture
Google Pay Profile Picture
Step 3: Click on Setting.
Google Pay Setting
Google Pay Setting
Step 4: Click on Sign Out.
Google Pay Sign Out
Google Pay Sign Out
Step 5: Click on Sign Out To Confirm.
Confirm Sign Out
Confirm Sign Out
Step 6: Add Your Phone Number.
Add Number
Add Number
Step 7: Click Continue after adding the number.
Step 8: Select Email ID to Register GPay.
Google Pay Add Account
Google Pay Add Account
Step 9: Enter the OTP
Google Pay OTP
Google Pay OTP
Step 10: Activate Your Bank Account
Activate Your Bank
Activate Your Bank
Step 11: Select the SIM Slot [Mobile Number] Linked to Your Bank.
Step 12: Congratulation You Have Successfully Changed Email ID In Google Pay

How to Change Email ID In Google Pay With Pictures

How to Change Email ID In Google Pay
How to Change Email ID In Google Pay

Bank Limit Transaction Daily

1Bank Of Baroda25000
2Bank of India100000
3Bank of Maharashtra100000
4Canara Bank25000
10UCO Bank100000
11State Bank of India100000

Major Characteristics and Features of Google Pay

  • It is used for secured online transactions.
  • Payments can be received and send instantly.
  • User can request payment to other user.
  • Cash backs and Rewards can be avail with every transaction made on GPay.
  • Google Pay is used in making online payments, shopping, paying bills, etc.
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Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Can You Have 2 GPAY Accounts on the Phone?

Yes, you can use it only if you have 2 bank accounts registered or linked with one mobile number.

What Does UPI Stand for?

Unified Payments Interface.

Can the GPay Account be hacked?

Yes, Therefore, it is highly recommended to be extra careful while making the transaction with the unknown.

What is GPay limit Per Day?

The limit entirely depends upon the bank. It is usually up to 1,00,000.

Is Google Pay Safe?

Of course, it is safe as it is designed and developed by tech giant Google with an extra layer of security and protection.

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